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  1. Yes but if i had to rank people on a list of not getting csncer i would have had my dad a long way up the list compared to rapists and child molesters Of course anyone who has had the misfortune to spend any length of time in a cancer ward will tell you cancer is omdescriminant towards what type of s person you are The worst day was when my dad turned up for treatment to find his favorite nurse in the waiting room in her dressing gown, because she had been diagnosed with a tumour on her brain
  2. We just got rid of the land line bacause we are sick of scammers ringing right on tea time saying they are Microsoft and something is wrong with our computer and only they can fix it But if I look in my spam folder on my yahoo I have a lot of friends I'm ignoring from Nigeria
  3. I feel better now as you guys don't like it either
  4. Looking forward to it Brian
  5. Can I come over for a cuddle (and a BBQ) ?
  6. Descent people shouldn't get cancer Life is very unfair
  7. A wife and 6 kids left behind they said on the news tonight
  8. I've seen Australian people in their pajamas It's not that scary Seems to be the thing the poor woman did wrong was go investigate strange bad noises - you know maybe thinking she could help
  9. That is so deplorable I can hardly finish reading the article
  10. I'd be sniping his electricity supply off
  11. I googled this to see what AR&T was and it appears they are a lines company? He also shot at the guys in the cherry picker That's more than just being an intolerant retiree
  12. President Reagan had a way with words that would put Trump to shame
  13. Actually speaking of the Irish I do love Norton And im glad it's not just me not finding Mrs Brown's boys funny
  14. They have been telling me for years at work to watch this I'm 3/4 of the way through tonight's episode and haven't laughed yet although the other half did snort - once What's wrong with me? I used to love English comedy but I couldn't tell you the last time i enjoyed a comedy
  15. Good luck to both your sons I'm sure they both make you proud