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  1. No, thank you. I think if this happened I would have to write a song called “I Wish I Was Deaf.”
  2. I got tickets the very first day they went on sale, but life got in the way and I couldn't go to the show that date. After that, I was never able to get another ticket through the website and I did not want to pay a ridiculous sum to buy them on the secondary market. So no, I did not end up going. After seeing the film, I'm fine with not having gone. I liked the film and found it very touching in parts, but I think I would have been antsy and fidgety sitting through it.
  3. I just read this thread for the first time. You and I disagree about a lot of things, but when it comes to Bruce, we share the exact same opinion. I agree 100% with everything you wrote, including Western Stars, Broadway, and even Shackled and Drawn and Death to my Hometown. My own fandom was wavering as well but I’m back on the train after listening to Letter to You.
  4. I’m sorry to take so long to get back to you - I’ve had a busy day!! I see that Mikey already answered the question, thank you @CmonMrTrouble! We all saw the reaction of several band members when Letter to You was leaked. They made it very clear where they stand on artist’s rights to their own material. We try our best to respect that here at GL. Thanks everyone.
  5. They used to have a Great Dane but they seem pretty loyal to German Shepards these days.
  6. The best solo is in Jungleland. Why is this not in your poll??
  7. Yes, exactly this. I’m glad someone else hears it. I was thinking that Dylan would not be pleased to hear this song. That said, it’s lyrically great and I love it.
  8. I downloaded the album and was going to listen to it in the car today but I had technical issues and it wouldn’t play, so I watched the movie when I got home instead. Loved loved loved it. Looking forward to actually listening to the album tomorrow. I’ll See You in my Dreams will be playing at my funeral.
  9. I am closing this topic. I appreciate the apology and I hope that Amy and the whole Bruce community realize that the tweets in question were not in keeping with the spirit of the GL community.
  10. I have deleted a few posts. Personal attacks and name calling towards band members and their families will not be tolerated here. Thank you.
  11. Sounds like crap? Not necessarily. Sounds like tedious, over instrumented, toneless songs with a seeming lack of melody that just drone on, bore me to tears, and irritate me to no end? Yes, I'll say that.
  12. I know people here love it and think it’s a masterpiece, but I have not been able to get through Western Stars. I always have to stop listening 2 or 3 songs in, no matter where I start. I really just don’t like it.
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