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    I had BITUSA like every other '80's teen
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    probably not overly interesting to others
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  1. maybe its the winter feeling i dont like sept 11 was at the beginning of fall
  2. thats good because i felt really bad about wrttiing that i guess i just didnt like it
  3. i don't want to offend our UK friends, so please dont look
  4. thats not how i see it in my mind at all but i guess its cool others are making the effort to do something like this but i gotta say i did not like all the smoking
  5. that was an awsome read i send it to Gary
  6. toast ??? like with peanut butter and jam sort of toast ??? it all just sounds too weird for me
  7. Rach, we are all thinking of you and wish you a speedy recovery and thank you for somehow finding the energy to tell us how you are this must be hard on your family back home not being able to be with you too i feel so bad for you that you are in such pain especailly seen as its worse today but hopefully now its healing pain stupid gall bladders
  8. i tried that but obveously gave up to soon ill put it back on my list
  9. on netflex the Aussie origional im liking it a lot he's such a bullshit artist no nothing about the US version
  10. who loves magpies https://www.odt.co.nz/news/dunedin/rescued-‘hard-case’-magpie-takes-life-pets
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