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  1. i feel bad for that cat that's about to get it !
  2. im a fan of this because its dark and sinister one would have to wounder what message someone is sending/ receiving if they think its a love song without knowing the program i bet the caller was having a private joke at the expense of the host
  3. Daisey Jeep

    The River - typo

    thank God you found greasylake then Jimmy now how about the metric system ....
  4. Daisey Jeep

    Turn the guitar up

    i tolerate him alot better than the sceeching mother durring sunny day on the Hyde park dvd
  5. Daisey Jeep

    The River - typo

    feel free to come over to the land of hope and dreams some times i think if you are interested in politics you would be a very interesting poster to watch
  6. Daisey Jeep

    The River - typo

    i would never ever say Americans are stupid i have defended you all from such talk for most of my life and fully intend to keep doing so
  7. Daisey Jeep

    The River - typo

    the first pressing of BTR spelt Jon Laundar's name as John some poor bastard had to go through and stick little white stickers with Jon on over the John typi
  8. Daisey Jeep

    Oz/NZ tour Jan Feb 2017

    im so glad you have been spared the fires at your place i feel.sorry for farmers and farm animals and wild animals the most durring the dry today is another completly blue sky day i miss my clouds my garden is a wreck i read about a farm house that was saved because the owner went to a 'gardening talk' by the fire brigade everdently flax is the ticket lucky i love flax but it's not everyone's cup of tea up.north Gisborn is about to run its drinking water dry we are very lucky to have a great big river on our doorstep but not everyone is so lucky https://i.stuff.co.nz/environment/110587077/kiwi-birds-are-roaming-further-during-the-summer-months-in-search-of-food
  9. Daisey Jeep

    The River - typo

    i hate those stupid American dates i never know what they are talking about for the first 12 days of every month ! still it's bad editing - im blaming JLM
  10. Daisey Jeep

    If They Did a Bruce Biopic

    i think they would fuck up casting a Lynn Goldsmith like they did Daisy Duke on the Dukes of Hazard movie
  11. what about Cynthia ? well now you ain't the finest thing i never had and when you go the hurt you leave, baby it aint that bad (i still love Cynthia - i kind of wish i was her)
  12. Daisey Jeep

    The River - typo

    i had a feeling the record store day of racing in the street was spelt wrong but when mine arrived i honestly couldn't tell
  13. Daisey Jeep

    The River - typo

    ok.spelling mistakes im ok with errors on dates im not
  14. Daisey Jeep

    The River - typo

    it sounds interesting good for you i have the BTR with the Jon sticker guess no one was keen to sticker the Dutch river
  15. Daisey Jeep

    Oz/NZ tour Jan Feb 2017

    it's a date we'll pick you up when you get to Wanganui