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  1. A10 did not have a good showing in the postseason!
  2. It appears that the Judge has left the building, but what the hell happened to Nevada in the last month or whatever? Did they have injuries?
  3. Yeah, back in November, we were on a 10 game winning streak and everybody was saying as good as ROR is he had to go. The team now has chemistry and a winning attitude.................We've sucked ever since, and now the Blues are the ones on a tear! And, even when they weren't doing good, I had seen that he was playing really well.
  4. So, did Tap play Stonehenge?
  5. I hope I didn't misread anything in Dan's post. Those Redwire block of texts get to my eyes.
  6. I'm jealous that you got to see Spinal Tap! Did they play Stonehenge?
  7. Rams throwbacks should be whatever Roman Gabriel was wearing
  8. Just watched it. It is seriously the worst movie I've ever watched. No plot, no character development. One scene had nothing to do with the next. Three minute plus scenes of the main character turning off lights in the house............How the fuck is this not just nominated, but heavily favored to win?!?
  9. I was a big Chiefs fan growing up. Everybody was a Bills fan, but we also had our favorite teams that were actually in the playoffs............All my friends were Raiders fans, and I was a Chiefs fan. Man, I loved those early 70s games between the two - there was probably 10 HOFers on the field.
  10. Yeah. They mentioned a number in the podcast. In the 80s, they couldn't get their own songs to become hits, but they were still writing them for other people.