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  1. so next week is the do or die episode I'll let you know i just needed something kind of sweet and not too deep
  2. what the fuck ? Renee Zellweger, Lenny Henry, Louis Theroux, Andrew fucking Ridgeley and Elbow. who the fuck are these fucking people ! boo hisssssssssss
  3. here i was thinking ABBA was a one off
  4. crumble if that's the one with the rolled oats in Rhubarb with strawberry or Rhubarb with raspberry
  5. i remember these guys didn't know they were so pretty
  6. watched 2nd episode of the BBC's Ghosts laat night honestly i had been worried i had lost my funny bone but i love this show and its been renewed for a 3rd season
  7. in my dreams i would have every single version of the 78 intro he's ever played
  8. its tonight ! obviously everyone else has watched it on u tube
  9. nice to see optimum love and respect for BITUSA
  10. good call on the rising both stella albums of the 21st century i do think Magic by a fraction over the Rising