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  1. Too bad they didn’t release one of the two shows in Paris a week later. I was at both these shows.. But listening to Nice right now, great show!
  2. Week 14 the Netherlands no 20 (from 28) and back at no 1 (from 8) in the vinyl chart!
  3. I only know this site: mediatraffic.de according to this the sales are: 'Letter To You' by Bruce Springsteen 29,000 / 796,000, 29,000 last week and 796,000 total.
  4. Speedy died three weeks ago...miss her SO much... Now we have a new kitten... Azrael...
  5. Ireland - No. 60 The Netherlands - No 22 and re-entering vinyl chart at No 3
  6. Absolutely awesome!!! Already 10 times on repeat!!!
  7. I’ve got all 5, and they sound great! And the live in Dublin is a real beauty!
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