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  1. Didnt watch it at the picture house, I wanted my own time and space to digest it. Its an outstanding piece of work, beautifully scored, narrated and filmed. A real sense of been let inside ( if only for 75 minutes or so) to his mind, his heart, and his life. His output this decade has been nothing short of magnificent, Western Stars ends it with him sounding as vital and relevant as ever. Being great is one thing, maintaining it and altogether more difficult thing to achieve. This is true greatness at work here, my how privileged we all are to live in his times. 10/10
  2. The NYPD and flashing of their badges, some atmosphere at those gigs. Bob wasn't great...it didn't matter, and Bruce's short eulogy to Bob.... famous shows, great memories
  3. Im not going into it on here..... Ive seen him and witnessed how he acts...and that's enough for me.
  4. I don't like the song, and have no time for the film, given the person on who its based. He is a horrible little parasite, and he knows it as well
  5. 1. Wonderwall 2 Dont Look Back in Anger 3. Stand by Me 4. Acquiesce 5. Some Might Say 6. Rock n Roll Star 7. Little By Little 8. The Turning 9. Stay Young 10. Cigarettes and Alcohol
  6. We had one shot and scored in the first half..... The midfield is utter wank, Mctominay is a disgrace, and Ive said all I want to say about Pogba Pathetic game management from the dugout, pointless substitutions... Martial as a centre forward.....well one moment in 90 minutes i guess is acceptable Mags/Bassaka are excellent.....Lindelof and Shaw remain a) liability and b) not fit Utter rubbish
  7. every team Bruce has managed has been his dream........total fraud of a human being.
  8. that VAR decision...ffs, it will kill the game, Im United, so seeing city fans crying is fabulous, but that was shocking, and Spurs were pretty rubbish
  9. Excellent release, very important, paving the way for many a future direction of travel downright essential for any proper fan
  10. American Skin (41 Shots) in to The Promised Land....... the state of his nation savaged and put back together all in the space of 15 minutes..........devestating and briliant
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