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  1. just checked the flicks nz web site Andrew is right, its still sitting there with no release date
  2. well done on resurrecting this thread it is easter after all
  3. i think he might have been ferral rather than a stray he took a long time to let me pat him and now he is wuite smoochy but hr doesn't really like being in the house he sticks his head and front legs around the kitchen door but he doesn't like being inside with the door closed the last few nights have been cold and we have had the heater cranking but he just goes to the back door and moews rather disparity to get out and he is skittish but he is a lovelly dude with so much love inside him Borris is so naughty she runs over to the closed back door so we open it thinking she wants to do her bussiness and tabby is all settled down warm in his bed and she sticks her head through the doorway to hiss at him he just ignores her, sweet boy
  4. no, honest don't worry you havn't ive forgotten already
  5. he has suggested putting his PC and its rather large screen into the bedroom like a teenager but then id never see him
  6. no. not of my own Gary has 2 so i guess msybe i do unfortnatly we are the 'other grandparents' like on that movie parental guidance tpbm is eatting an Easter egg early
  7. why do the top and bottom of the world have opposite seasons ?
  8. hell no (in relation to the previous post
  9. im looking forward to buying the dvd when it comes out because i have to have the tv turned down so Gary can hear what he is watching on his PC im sure i miss things hang on a mo...... . . opps we're only up to eposode 5 ! it must be victoria that has finished awsome ! i have 3 more eposodes to watch
  10. that's the one song that gave me a headache when i first heard it i did have the flu .....
  11. i wish my story was like that and Darkness being the record sometimes i wish i.had had a suitable friend lto spark/ shear that journey even but it is what it is i just took a lot longer to find darkness i had to learn to listen and pay attention year i had known every single word on BITUSA and i knew the title track wasn't a happy or patriotic antham but i think i had to live the life of the people on the river and Darkness first, so i could recognise that they were me when i first heard my BITUSA record i had nothing in me to find common ground with his people then, as a 12 year old i understod nothing about being a real adult for the longest time i never felt like i fitted anywhere but when the time was right Darkness was waiting for me so i could begin to.understand my world and my place in it but before that The river had lead me to.lLINYC and the first time i ever heard the promise was the first time i had ever felt empathy from anyone .. and understanding that other people felt that way too, which ment i no longer needed to feel alone "why do people suffer ? because we have to"