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  1. good video always liked that song . oz is very lucky to get morello he is very animated.
  2. nice job gina. n sorry for the battle scenes inbetween lol
  3. and some people just cant be arsed cause its a internet site . the same as texting
  4. bobby jean finally a proper classic lol hope he plays it every show
  5. nothing new in that set cept high hopes. some might wet themselves online over incident and racing but most crowds just think wtf is this and whens it over lol
  6. give me their numbers lol i like stalkers lolHa! Not when they turn up at your work place and stare at you for an hour while you're standing with your new partner, who you work with. It got quite creepy.Also, I don't keep contact numbers of ex's. When they're gone they're gone. (apart from when they keep turning up and staring and saying nothing and facebooking all your mates and colleages...) ha that is a bit creepy. hope you dont have a bunny lol
  7. i need 1 ticket free transport there free and hotel and a nympho girl to accompany me if anyone can help with all of that cheers lol
  8. listening to some audio rips i done. nebraska at mo from storytellers ,its crap to be nice about it lol such a poor story tellers that was. think i,ll skip to something better
  9. book of dreams. lovely song under appreciated it seems
  10. i have a virtual stable online you can train and run your own horses in races against other stables in real cash races. ive named quite a few from bruce songs lol. some luckier than others. shame isnt more bruce fans on it id like my lucky day to race someones thunder road lol
  11. seen quite a few lately heres a few looper - good film but is ruined when the kid and mother enter the picture like so many good films lawless - was decent could of been better total recal 2012 - soulless no humour but it looked good expendables 2 - i really enjoyed it savages - good film liked it a lot the apiration - boring horror cliche predictable one of worst films ive seen this year the watch - was ok silly but not bad
  12. just put on the rising album not heard some of the songs in a while lonesome day about to finish at mo sounds good
  13. apart from a older fan base in the u.s politics is to the blame. whether its agreeing with his or not and just not wanting to buy a artists music that is politically minded. we all know it isn't but every dumbass reporter reviewer has to mention it on every release he makes which is. bound to put people of buying new material. he is tagged as the voice of america yet america isn't listening the rest of the world is though europe is listening dancing singing and jumping up and down lol also if you remember the last time he was politically active he struggled to sell out shows . big mistake commercially to get involved. what he needs to do is get a hit single something fun/sunny day type but modern if he wants to claw back sales in the u.s .plus clarence is gone illegal downloads is rife etc etc. compared to other older acts though he is doing awesome as far as i can see. on all levels
  14. nice to see it going up again there. think it went back up a bit somewhere else as well cant remember where