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  1. Seriously. Those huge domes are bad enough for shooting anyway, with all that unfamiliar space behind the backboards, etc. How's it going to be when nobody is in the stands?!? It'll feel like shooting at a rim with no net used to feel like on a playground.
  2. You were MIA then, and I wanted to ask - what is going on with your Wolfpack? What did happen?!?
  3. It's a horror show inside. Billikens are a much better team. This sucks!
  4. The Bonnies and the Billikens face each other again, same as last year. Last game of the year, with the #4 seed and double bye on the line!
  5. Since this thread is becoming a Mountain West and Atlantic Ten thread, it should get heated next season with the new Challenge between the two leagues. I love it. We're in the same boat - Power 5 teams won't schedule us much because they know they can lose, so we can give each other quality games. SLU vs. SDS - Jimmy and Darkness will need to put some bet on that!
  6. Actually, SLU gave them a really good game. But, I agree that, they're going to have win the tourney again. Pretty much like the Bonnies. Although the Bonnies will probably be favored in every game, except the SLU game, the rest of the way, and they won out and went to the Finals, they have a decent chance.
  7. I see 21 pages. Is this some sort of metric conversion?
  8. What condition does it talk about? The peace or the prosperity?
  9. We looked back at that and it wasn't all that funny
  10. This guy disagrees with you. You don't want this guy to be disagreeing with you:
  11. The Steelers at the Bills game in 2010 - I never saw a safety or maybe any defensive player dominate a game like Troy P. He was all over the place...........The game is remembered for Stevie Johnson dropping the overtime touchdown pass - and blaming God in a tweet!
  12. Does she talk about Bruce in Prozac Nation? Is that book worth reading now or is it dated?
  13. Yeah. Obi Toppen or Tappen or something like that................He was actually named the National Player of the first half of the Year