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  1. I hate my real name (Nicola) i only get called it when im in trouble One day im going to pay the $240 and change it to Nicky and then add my other grandma's name - Isabella As for Daisy She's staying Been her too long to ever change I have become her And the Jeep Daisey is why i rediscovered Bruce Somedays i kinda wish i had spelt her correctly but she is what she is What did you want to call your kid that your partner veoted - or if you don't have kids what was you mum or dad going to call you but didn't ? (I was going to be Gregory
  2. Blues Because Otago is blue and gold Cricket or Rugby (Or for Americans, Baseball or football)
  3. I saw you on a tree, you were looking at me Your wings were bad and bleeding Your tiny eyes were full of tears (Oh, man, don't cry) I stayed under the tree waiting for you to fall on me You said "Hey, you should go!" Your tiny eyes were full of tears (Oh, man, stop crying) Tiny eyes By Far from Alaska
  4. Oh man you guys have to try this http://bernie-sits.herokuapp.com/ PS we don't mow our lawn for environmental reasons - its called rewilding
  5. Hay look aunty @Eileen Its finally made the news here With an explanation ! https://i.stuff.co.nz/entertainment/300212698/yes-bernie-sanders-is-laughing-at-those-viral-inauguration-memes-too
  6. That's why i read them I can tell these are your Richard Hadlees and Colin Meads
  7. Just came across this a much needed moment of somber clarity so says Esquire Magazine https://www.esquire.com/entertainment/music/a35272503/watch-bruce-springsteen-celebrating-america-biden-inauguration/
  8. Opps sorry Aunty I ment people of Kennedy's generation or at least the mums and dads of 11 year olds
  9. More on the woman's game from the ICC I say there is no excuse woman should be playing on sub par surfaces This is not high school 1985 https://i.stuff.co.nz/sport/cricket/300208748/international-cricket-council-committed-to-pushing-the-womens-game-following-report?rm=a
  10. To be honest i lost interest and watched a glass blowing compition on netflex instead Nice piece about women's sport featuring cricket Not sure how many ladies we still have here but i did see @Eileen lurking in the terraces the other day https://i.stuff.co.nz/sport/cricket/300211458/sport-for-women-key-focus-for-this-weekends-super-smash If you guys get the chance to see a national or even provincial game please take the opportunity to enjoy the cricket How is the woman's game structured in England ? I know its popular in India and has gained a lot of tra
  11. Thats about the length of the fight just to get here
  12. Im glad I don't dislike him Also he's old, there is a global pandemic raging that is killing 400,000 + of his countrymen and he was out in freezing cold wheather
  13. You know i wasn't going to mention him I wish Patti had come instead but at least we got Steve and Nils and we also got the nice remembrance video in 10th for C and Danny because NZ fans hadn't had a chance to pay their respects with the Big Man's passing yet
  14. I always read these threads even when i don't know of the player 86 is a good innings Thank's for posting @JimCT RIP Hank and my condolences to his fans
  15. He'd be a good mate politically for Aunty Jisinta
  16. The 2014 HH tour was pretty dam brilliant because it brought Bruce Springsteen and the ESB back to NZ and to other places baddly neglected by past touring itineraries Here's hoping aganist hope that Mr @Tenthavenuefreezeout gets a show somewhere near him that he can get to next tour
  17. Oh noooo That's just wrong wrong wrong I hope Bernie has a sence of humor
  18. I used to love mittens when i was a wee girl They all looked cold there Even more cold than past years with actual snow Someone needed to be passing out hot soup to them all
  19. Sometimes my funny bone goes on the blink Can someone explain please ? Nice avitar pic @Flagofpiracy
  20. Jezus F H C hot spring spas (a sponsor according to team cricket's shirt fronts) have set up just beyound the boundry fence - i wonder what that those tickets cost ? I think im too much a cricket traditionalist for this (unless i was taking the Jimmy James family to the game)
  21. A perfect match on tv our friend from St Louis to cut his teeth on. @Jimmy James Its still the christmas holidays here so a good game to take the family to Its a full house in Christchurch, an absolutely beautiful cricket ground the Hagly oval in our most English of cities These guys went years with no international matches, not even provincial matches in rugby or cricket or anything else for years (no concerts either) so people who think lock down is hard want to try living in a city with totally munted everything including housing, roads, sewage, drinking water etc
  22. When you get to the two Auckland shows don't forget to give me a yell out (in Italian of course)
  23. I'd go so far as saying its one of the best things to come out of the SS And i love the original What does @Early North Jersey think ?
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