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  1. I was living in NY at the time. I went to several shows in the NY area. The one I remember best was at MSG. I didn’t like the hokey TOL setup at the beginning but the shows were really great. I remember that I had an argument with my then-husband about whether the open affection between Bruce and Patti was real or just acting for the show. I said it looked too real to me and that I thought something was going on there. Turns out I was right.
  2. Any competent attorney would advise him not to make any public (or even private) statement about the incident at this time.
  3. In case anyone else was wondering, here’s the definition of the “horizontal gaze nystagmus test,” which the officer says Bruce failed: http://www.fieldsobrietytests.org/horizontalgazenystagmus.html
  4. In normal times, courts are open to any spectators. In times of COVID, spectators are not allowed. In fact, many court appearances are done virtually these days.
  5. No, it does not happen to the best of us. There is no excuse for DWI in this day and age. I don’t know if it’s true, but I suspect it is. We will find out for sure soon enough though, because now that TMZ has published it, other media outlets will be on the story and will investigate more. Also, he supposedly has a court appearance coming up.
  6. Of course Bruce has always used Christian and Catholic imagery in his songs and his writing. However, there is a huge difference in using religion in his songs, and using a church and solely Christian imagery as a symbol for uniting the country. It excludes those of us who are not Christian. If the point was to urge Americans to find common ground and come together, why use imagery that excludes non-Christians? It’s the same thing as if Ilhan Omar did a PSA type commercial about reuniting America from a Moslem Mosque. That would not resonate with some people, and it might alienate them.
  7. I find it a bit off-putting that Bruce believes “the middle” is a White Christian Church. Not everyone in America worships in church and Bruce seems to forget that fact. Surely they could have found some nearby trees or some other non religious area to symbolize America’s common ground.
  8. Take a right at the light, keep going straight until night.....
  9. It just aired. Great commercial if it was just a PSA for the “Reunited States of America.” But as a Jeep commercial, it’s just a cynical play on our emotions.
  10. The words “Bullet mic” and “awesome” should never be used in the same sentence.
  11. I would love to hear him play This Land is Your Land for this.
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