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    I had BITUSA like every other teenager
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  1. They are an odd bunch - but they make me laugh - but its not just the Brits over there i promise, please come visit
  2. Bruce Springsteen just gave you a world full of new friends - you too @Accountant Pete (thank goodness your not Dentist pete ) We have a small, but tight band of Southern hemisphere members* - you will love us - we can swear like we were born in Jersey I am adopting @balboa08 into our little Commonwealth group - as well mannered as he is, he is our only Indian laker and he does love his cricket
  3. Madison Avenue's claim to fame in a trainer bra with eyes like rain She rubs against the weatherbeaten frame and asks the angel for his name Off in the distance the marble dome reflects across the flatlands, With a naked feel off into parts unknown The woman strokes his polished chrome and lies beside the angel's bones
  4. I hope so I keep being like Lorraine and inviting them to the palace - no FC to get lost on the way these days I honestly don't know about the post office - its around the corner from the chemist - its a newsagent bookstore with postal but not baking services so maybe not ? What are you making for tea (dinner) tonight and is it different compaired to pre covid 19 ?
  5. Johnny got an angel dancing topless at night down in Toyland Where the blondies and the supergirls offer a sad look and soft hands And if you're looking for someone to steal your heart Someone tough enough to take it Someone to keep it or to tear it apart Someone to love you, someone to fake it Lonely night in the park Oh lonely night in the park Oh lonely lonely lonely lonely night Lonely lonely lonely lonely night in the park Lonely night in the pack Comming soon to a copy of tracks 2 near you
  6. I Iove with every wish Due to boredom i seem to be taking part in this poll but its breaking my heart
  7. Thanks for the heads up Its due here on friday on Netflex I could do with a laugh and i love the Bee, Eugenie and Fergie characters
  8. Is it a doco ? Its on my watch list for the big cats Its number one in NZ on the netflex top 10
  9. A fine example Should go to jail or at least a court date i just popped in too see what on earth you all might have had to talk about right now
  10. Come on over to some of the subforums and say hello and talk shit and eat weird English biscuits Its not all about covid 19 @Thundy you too
  11. I'd have sworn that with time Thoughts of you leave my head I was wrong, now I find Just one thing makes me forget Red, red wine, stay close to me Don't let me be alone It's tearing apart my blue heart Neil Diamond
  12. Sun down, sun down They're taking all the tents down Where have you gone my handsome Billy? Sun down, sun down The carnival trains leave town Where are you now darling Billy?