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  1. I know ! I miss the American news, not just political, but stuff that just doesn't make it this far Now i have to rely on Fox news for my right wing bias The notifications come through in a really loud wosh on my phone and i jump 6 feet and almost crap myself
  2. Maybe I'll get a commonwealth family discount ? (Highly unlikely)
  3. I miss Earthslayer Im sure he was an Aussie but was working overseas, i assumed USA, he seemed to travel slot for work I also miss Tomas T ? He was Swedish and had lots of lovelly things in his collection and an English fan called Paul And of course Welby If anyone is out there lurking, join us and speak of your love of Bruce I used to lurk too but i knew once the darkness box set was released i would need someone to talk to But then i was too shy to post Not now !!!
  4. You need to visit the album cover art thread in the amusement park I miss my little independent record (cd) store in the Tawa Dressmart mall a short train ride or a gentle pleasent hours walk from my house It shifted to Upper Hutt They used to get in all my Bruce back in the day JLM forgot about NZ That's bad about JBs killing off the inderpendents We don't have a record shop in Wanganui and the hidouse big box red shed The Warehouse hardly stocks much music outside of new releases If postage and the exchange rate wasn't such an issue id go back to shopping at backstreets
  5. Well done ! I only remember my password because once i forgot and got completly locked out so Cosmic kid made me one up and ive used it ever since If i had made my own up i would have forgotten every other week
  6. Deddie downers are every where don't let their negativity rub off we went to visit an old friend from way back of Gary's yesterday (i hate going there) i think most people by 67 have a few health concerns but its hardly a sign of the end of the road she said to him 'what are you going to do with your tools ?' He was a qualified carpenter/ joiner most of his working life I had to interject ' once his eyes get better he will be renovating our house' And he is optimistic his eyes will get better But some people just want to see people reduced to their lowest level.of misery I don't think she thinks i have a brain- i get so mad when we hope back in the car Bruce doesn't do that He sings about hope and love and faith and community, but he does so without judgement
  7. well at least its comming i would prefer not to use a big corporate but JB Hi Fi have $2 postage and they have bricks and mortar stores where they actually still have a music dept so that will probably who I'll use i see they have a cd with both versions of WS but no movie yet
  8. cacti securing front row seats for the Western stars movie they are watching mysteries at the museum
  9. i am reminded i like the Chevy version of racing much more than the Ford