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  1. really ? @Flagofpiracy even ive heard it they had a free month once a while back and by some miricle i could get it there is a thread where you can download most of Bruce's radio shows around here somewhere
  2. im sure if they really want to read it they can just buy an English version from Amazon
  3. dowm home (Dunedin) we always got those late season games (March) always a risk we had my one and only ever test match completly washed out i had taken the week off work to sit in the stand and look at the covers i think on day 4 they gave us a token 1 dayer
  4. its nice to have an English soorts player i can quite like and wish well notice its in a sport NZ hardly excels in (well i do have Sir Lewis)
  5. Ocker is not insulting i promise i wouldn't use it here on greasy lake if it were never heard of chav - perhaps just as well
  6. saddly the wee tour* by the Indian men's has been postponed till next year but we still have a ton of cricket coming to our shores this season https://i.stuff.co.nz/sport/cricket/126400216/india-tour-of-new-zealand-postponed-as-crickets-hefty-miq-allocation-revealed *3 matches as part of qualifying for the upcoming word cup super league 2023
  7. i do absolutly get where your coming from Jimmy alas we arnt allowed to say more but i dont think id be at all happy if Bruce chimed in on NZ politics
  8. ive watched ever 9 11 doco i can get on tv always looking for your freind Rich going to have to upgrade pillowcase hanky to a tablecloth soon
  9. i wondered the same thing because the Beatles made an apperance latter than i expected for the British charts ive found in the past compairing UK and US charts to NZ that we are a good mix of both
  10. the shirt looked so stiff and uncomfortable the day before but growing up in a large extended Catholic family no doubt having attended many funerals over his live time he knows how to dress respectfully for the dead and grieving He's definatly a credit to his mom and dad
  11. who ever warned aboit the u tube comments i wish i had taken your advice and not peeked not a good place for a cool-aid drinker
  12. two weeks latter so im assuming you are still healthy after the pictures ... how did you find it ? being in a crowd?
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