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  1. Breaking Bad is showing on AMC now. They are on Season 1, episode 4. Walter just told his family that he has cancer. I hope this BB marathon does not go on all night, or I will not sleep tonight. These early episodes are amazing.
  2. That’s great! Make sure to take lots of photos of him and his friends on the logo at center ice. It’s a unique opportunity I used to compete in adult synchronized figure skating. One of my teammates worked for Madison Square Garden. She arranged for our team to have one of our practices on the Rangers ice at MSG. I absolutely treasure the photos I have of me skating on the Rangers logo in the middle of MSG.
  3. Stop the political posts.
  4. I think he is more Big Bones Billy than Bill Horton.
  5. He wears motorcycle boots on stage but wears sneaker-type shoes to ride his motorcycle??
  6. Nope. You're not alone. You and I share a number of Bruce opinions. I don't care for acoustic BTR.
  7. This is the way the world ends, not with a bang but a whimper.
  8. Sorry bbb. Go cheatin’ Pats!
  9. Hahaha! I remember that like it was yesterday. I graduated from Michigan in 1978 and that Gator Bowl was the next year. The Clemson player intercepted the ball and then got tackled near the OSU bench and Woody grabbed him and punched him in the throat. It was really shocking. I laughed my ass off when Woody got fired.
  10. You got your wish. Fantastic end to that game!
  11. I haven't seen the movie. I'm not sure if it's streaming online anywhere. I'll try to catch it if I notice it online.
  12. Of course I remember you and Beth! I'm doing well. I moved to Massachusetts and am enjoying my retirement. Western Stars is not my thing. I recognize the art involved and that's it's a quality project, but the heavy orchestration is just not my thing. I'm stuck in the past and am enjoying the latest archive release of Wonderland Do you still see Jack and Sue at all? I miss them!
  13. Hello Saint! I’ve met you and your wife at many tailgates!