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  1. oh i don't like grututatus (sorry phone can't spell that) violence so i stay away from Mr Tarantino id rather watch a quirky English-type film myself, or an historical drama
  2. that is so nice is she going to see BBTL with you too ?
  3. oh thats so funny because of this thread i had that song in my head yesterday i loved Wham ! (past tense) but not about the sucker thing - just the movie thing - its bad i know all the words - not that i gave the words much thought opps i ment the other movie thread
  4. thanks Aunty is it bad im hoping for a near empty theatre?
  5. i had that durring Nils' solo in BTN i lost the plot cinslly durring a loud part and they could only see my mouth moving and my arms waving about but i hadn't travelled for 32 bloody hours to listen to their drivel of course something got lost in translation because they just looked bemused your all very fortunate with your racing stories, but im appealed that you had your's talked through like that oh wait - i had BTR 'talked through' in Christchurch with middle aged, middle class drunk bitches fighting and crying
  6. https://i.stuff.co.nz/entertainment/film/film-reviews/115189508/blinded-by-the-light-a-musically-literate-yarn-with-its-heart-on-its-sleeve well this guy seems to love it and gave it 4 stars i had no idea that there was anyone ego didn't love BITUSA when it came out
  7. that very interesting Aunty i don't like musicals so im unsure what I'll think
  8. JLM are lazy at promoting their main client that made them rich Bruce should sake them and hire us
  9. maple syrup for Gary (on his birthday each year) ive just started making banana pancakes with a side of bacon and that's how i tried it i put like a teaspoon full on my plate and dipped it in fork full at a time Gary pours it on i have my porrage with milk, banana and coconut and my weat bix with milk and tinned pears actually hot cakes are really just pikeletts if they are sweet and i just have then hot buttered - i buy little bags of 6 for Gary who has butter, jam (jelly) and peanut butter on them
  10. yum they look nice ive only recently finally tried maple syrup
  11. thank you i pretty much am at the end of my tether
  12. yes me to. thanka its weird he is being tested for so many things from TB and .....Syphilis (i can assure you he has neither) to lime disease to rule stuff out .its too bad they can't prescribe anti grumpy pills