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    I had BITUSA like every other teenager
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  1. 1.17pm Smoke alarm in hall desided it needed a new battry so malfuncted and screamed its head off Had to find ladder, find new batteries, change battry, make cup of tea for Gary, cat lollies for the cats
  2. That's what i thought until your 2nd point was brought up by Keith
  3. Many happy returns Salz Im way not clever enough to do that Im pretty much exactly like this in real life but not quite so chatty What is your ideal birthday indulgence/ celebration ?
  4. Don't fee bad about it dear Paolo I would not have known as im sure neither would others
  5. Im.still looking for a shower curtain -i want a pvc one not a flimsy horrible cold clingy nylon one
  6. Last time i used a u tube mp3 converter thingy i ended up with melwear I just naturally thought anyone posting Bruce Springsteen stuff would be trustworthy .... you know ...like one of us
  7. I don't understand anything about the 21st century
  8. I just couldn't imangine fine Mr @Paolo's Circus Story ever in my wildest dreams purposely being a naughty boy and not abiding by the rules (stealing from Bruce) I say this most sincerely @judyg can we please have some clarity of the rules regarding shearing of bootlegs
  9. I did not know this Does this mean the crystal cat winterland radio broadcast is off limits now ? (Or just disk 1 & 2 ?)
  10. You have made an excellent point that would have gone over my head when i first got LINYC - but it makes complete sence now
  11. C was a lovelly surprise on here But mam oh man way back when Gary brought me LINYC for Christmas because we didn't know to look in the rock section to find Bruce and Born in the USA i only knew two songs on that dvd and one was the river The river - the entire reason why i was even thinking about the back catalogue - Daisy the Jeep wranger was born in the USA after all Anyway anyeay oh man when i first put it on that was not the river i had fallen in love with off the radio ...but i got used to that intro - at least i did remember who Clarence was and that he was iconic in Bruce's music
  12. Well we have a pretty hot thread on the front page of this forum for shearing bootlegs