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  1. can't say i would have picked you to start a thread on this topic but it now explains a doco i lost interest on telly last night
  2. i am quite jealous of your train journey with Bruce today enjoy
  3. ive thought of that i surpose my principled are my own worst enemy remember signs block people's view
  4. where do cricket go in the winter? i havn't heard one or seen one in the last few weeks or more ?
  5. definatly a fan one of the better reviews despite him not referencing Nebraska
  6. i must say i do really love open all night and further on up the road and i appreated the musical history lesson the other day i heard buffalo girls on a western gary was watching and i got frightfully excitted - which always arouses his suspision
  7. i must say your post was fantastic and sad and scary and memorable just like the album in question but its now 1.38 in the am on a freezing cold night and i couldn't sleep for thinking and now its too cold to sleep its so cold we got up to make hot drinks and sit in the lounge with the heat pump here is a picture of frozen Borris under the heat pump you know the cold of the dessert
  8. its just too made he doesn't follow the cricket or play rugby (golden oldies of course )
  9. tastes fresher straight from the bottle less chance of it evaporating in the heat of the sun/ moonlight sometimes i fear i shear too much edit i forgot all about his friend he used to have lunch with im giving him the doubt that its a platonic friendship but still wouldn't make Patty happy of she knew beleave you me i know all about hiding completly innocent friendships plural dang shearing too much again could be time to drag out TOL album about now
  10. i did suffer through the very first christmas light sign (pay me my money down )
  11. fair enough you know i do actually like the banjo just in some other fashion like at the grand old Operee (excuse spelling you know what i mean ) im sure this banjo player is very good if i could just pick the setlist seriously i love the one this little guy plays
  12. @J i tried real hard to be nice i didn't hurt him
  13. im really happy you are enjoying the album as a student of the paino (and french horn ) it was Nils lofgran who taught me respect for the guitar (but Bruce's '78 intro made me fall in love with it) and Steve is just fun anyway back to the God father of the gutar - i think that's another of my Tommy problems i just adore Nils and i hear more pleasing noises comming out of my cat when she's threatening to bitch slap the neighbour's moggy than i hear in even one morrello note (plus she keeps her whiskers immaculately groomed compaired compaired to his guitar string ends) hopefully no hard feelings - you'll get used to me anyway as Ann says Morrello is rather polarizing and as he is Bruce's friend i did give him respect and my full attention and smiles plus i clapped, when i endured him twice in concert but my heart was bleeding for Nils and Steve
  14. i find Nebraska kind of desperate rather than sad different kinds of melancholy Joad - and i adore Joad - is desperately sad