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  1. funniest most classic covid saturday night ever ! stick it to the man Rick !

  2. That's an awesome new avatar picture you have there young lady !

  3. love that wallpaper picture 

  4. hay what's that rather awsome picture of ?

  5. glad you worked put the pm thing

    first time I got one I had no idea what the tiny red envolope ment

    I thought I was in trouble :D

  6. I love love your screen name

    somewhere on here we are having a discussion on box sets and the conversation naturally turned to Nebraska

    love to hear your views


  7. Life is short, we gotta enjoy the time we have left ... Bruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuce !!!

  8. eagerly awaiting the river box set !!!

  9. Hay Kowahi !!

    Its great your on the lake !!!

    none of my friends or family get my infactuation with the Boss - so it's awsome to know you are out there somewhere potentally just down the road !!!I am sooo looking forward to Bruce making it this far south this tour and a new record to look forward to as well !!!


    Daisey Je...

  10. I unfortunatly spent some bad time in the musical wilderness and missed the rissing tour -the only time Bruce came to NZ -i kick myself every day

    There is no one in my real day to day life that understand 'me and Bruce' - i really am surrounded by idiots !!!

    It must be really cool to live in the same state as Bruce and not be oceans apart !!!

  11. Year your right - ive found it kinda hard being a newbee -it took me ages to even find the courage to voice my opinion !!! i got one 'real-life' freind on here but he doesn't post much -he doesn't like all the crusty's !!! im still trying to figer out what a crusty is ha !!

    I have my hair cut and coloured just like Patti incase the ...

  12. Hay Stabler009 !

    I was watching Live in Dublin last night -and totally enjoying it !!! And i was wondering if you and your girlfriend got to see it live ?

    I have no idea how far Dublin is from Cork ?

    I didnt get to see Bruce on the Rissing tour -the one and only time he came here and i kick myself every day !!!