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  1. I just watched Challenger I think i cried through the entire thing
  2. That's what im hoping No 4 has been a long time comin'
  3. Id take Bruce Willis any day over Tom Cruise Pity his ex wives - i hope they all took him to the cleaners
  4. This is really good to read, it was definatly the case here but i didn't know also in other southern hemisphere countries - very intetesting regarding the higher population in South America I think - for NZ anyway, border closur had a major impact on flu season - last time i saw it mentioned in the news we hadn't had a case since May. This must have saved the health dept oodles of money and also saved hundreds of lives in NZ - maybe thousands of lives in Australia this winter The flu immunization program at least got all the people of high risk but for the 2nd year running the powers at be wern't abble to follow that up with getting more vacines to the right places ...like GPs offices
  5. In theory as its only been 15 seconds since i posted my list on the other thread my mind may have changed on numbers 6 through 10
  6. The certainties that don't chane 1.BTR 2. Prove it with the 78 intro 3. The promise - not the versions with too many lines cut out 4. LOHAD 5. Accross the boarder Then its just gets too hard and jumbly but would include a long kitty and a Raccing -
  7. Hay @Eddy Wehbe have you read this article ? It says November 2019
  8. Darkness on the edge of town explained so much to me about why being a grown up is hard Born to run is escapism (which we all need from time to time)
  9. I can't smile without you I can't laugh, and I can't sing I'm finding it hard to do anything.
  10. They are very secretive over there these days if one doesn't have an account