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  1. I can assure you my current couple of flannel shirts cost $12 each
  2. that river tour 2016 guy in the really exspensive plaid shirt
  3. that would be like $$$$$$$$$$$$$ NZ dollars does it come with dinner and a concert ? Gary loves Mr Obama - he still complains why couldn't we have had him for another term ? so the book is on my Christmas list but not this version
  4. also Winterland that's the one he should really regret by wrecking ball it was under duress his doing the bizzo getting my cd to sqush into the mp3 player since then i have had to rely on the kindness overflowing from the lake because i have no idea how to make a cd into an mp3 and i can't even work out how to buy the albums that way as brucespringsteen.net would direct me to Aussie and the Aussie shop (i tunes??) wouldn't sell to me in NZ - maybe that has changed now as we can now buy from Aussie Amazon that's why i love Mr Nugs - he's relatively (not completly) easy to work out
  5. Gary he says he regrets it now he also gave me LINYC and amazingly WOAD i must have been more of a casual fan back then im hoping for him to buy me Steve's book as he enjoyed Lillyhammer and the Sapranos
  6. so yesterday during a 3 hour car ride to Wellington listening to Gary's music (who had rudly uninvited Bruce for the trip) i asked Gary why wasn't he a fan as we were listening to CCR he said Bruce wasn't around in the 60s when i was a kid growing up - see Gary and Bruce are only about 3 or 4 years apart in age
  7. by the time i discovered it, it was 25 years old it came already loaded onto my new mp3 player for my birthday one of the albums ive listened to the most but only fully came to appreate in a near @Early North Jersey- fashion durring the 2016 river anniversary tour the one album i know my dad would have loved and wished we had had the opportunity to listen to it together
  8. serously i have not given enough time to at least half of them as i will often devote weeks/ months exclusively to a new release but that's not a reason for not wanting more
  9. watched some ladies cricket last night from Hobart this place we are staying in has sky sport but its a studio unit and Gary puts cricket in the same catagory as Bruce so i only watched till Sophie Devine got caught out anyway i had no idea poor Tassie was under lockdown with it being a very sad looking ground with no spectators
  10. Famouse Otago cricketer the late Bert Sutcliffe missing from Carrisbrook site https://www.odt.co.nz/news/dunedin/cricket-greats-ashes-not-found-alternatives-table he taught my dad at high school - my dad didn't like him
  11. Bring it on Bruce i was at the last ESB show, in that seemingly now far away world of before covid, and i know you'll do everything you can to keep your promise "we'll be back"
  12. if you feel the urge to post every 10 min about your trip ill be here
  13. Ning did @JudgeBrown bake you a cake for pug day ? https://people.com/parents/bindi-irwin-baby-grace-make-dog-friendly-cake-national-pug-day-video/
  14. very good point Bob regarding the Nazi analogy i dont like money for nothing in the slightest, i dont like dire straights but i did have the tape back in the day its a song that is iconic of its era in the way BITUSA is surely they are getting their chicks for free because lady fans are throwing them selves at them what exactly is the problem here ? sounds like win-win to me the rate this PC juggernaut is travelling it has me worried that Child bride might never get on the BITUSA/ Nebraska box set / tracks 2
  15. reminds me of that time that falla Bruce Springsteen had a trumpet player that did a face plant
  16. finally got to watch this on laptop fun indeed ! Bruce is soooooooooooooooooo hot ! its ok Bruce INC i was going to buy it anyway !!!
  17. We need Bob @Early North Jersey you home?
  18. welcome to the lake @CK420 not that i would know.... but Bruce does love Scandinavia
  19. @Paolo's Circus Story ive enjoyed your review very much i plan to reread it again tomorrow the music from the barn is really wonderful with the additions of the orchestra, it lifts up the songs and i love how Rhinestone cowboy finishes it on a more positive 'less jump under the nearest train' note this is the only version i listen to this record in which doesn't mean i dont appreate the regular album version, but it jist cuts too close to the bone in the 'everybody is aging and dying' dept and i have to get up every morning and serve Gary and Borris and Fluffa Duffa their breakfast with a smilie on my dial
  20. yes its kinda like NZ playing Brazil at soccer i not sure that's good for the greater game i hope The Eagles play some good rugby and score a few tries
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