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  1. OK, I just had to post this. This is my box of 45s. An artifact from the late 60s.
  2. I think that Hey Jude/Revolution combo gives it a run for it's money!
  3. I have some great 45s. I will have to take pics and post them one of these days. I was a cool kid!
  4. I just Googled and that Tollie Records Twist & Shout is worth some $$$. Not sure I want to part with it though.
  5. i was going through my old 45s looking for something,else, and I came across these. @JustDan check these out!!
  6. I have things to do today but I really want to watch Federer/Nadal.
  7. FWIW, my chart would be very similar to yours, and I’m not feeling it with the new album either. For me, I love the lyrics but not the music. I don’t care for the orchestral arrangements at all....just not my thing. People will disagree about any art. There’s no right or wrong. It’s art and everyone hears it and experiences it differently.
  8. Leslie Gore - It's My Party, followed by Judy's Turn to Cry
  9. Oh that’s great. Please post pics!
  10. Congrats @Jimmy James and the Blues. Good game, good series. I lost the bet and I’ll think of something to write soon.
  11. I feel stupid for not seeing the post about making the chart but I still like my list with commentary better. lol
  12. Night. My first Bruce concert was 4/17/1976 at the University of Rochester in New York. I don't generally remember the dates of shows I went to, but I remember this one because it was the day after my 19th birthday. The show opened with Night, but the highlight for me was an absolutely epic version of It's My Life. There was a long intro to It's My Life where he talked about his father. I hated my parents and that version of It's My Life moved me like no music had ever moved me before. My parents wanted me to go to a Broadway show with them that night for my birthday but I went to Rochester to see Bruce instead, and they were really mad at me. I didn't care because It's My Life And I'll Do What I Want (don't push me.) I remember that the show they wanted to go to was Pacific Overtures. Yeah, I'll take Bruce over that any day. It was a very small venue and I was able to move down to the stage and get very close. Those were the days when nobody cared about things like that. Bruce was young and raw and passionate back then and so was I.
  13. First of all, why is there an "S" above the "A" in the rankings. Is this some new report card format I'm not aware of? Why don't the rankings just start with "A"? Second, I can't make that lovely colored chart. How did other people copy that chart? I am lacking those skills. So without fancy charts and grades that inexplicably go from "S" to "A, here are my rankings. They are in numerical order and not alphabetical because this is a ranking and the A, B, C listings are like a report card and I don't like report cards. Live releases and stupid Greatest Hits/Tracks type nonsense that were released just to get us to buy a few songs that were previously unreleased have been excluded because even though I love the extra songs, I hate the concept of Greatest Hits/Tracks type nonsense. So here's my ranking: Top Notch Number One Masterpieces That Every Sane Bruce Fan Should Rank As Such: Born to Run Darkness Second Tier Masterpieces That Are Still Very Amazing (and if you disagree you are just wrong): The River WIESS Greetings Third Tier (starting at this level, I will accept disagreement for taste and such. But those top 2 levels are carved in stone.) Third tier albums are great but don't qualify as masterpieces although they still have some masterful writing and music and passion. The Rising BITUSA Wrecking Ball Fourth Tier (I never listen to these but if they start playing on shuffle or Pandora or whatever I don't fast forward): Tunnel of Love (some brilliant songs but as a whole I don't love the album.) Lucky Town (much better than HT) Human Touch Magic Fifth Tier - Brilliant albums That I know are brilliant but are so dismal I can't and don't listen To them: Nebraska. Its the only one in this category. It probably should be ranked higher because it's truly great. But I find it un-listenable because it is so dark and dreary and also I don't like acoustic Bruce. Sixth Tier - Utter crap that makes me despair that Bruce has lost his passion and song writing ability: Working on a Dream High Hopes Seventh Tier - I wouldn't listen to these if you paid me: Tom Joad Ugh. I have been following Bruce around the country since 1976 and I skipped this tour. I bought the album and listened to it once and never again. The Seeger Sessions. Yeah, I can't overcome this one. This album makes me embarrassed to be a Bruce Springsteen fan. I find the whole thing utterly cringeworthy. I never listened to the whole thing. I can't, I won't, and you can't make me. No. Just no. Devils and Dust. Sorry D&D lovers, this one puts me to sleep. As you can see, I'm no fan of acoustic Bruce. That awful fake twang he puts on when he's acoustic makes me want to stick a needle in my eye.