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  1. just over 2/3rds of that post impresses the sox of me the other .....meh unless your 2 santa show ls were actually in December
  2. Daisey Jeep

    Roxy 1975 18 oktober

    saved this till today as i spent from 7am till 3pm in a hospital day surgery waiting room while the OH waited his turn holy cow 10th ave is my favourite song ! also i love these early backstreets because for me this is rhe area i dont make it compete aganist raccing
  3. i walked into the suoermarket the other day and the first thing i heard was Clarence - and i enjoyed Santa Clause is coming to town very much that's the appropriate place for Christmas songs inccident on the other hand is on the inhouse piped music in heaven
  4. just going to bed and couldn't find Borris hmmm upside down but actually the 2nd highest shelf and yes it needs a tidy for Christmas
  5. ok so a question will i be able to watch Springsteem on Broadway for the entire month? because i havmt hooked up the blueray since we moved - its in a box begind me but i just dont need the strees hooking it up is going to cause this week
  6. hmmmm i million things i want to watch are hardly jumping out at me i.dont see much different to lightbox i dont see any documentries i feel underwhelmed but its all about BRUUUUUUUUUUUCE ! how do i find Bruce ?
  7. IVE DONE IT IVE DONE IT IVE DONE IT phew i went for the cheapest plan. and ive saved my password somewhere safe if i like it i can almost aford that next month but when they had me pick 3 things i liked i found it hard to find 3 but im excitted to be getting the crown at last
  8. im nevouse already i dont have a credit card - only a debit card - hope thats ok for the free trial im going to do it a few days out as i think we only get a week free here
  9. Daisey Jeep

    Whatcha reading?

    finally reading John McCain the restless wave have Michelle Obama linned up next
  10. Daisey Jeep

    POLL: The greatest live song

    prove it all night with the 78 intro will be the obvious winner followed by a really really long Kitty