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  1. A special thanks to everyone here who have kept the set lists alive, as a few of you will have read elsewhere I wasn't well enough to get to any of my planned dates this year so it has been especially emotional laying here these nights knocked out by his choice of songs, I have to rely on YouTube and any boots to bring it alive, but despite the obvious pangs of envy and regret at not being there and the worry as to if and when we'll meet again further up the road, you guys have been the next best thing...thank you, thank you Bruce, the Band, the crew...I am sure as hell going to "stay hard, stay hungry, stay alive" if I can. Until then...cheers and take good care of yourselves.
  2. Thanks everyone, both tickets now SOLD. Will be there in spirit and watching the setlists from home instead :-(
  3. Due to my continuing ill health I am sadly unable now to go so have one seat in Bock 219 available...also one Cardiff GA ticket to sell too. Original ticket price plus booking fee I paid, I can accept Paypal and will post out Special Delivery (next day) at cost (or you can pick up from me in Welling, Kent). Would prefer Leeds ticket goes to someone who hasn't already got one. Please pm me
  4. I think there must have been of a lot that have gone to the corporates, as you said, there has never been a massive number on the secondary sites. I kept checking to see if I could get anything better than I already had but there only ever seemed to be certain blocks available, I don't remember ever seeing any tickets from the central lower tier blocks being available on any of the touting sites. It might be a good idea for people who did get lucky with tickets to post the block they are in, and how they purchased (online, phone, box office) just to see if any blocks have been held back. We probably wont have a big enough sample to get any meaningful info but worth a try! I'll get the ball rolling, I'm in: Block 219 Purchased from EventIM Bock 219, 02 pre-sale
  5. For me the fault lies with the decision to allow 6 tickets per person, that was an open invitation to touts/greedy profiteerers etc. and especially knowing the relatively small size of the capacity it should have been and could have been 2 or 3 per person only. The Arena is to blame as they allowed this at their box office too. I remember for my first gig, David Bowie 1973 in Croydon the venue in association with Mainman (Bowie's management) only allowed 2 tickets per person, I don't recall seeing many touts outside and certainly no empty seats which is always an indication of tickets having fallen into the wrong hands. That will be the most annoying thing to see in Leeds, empty seats, some of which may well also be 'corporate' ones given out to local 'big-wigs' etc. I can't see any complaining now is going to get things changed, Bruce's management should and must be aware by now but unless some allocations have been held back sadly the prices will remain unfairly high. What saddens me the most is that many of those choosing to sell at vastly inflated prices on eBay etc will be Bruce fans who deliberately bought extra tickets in order to make a profit. Finally, eBay could stop the secondary selling of all concert tickets and that would kill off that section of the market, legislation is needed to sort out those online rip-off companies but that isn't likely anytime soon.
  6. Thanks for the great pics, my seat is in 219 so pretty much how I'll see it
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