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  1. Thats my summer album because i listen to it for days on end and in the winter its not good for mental health My journey to GOTJ came via D&D I love love love Matamorus banks GOTJ is often my 2nd fav record after Darkness Its the only album i dont turn up loud and ive worn out 2 copies I only read the grapes of wroth because of Bruce It was not an enjoyable read but it had such a profound effect on me (sorry im sure ive said this 100 times) i joined a union! And i know understand why we have to have unions The people from GOTJ are the same people from Darkness and the river and Nebraska and BITUSA Just somewhere along the journey these guys took a wrong turn in the road They are separated from us only by that wrong turn in the road
  2. Thanks. If we knew them and they were remotely nice people i would befriend the dog but unfortunately its not that kind of situation Its barking now poor thing
  3. The thing is, as much as (enjoy is wrong word) i (like is wrong word) i ...um Well for the American pilitics it was a great insight But the FC was more than just American politics
  4. Wow Thats epic ! Im.so impressed
  5. Wow im impressed Australian of the year if you ask me https://i.stuff.co.nz/world/australia/104923733/australian-man-revives-frog-eaten-by-snake On a side note We have awful neighbours on one side Horrible 'once were warrior' type neighbours Now they got a dog There is no front fence Ive rung the council because im afraid for Borris The law says you have to have a fence if you have a dog Also it has barked all night for the last 3 nights Im hoping it will rehomed as its young
  6. Yesterday when i took this picture it looked normal now its huge and off the right (i think its looking for the FC) And yet in my wuoye before i post it looks normal again
  7. Thank you This is my first morning in s few years with no FC Its the first thing i do in.the morning Before i google the news or look at the paper or have a shower or brush my teeth or feed Borris or do anything i have a quick look on here to.start the day And this morning its sad without it
  8. Daisey Jeep

    1978 & all that.

    Too busy looking for time machine and directions to Brooklyn I.could pick.you up on the way
  9. The FC was a great way to get to know people - and i mean with sincerity and kindness Ive not been active the last week much - i needed a break from politics All the crap.always goes down when im asleep But i miss everyone already Billy
  10. Absolty- when ove got a mo i was gping to PM him and ask of ots ok to ask a mod if it can find a home in loose ends Also the air travelers thread
  11. Daisey Jeep

    1978 & all that.

    People of greasy lake This guy (High as Hope) is s keeper !
  12. Daisey Jeep

    1978 & all that.

    I give you my highest level of like ! Do you remember Neil Mullender ? He played for my home team - Otago - in your off season - he played for Nottinghamshire Highly talanted and underrated Very unlucky with the selectors as was only selected for one English tour vs Pakistan He should have just played for NZ but i guess the green and pleasant land was his home and dream Very very popular and likeable character
  13. @redwire and @wildbilla We might be some distance apart on the political spectrum but i will miss your posts also