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  1. https://www.politico.com/news/magazine/2021/03/07/barack-obama-bruce-springsteen-podcast-democrats-pop-culture-473383 I don't like the person who wrote this Ive asked Borris to prepare one of her little brown paper bags of steaming 'goodies' to leave on his door step Maybe its just as well Bruce has some conservative voting fans
  2. Well im not an American so i coudn't vote for GW But i wanted to And i know there are fans who voted for Trump
  3. That has to be the best 5 ive seen so far
  4. I hope im not reading negative bias towards those of us with a more conservative outlook.... Recently Bruce said his own mother voted right wing in a presidential election He knows we are out here and im sure he is perfectly ok with us being here and JLM doesn't care where the $$$$ come from
  5. So i need all the techknowlegy on the WB tour to become absolute and then they will work on Moncton ?
  6. Still my favourite tv show Plus loads of Jeeps Remember the episode Radar was posting home a Jeep piece by piece? My favourite character is probably Winchester followed by Margaret
  7. ..actually its a 2 day celebration in my case I always request the 23rd off work and start with a Champaign breakfast for one but on day two i always cook something extra special for dinner On one occasion back in Wellington that was a weekend day i cooked a really nice breakfast inviting the neighbours and we sat out in their courtyard in the spring sunshine Bruce is very lucky to be a spring baby here in NZ Only the best people are born in Bructember ! I always tell Gary after the fact that's what we are celebraring And cats get two days of the really
  8. Ive been celebrating 23rd Sept for years What's taken NJ so long ?
  9. This is why i limit my listening to it Its my 3rd favourite song ever but it cuts way too close to the bone What is it Bruce says of late ... Had enough of heartbreak and pain I had a little sweet spot for the rain For the rain and skies of grey Hello sunshine, won't you stay? You know I always liked my walking shoes But you can get a little too fond of the blues You walk too far, you walk away i can honestly see why he left it off Darkness and i don't think it had much to do with Mike It just has no hope, and darkness does have hope I
  10. I enjoyed part 2 very much I listened to it yesterday when i was cooking something that must have been so unmemorable i can't even remember what it was but it must have been eattable ......??? - oh i remenber it was frittata - its still in the fridge uneatten but we ate the scotch eggs I did not know that the police officers that killed Amadou Diallo were in plain clothes at the time
  11. No problems It was a spelling mistake by be ....im sure Daiay the actual Jeep (our toy at the time) was spelt the right way Where did you discover the promise ?
  12. I think i read the opening pages accompanied with the birds in our garden in Wellington That was a great project I beleave because it was copywrited material we wern't allowed to shear it amongst ourselves which i admit really disappointed me being unable to hear the full thing Remember Mrs Van Zant read a chapter ?
  13. I read it quick too. It was riveting Im afraid i did not race through BTR at quite the same pace -( no offence intended Bruce )
  14. Yip I agee Jimmy I got mine via @shankly on release day He only pops in here around tour time
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