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  1. No, you'll offend the friends who no longer came here because of a forum that they would have to ask permission to even see.
  2. You stayed out of the Fight Club because of the metric system?
  3. When Bruce reached down and slapped my hand in 1999, I actually (without thinking of the main issue of the 2016 Republican debates) thought his hand felt really small.
  4. "Richard Sherman is so smart. He went to Stanford. Blah, blah, blah"...............He's so smart he doesn't know that he can lie about something that will obviously have plenty of video evidence of his lying...........What an asshat he is.
  5. I never heard of him until he died.............And, I was just seeing headlines and I'm like Was he in the Dead or not?..............I've since learned more about him. But, is there anybody else besides him and Bernie Taupin that were strictly lyricists and didn't play with the band?
  6. They were asking permission to use the video and ended up with that answer!
  7. That was part of this thread by Dave Portney of Barstool Sports. That answer sums up perfectly how we feel!
  8. Thanks - I'll miss the Captain!
  9. This is what I've been wondering - what the hell was his injury? Did he participate at all in training camp, etc? If not, when did this happen?