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  1. Tenth Avenue Freeze Out - LINYC

    Absolutly I love it
  2. Who's Drinking with me

    And I know have a Bruce room and a guest room with a brand new bed -well we paid for it just awaiting for it to arrive Should you and Mrs James ever venture down this way The Bruce room is going to house the liquor cabinet - I just have to find something suitable for the task
  3. Boo hiss to those drunken old bitches fighting durring thunder Road Otherwise good times It would not have been so great without you all Bruuuuuuuuuuuce !!!!
  4. Who's Drinking with me

    Do you have one left Stick it in the fridge I'm on my way over I have cat lollies
  5. Winter Olympics

    Omg that's so beautiful in the same way modern dance is Thank you so much for posting as I hadn't seen this
  6. Winter Olympics

    Oh I loved the brother and sister but it's all terribly platonic love Must make their mum and dad really proud I'm watching a little girl in a peach dress in the figer skating dance to swan lake To think we shear this moment with her that she has been working towards her whole life This moumendouse most beautiful perfect graceful moment Quite emotional really
  7. Bruce and mental illness

    Ah Jimmy I really like you That post makes me smile I'm on a borrowed tablet tonight and I must say I laughed when I saw your signature
  8. Young Sheldon

    Definatly Eposode two was great I must say I'm shocked we are seeing it before you guys Spoiler alert If you love the Joad album you are going to go fucking bananas over something in episode two and your family just went going to get it Please post back when you watch it !
  9. Winter Olympics

    Should be whiskey ! Is anyone else sick of the saturation coverage of snowboarding.......?
  10. Bruce and mental illness

    It's indeed nice to hear a little more from you I think your one of the lucky ones around here because you remember Miami Mark and I only remember welby I still keep a few of my dark shadows on the inside but I'll say this about Bruce Springsteen music Once I thought I was all alone and musunderstod Then I really listened and paid attention to darkness That album has given me so much if Bruce Springsteen retires tomorrow and disaapairs off the face of the earth I will owe him a debt I will never be able to repay I learnt so much from that album about myself and how life works But the most important thing I learnt from that album is I'm not alone So many others feel that connection to that album that i know know there are many many people who feel just like me I'm not alone or weird anymore I guess he gave me acceptance of myself
  11. Bruce and mental illness

    Hee hee some of us shear way to look much But I never went near that extrovert introvert thread
  12. I miss Borris so much It's raining and the dog smells even though he got professionally shampooed last week Norris always smells fresh and lovely
  13. Does this mean Borris has to buy Beko a present ?
  14. Winter Olympics

    Happens to be all the time