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  1. A big life change- getting a mortgage

    Oh thank you for the Borris advise The OH thinks it will only be 3 or 4 days and she can go out We are going to put her in the cattery next week and then go get her after we have moved in We have taken storage because we just want out of the rental We are thinking to just move in on possession date and not revarnish the floor till we have painted the walls, and the outside of the house needs to be painted first because the paint is actually peeling I have Borris' old chair she sits on outside to put into 'her' room plus one of our lounge chairs Tonight I'm going to sow some cat grass for her Thank you for thinking of me
  2. A big life change- getting a mortgage

    Have apointment at bank for thursday to do whatever is left Brought a moon chair from work - Our canping gear is now burried in the back of the garage Ate tea last night sitting on the floor and didnt enjoy it
  3. Oh so sad My friend's older sister had a bih poster of him in her room when we were just at primary school I feel very sad Very sad for his family
  4. A big life change- getting a mortgage

    Thank you Cecilia Tonight when we were driving home (i got a ride tonight ) i saw a big purple late flowering rhododenron and i was thinking my garden is only so big If im only allowed one rhodo which one will it be ? I just want too many big trees Did i tell you we have a wisteria behind the garage near the grape vine From a dated google earth you can see some sort of old delapidated structure now gone they may have grown over I have no idea what colour but i guess purple Im hoping the grape is black hamburg Oh and we found one surving cape goseberry here that we are going to rescue and then let grow wild in wanganui
  5. A big life change- getting a mortgage

    There will be email from wanganui !
  6. A big life change- getting a mortgage

    Well the house was empty and we had conditiinal aproved finance so yes i think we did do it quick Have 2 weeks leave booked at work then come back xmas week Its going to be hot today ....
  7. A big life change- getting a mortgage

    Yes No tenents ! Wow moving after 18 years is hard work We need to find the camping gear so i have something to sit on Borris just came inside to find no lounge furniture But i mamaged to get her old chair into the storage locker
  8. Fraternities Suspended

    Actually i initiilaly got less than that It was 1990 yoith rates when i was 18 I cleared just over $200 working friday and saturday on overtimes rates and living at home with mum and dad i could save hakf of that !
  9. A big life change- getting a mortgage

    In two weeks from friday just been Because we had finance (subject to building reoort) we only went wth 10 workibg days for both time periods
  10. Fraternities Suspended

    Ok ok.so im.toiling away for $5.50 p/hr breaking my back in the hot sun/ freezing my arse off in the winter working outside in the ice and frost ....ok ok i surpose we can look back on it and its funny Tell me about the jello shots etc
  11. A big life change- getting a mortgage

    Omg packing is really hard Just taking our dirst load from the garage to the storage unit Lots of trouble getting quad on trailer as the back is a funny angle Have lots of china and stuff from mums house we have never unpacked All that is on board Borris was so funny Sitting on the quad Exploring the garage
  12. Are We Going To The Cadillac Ranch Or Not?

    Everything is dark once you scratch the surface of his lyrics - look at Ramrod even
  13. Fraternities Suspended

    I think we should get this towed to the fight club so i can be amazed at everyone's college stories ! (Ive never even had a jello-shot)
  14. A big life change- getting a mortgage

    Real estate agent called to congradulate us on going unconditional so i guess the bank and the solicitor did the right thing She sugested we might like another look see closer to resettlement date to check all is well She has actually been a very nice lady We are now studying the buikdung report pictures Some insulfluff and some bradford gold in ceiling Not a very high ceiling so might find some builders apprentice to.go up there for a cash job next winter and put some more down Anyway off to feilding tomorrow to the storage unit with the quad and our mountain bikes and some stuff of mine already boxed up so we will free up some space to start packing properly in the garage Now maybe i have clear head to fix email