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  1. Just saw hungry heart on tv 35 years latter i finally get 'my mtv'
  2. My absolute favourites are devil's arcade, girls, long walk home, ill work for your love gypsy biker and Terry YBCD, livin in the future, last to die and and your own worst enemy are also outstanding Personally i would swap out radio nowhere for hay blue eyes The live verson of magic with soozie is outstanding I was really hoping if the work of my old mate GW can inspire such a tremendous body of work then that by now the orange one would have also But there never was a born to run 2 or a BITUSA 2 so it stands to reason there will be no magic 2
  3. That's so funny I can't help you with the chook poo but any time you need to get even with someone my furbaby Borris is more than happy to supply you with a brown paper bag of steaming cat shit ... and she eats stinky wet cat food every day !
  4. I would have named your thread Cream - greatest Trio of all time ! Then tagged it No argument
  5. Its August and i just picked a tomato from the garden ! Its more than 2/3s of the way through winter here
  6. Pencil No wait Pen Um dunno What ever makes my writting look better (I write like i spell ) its a hen scratch crossed with hyroglificts Blue or black ink ?
  7. Is the Pope Cathloic Jimmy ? Who else would i listen to ? Although i did listen to some Cream yesterday It was Dan's thread on trios Do you like Cream ?
  8. I thought this was going to be another drive in concert I love the drive in concept more
  9. I watched it every night for 2 years Every night !!! Sometimes twice or three times a night Love that if i should fall behind
  10. Ditto I could not tell you the last time i listened to my two Auckland shows either
  11. Send me the money and we'll zoom you in* Here is a preview of what it looks like in our house * how do you zoom again ?
  12. Thanks for your replies guys The other day i switched on my laptop and i was signing up for Bruce Springsteen u tube channel thing which im sure i have done before ... And it came up with Gary's name and e-mail and password
  13. Excellent point about Clarence plus @Early North Jersey was at this show But the spoken interludes durring the 2016 river tour are worthy of note
  14. So many to choose from Probably something latter in the 1st American leg of the tour but everything just kept getting better and better and better
  15. Daisey Jeep

    R I P Bury

    Just say like at gunpoint if i had to have a soccer team Then im with these guys I wish them a healthy future
  16. I love her version of stolen car 99.7% almost as much the Bruce versions himself That is the highest praise i can give anyone who isnt actually Bruce If i could sing i would want to be able to do it like Patti Griffin
  17. The 1978 ones Shucks Has to be winterland Even though ive had the bootleg for years i was overjoyed to get both nights from nugs Still my favourite
  18. Also the promise The version on the 3rd disk from crystal cat's winterland night
  19. Some of my all time favourites i keep coming back to time and time again Summer drought come hard that year Our herd grazed the land so bare Me and my dad had to blowtorch the thorns off the prickly pear And mother, your hand slipped from my hair I threw my robe on in the morning Watched the ring on the stove turn to red Stared hypnotized into a cup of coffee Pulled on my boots and made the bed Screen door hangin' off its hinges Kept bangin' me awake all night As I look out the window The only thing in sight Now down below and pullin' on my shirt I got some kids of my own Well if I had one wish in this god forsaken world, kids It'd be that your mistakes would be your own Yea your sins would be your own She said we could just sleep together There'd be nothing wrong We could just hold each other with our clothes on I went to answer, I don't think we should Then I heard a voice say, yeah, I guess we could She kissed me lightly and said you know sometimes when you're down It's the little things that count
  20. Its a stretch at best to my ears But nice of KISS to like Bruce