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  1. Thank you NE Patriots for doing the right thing this time. Go Pats!
  2. Having to moderate because of political posts in the Amusement Park threads.
  3. Seeing apples at the farmer’s market instead of peaches.
  4. I finally finished the last season. I loved it. I liked the politics they brought in about immigration. I liked how they wrapped the stories up. I liked the whole season. I'm sad it's over, it was a great show. In real life, Piper Kerman (her real name) married Larry after she got out of prison. They are still married.
  5. I went to see Blinded by the Light yesterday, and they showed the trailer for the Western Stars movie...good job reaching the target audience! Looks great!
  6. I’m in the middle of the last season and I can’t believe how good it is. I thought there were a few weak seasons but I stuck with it. I think this final season is as good as Season 1. So well done. I am sad that I only have a few episodes left...I’m savoring them and not binge watching, so they last longer.
  7. I just finished watching last season and will be bingeing the final season soon.
  8. Oh my neighbors would laugh at that question! They don’t bark unless there is a reason, but when they do bark it is very LOUD. Denali is very “talky ”. He makes all kinds of sounds depending what he wants. Here he is telling his sister he wants to get in the pool. She said no.
  9. I'll take pics one of these days. It's got everything from the Beatles ones that I posted, to The Turtles' "She'd Rather be with Me," to Martha and the Vandella's "Jimmy Mack," to Tommy James & the Shondells'"I think We're Alone Now," and the Rascal's "Groovin", mixed with some oddities like Tiny Tim's "Tiptoe Thru the Tulips."
  10. Yup. I also remember going to Korvette's to buy records when they were on sale.
  11. There are May’s price tags on a few of them. I used to buy my records there - the May’s on Union Turnpike in Queens. The price tag says 69 cents.
  12. OK, I just had to post this. This is my box of 45s. An artifact from the late 60s.