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  1. I think Borris is cold and is such of winter She hasn't come out of the linnen cupboard all day and neither of them liked their breakfast so she got dinner in bed
  2. On the news tonight they said if the world cup test is a draw its a draw no stupid super over or such like The title will be shared A lot of rain in Southampton..... https://i.stuff.co.nz/sport/cricket/black-caps/300336229/washout-looms-for-black-caps-on-day-one-of-wtc-final-against-india Why isnt the final at Lords ???? And incase you forgot how NZ got there https://i.stuff.co.nz/sport/cricket/black-caps/125441683/new-zealand-vs-india-how-the-black-caps-made-the-world-test-championship-final
  3. @Jimmy James i have watched and enjoyed quite a few baseball and American football movies over the years (feild of dreams still my favourite) If you ever see this it is brilliant Kerry Paker is the father of the one day game - called pijamma cricket back in the day because of the coloured uniforms This all happened when i was only knee high to a grasshopper so i don't remember cricket before the one day era but i have seen at least 1/2 of the players characterized in this movie actually play either on tv or at the ground See the one day era opened up the game to families
  4. Watched this on netflex last night It was sooooooooo great !
  5. Just watched the best thing ive seen for ages HOZAT! kerry Packer's war It was om netflex It was riviting !
  6. Well that's bad using that old pitch but excellent news ladies are playing test cricket again I hope people go and watch Is it televised?
  7. Thanks Aunty Ill have a proper listen when Gary has his old man nap
  8. That was the most polite and gentle rant we have ever seen on greasy lake
  9. Was their a video ? Of see you in my dreams ('80's teenager here) I would like the Power of prayer to be released because its my favourite But it's not 1984 any longer
  10. I was just thinking the same thing ....are we getting old ?
  11. Oh boy Im almost releaved to be sitting this one out
  12. Its kinda sad none of the ESB members ever really made big hits and became well none back in the day I mean i guess (some) people know Steve and Clarence and Nils What's that about the whole is greater than the sum of the parts parts
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