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  1. Well i finished Grace and Frankie Watching the Betty White doco What a darling
  2. Why is my bowl empty ? Mum would have a fit if she knew Borris was in the pantry Lucky they can't wee upside down photos from heaven
  3. Ok well i know i pop in and out of this thread Since we finally for winterland x2 once J is sorted out I'd really like Moncton My crowd sauced bootleg although good for my heart, hurts my ears
  4. Mr Davis looked like he had somewhere else he needed to be But he kindly gave her a card with his personal assistant's secretary's details on "Look me up again some day kid" and he gave Vivian a kind smilie, he nodded politely to big Ron and briskly walked off "What now Ron ?" She asked
  5. Clive Davis Holy cow Where was her guitar ? Crap ! Must gave got left behind when they high tailed it out of the tornado's path She'd have to just sing unaccompanied
  6. Not being a covers type of fan, id be happy for Bruce to just surprise me wity some spectacular - that Rhinestone cowboy is pretty darn awsome - id happily take another Glenn Campbell classic
  7. If i could think of a way to leave her cat biscuits out of teach ofTibby -he has the $20 urinary tract health ones - which he isn't all that fond of - Borris had her's on the shelf by the mircowave (not the actual kitchen bench) because Tibby doesn't fit up there I used to leave them for the kitten on the shed roof - but Tibby worked out how to get up there
  8. I see the BITUSA box set and a new ESB album tour feeding of each other Of couse JLM don't seem to value any kind of marketing plan so who knows
  9. Ive signed it for the old people who need the company of their animals We don't really do animals on public transport here except for assistance dog guide dog like animals. generally animals of any kind are not allowed in main shopping streets and definatly not in restaurants or shops but i understand its different for you guys
  10. Its a great time to be a fan I take months to fully digest a show. Or in fact any new release and i tend to just do that one show or new album almost exclusively for months There are archive shows ive only listened to once because they are in a holding pattern - ill get to them
  11. Wow Ive only seen 5 shows and all with BTN I would love to get all of those but especially Ramrod because i cut my teeth on LINYC Thats a hell of a setlist you got there Devil's arcade is one of most favourites of all time
  12. I think this is her with her mother Our back fence is a cat highway The mother cat used to belong to the people who rented our house before we brought it It was empty for 5 months and they left her behind The man behind us used to feed the strays but he moved out and that's when the black and white cat came to me and had Tibby's babies under the grape vine She may have had the same mother, she would let the mother cat and Tibby shear her food Then when we took the little family to the SPCA we took in Tibby The mother cat looks in not bad condition, like someone feeds her She is really timid I give her the odd meal but i just can't efford to save everybody at the moment I know life has been so unkind to all of them, i think Tibby lived in this house, he knows how to be with people like he was handled as a kitten Once i get a job ill sort out the mother cat, i know she deserves better, Her and Borris hate each other, i surpose because Borris has her house now
  13. Episode 7 fact check The time line is soooooooo crap And im appaled at the lack of brooches http://www.thecourtjeweller.com/2020/01/jewels-on-film-crown-season-3-episode-7.html?m=1
  14. I know !! Those ears are gorgouse And the tail is like a squiral And even though was is a stray/ almost ferel - her fur is in such beautiful condition - she takes very good care of it A few months back she would sneak into the laundry at night to clean up Tibby's bed time snack Then she started moewing at me when i looked out the window I hate it when they are hungry so i started putting extra food out She was just skin and bone but now she just feels slim
  15. It has a really great lost in the flood Not sure if you've noticed
  16. This is my secrete friend Annabelle She lives behind the garden shed Im getting her friendly for a couple of months so we can take her to the SPCA She is very pretty but quite shy But when i pat her she purrs now
  17. https://www.newsroom.co.nz/2020/01/14/985397/changing-south-the-huntaway Hope at least some of your can watch this short little infinitive video shot in the beaitiful South ialand high country about our only bread of home grown dog the hunterway - the most popularly dog in NZ after the Lab They do not make good pets for in town They need lots of exercise, really big back yards and their bark is deafening
  18. Melanie's wedding when Kaleb was a baby and he's now almost 15 Went 4 wheel driving ? Or at least off road with 4 wheel drive engaged
  19. The ballet But to be fair ive never been to the opera which is sad because Wanganui is home to the NZ opera school Sussage or frankfurter ?
  20. Historical, based on (some) fact, about real people but it does have to be a fair portrayal of the person and violence only as necessary to be true to the story By favourite movie is the English patient But i really enjoyed Sully, blind side, deep water horizon, Captain Philips so i guess they don't have to be that historical ! And i watch them repeatedly every time they are on tv Have you seen the English patient ? (Question directed at everyone)
  21. I just got a post deleted because i said i googled the PM of Canada???????