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  1. A present from space

    Someone famous once said we are all still 16 on the inside
  2. A present from space

  3. Bannon--OUT!

    Thank you I will try and digest it all I guess it will make me feel angry and sad and more worried
  4. Aint That America...For you 'n me?

    Off tangent a little I didn't even notice Africa was spelt wrong ! I don't do Facebook Btw attack a person on their views not their spelling Spelling has nothing to do with how intelligent someone is And spell check does not work for some people For all we know Dan's ex friend might actually be really intelligent just also a racist pig
  5. Bannon--OUT!

    Which thread was that in ? I'd like to read that Sorry I missed it I'm at opposite ends of the clock to most of the board - I have to sleep and go to work
  6. Bannon--OUT!

    I missed that one skin2skin I've very shocked you thought a coup was possible Are/where things really that bad ? A coup is a very serous thing An American coup would unsettle the world markets not to mention the potential loss of life - all tbise guns around i wouldn't think a bloodless coup was on the cards I thought your constitution was pretty lock tight ? That's the sort of shit that happens in banana republics
  7. The great Trae Crowder on C'ville

    They are out there These last few days I've realised we actually mixed with two One I worked with and we were friends because we were both from Dunedin And the other one was in our 4x4 club Both nice people But we were mixing in very WASP circles and now I just feel very sad
  8. Robert E. Lee's Family Responds to Cville/Trump

    I think we must all keep trying I have thus one customer hardly anyone else can stand He's very rude and impatient One of the yard boys accused him of the We had a big stand up argument at the counter (Not me - but the mist mild and friendly helpful of the yard boys) Anyway turns out the customer is as deff as a post You have to speak to his face Now days me and my friend Henry watch out for him and We rush outside and serve him Which is all he ever wanted in the first place We have a laugh and yesterday he waved at me ad he drove past I realise a truly customer is not the same as a far right arse hole but arse holes are arse holes Or are they .....? Just in need of some positive attention in the kindness dept
  9. Silence in the face of Nazism is Appeasment.

    If he can speak in diplomatic language at least the rest of the world will be able to talk to him And that is a major improvement
  10. Silence in the face of Nazism is Appeasment.

    Please God Make this so
  11. And Here I Thought It Was Just Civil War Statues.....

    It's very complicated The founding fathers still deserve recognition
  12. A present from space

    Thanks for the pinning I really love this thread It's also very uncontroversial Enjoy the eclipse everybody who will see it It will be nice to get a story on the news from America that isn't political
  13. A present from space

    You.should pin this thread for the eclipse
  14. Robert E. Lee's Family Responds to Cville/Trump

    Im all.for kindness and compassion I bet skin2skin has tried that on her relatives
  15. Barcelona

    Not good at all Any idea what sort if terrorists did it ?