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  1. Oh Rachel, my heart goes out to you. I hope you get relief from the pain and I hope you get to go home soon to heal in familiar surroundings.
  2. Thank you for letting us know. Please keep us posted and please make sure to let Rachel know that we are all thinking of her.
  3. I can’t see NYC letting him play at the US Open either.
  4. He’s awesome for a rookie. I think the Pats will have a good future with him.
  5. Hah! It was breaking news on CNN online at 2am that he’d won the case! Glad to hear they were wrong. He’s his own worst enemy. Just get vaccinated or accept the consequences if you don’t.
  6. The court just ruled that Novak is free (again) and is allowed to remain in Australia and play in the Open. I guess we’ll get to see if the Aussie crowd boos him or cheers him. His first round match is scheduled for Monday night.
  7. I’m not sure what the sponsors can do. I suppose they could pressure the government but that might have the opposite effect, who knows Aaron Rogers is in the USA. This tournament is in Australia, where they have had hard lockdowns and so much sacrifice, and most people believe in vaccines.
  8. Novak lost me when he hit a lineswoman in the throat with a tennis ball that he hit to the back of the court in anger. He wasn’t aiming for her, but still, it was a new low for the sport. Add to that his throwing rackets into the stands in anger, repeatedly smashing rackets and destroying stuff, and abandoning his mixed doubles partner when they qualified for the finals because he was having a hissy fit over losing his singles match. Oh and he claims that prayer and thoughts can make toxic water non-toxic. And let’s not forget the tournament he started at the beginning of the pandemic, when the world was locked down, with no Covid precautions in place, which caused lots of players to get covid. They had to cancel the tournament and then he refused to be tested. Oh and how can I forget his starting his own tennis league where men get paid more, because women players don’t deserve equal pay. (Serena Williams and Naomi Osaka would like a word on that….) He’s a world class tennis player and asshole. Older articles but still worth a read: https://www.thedailybeast.com/novak-djokovic-is-the-biggest-jackass-in-professional-sports https://slate.com/culture/2021/08/novak-djokovic-jerk-watch-olympics-tennis-racket-smash.html
  9. Revenues might be hurt I suppose. But that’s what happens when you lie on your visa application. He could also just get vaxxed and stfu. He’s hardly a victim. I want to see him play just to hear how loud the boos are when he is introduced.
  10. They are putting him back into detention Saturday. He has a hearing Saturday. His first round match is scheduled for Monday. https://www.cnn.com/2022/01/14/tennis/novak-djokovic-visa-decision-hawke-spt-intl-hnk/index.html
  11. This is a just terrible news. She was so great.
  12. The fact that Bama is having so much trouble getting past the GA defense makes me feel better about Michigan’s offense.
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