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  1. bbb

    Lindsey Buckingham surgery

    So, did Tap play Stonehenge?
  2. bbb

    Lindsey Buckingham surgery

    I hope I didn't misread anything in Dan's post. Those Redwire block of texts get to my eyes.
  3. bbb

    Lindsey Buckingham surgery

    I'm jealous that you got to see Spinal Tap! Did they play Stonehenge?
  4. bbb

    Official 2018 NFL thread

  5. bbb

    Official 2018 NFL thread

    Rams throwbacks should be whatever Roman Gabriel was wearing
  6. Polar? No need to watch it - I'm living it!
  7. Just watched it. It is seriously the worst movie I've ever watched. No plot, no character development. One scene had nothing to do with the next. Three minute plus scenes of the main character turning off lights in the house............How the fuck is this not just nominated, but heavily favored to win?!?
  8. bbb

    Official 2018 NFL thread

    I was a big Chiefs fan growing up. Everybody was a Bills fan, but we also had our favorite teams that were actually in the playoffs............All my friends were Raiders fans, and I was a Chiefs fan. Man, I loved those early 70s games between the two - there was probably 10 HOFers on the field.
  9. Is that Richard Belzer on the far right here?
  10. Yeah. They mentioned a number in the podcast. In the 80s, they couldn't get their own songs to become hits, but they were still writing them for other people.
  11. Speaking of Dolly Parton, just found out on a podcast that the Bee Gees wrote Islands in the Stream.
  12. I listened to Tony Kornheiser's podcast from today. They're doing the news/sports and he's like "I have to talk about something with college basketball. Nevada is #5? What? When did this happen? This isn't UNLV. This is Nevada. What are they in - the Mountain West? The WAC?" His cohorts had to start looking up things on their computers to figure out who was their coach, what conference, etc? I'm thinking they've been a powerhouse for so long! How does everybody not know about them?? Then I remembered, there was bubble talk all year here last year.