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  1. Yeah. Obi Toppen or Tappen or something like that................He was actually named the National Player of the first half of the Year
  2. Dayton is up to #7 in the country............And, the Bonnies play there Wednesday night. I sure hope our center Osun is ready to go.
  3. Yeah. A total heartbreaker - buzzer beater in overtime!...............And, then the Bonnies best player couldn't play Saturday and they got blown out by VCU. Their record is something like 1-6 without him, and 12-1 with him this year. (He had a knee injury - now he had concussion symptoms)
  4. Congrats to the farmers.
  5. I did. I knew it when it came out. But, I remember thinking much later - WTF is with YYZ and why not TOR or something. LAX, JFK, DFW, SEA, etc. - all make sense..............YYZ is Toronto Pearson?!? Fucking Canadians.
  6. To me, sitting out three weeks is missing three games of action.............If somebody was hurt for 3 games, they would say he sat out for 3 games due to injury. Not 4.
  7. Yeah, that's two weeks they sat - the 29th and the 7th. I'm not sure but I just changed my 401(k) into all chickens.
  8. How is it sitting out three weeks? It's two weeks.
  9. I think O'Brien might want to think about risk/reward analysis.
  10. If Lamar gonna get hit, you must make him sit.
  11. Although this guy thinks they shouldn't have sat Lamar for the last regular season game:
  12. Had to look this up since I know this is wrong: In 1990, the NFL expanded the playoff field from 10 to 12 teams, resulting in four (not two) teams earning a bye. More often than not, the home team that has had a week off wins. But the road teams still have a chance to get lucky. For the 29 postseasons since the change was made, the home teams have swept the divisional round eight times. That’s 27.5 percent of the years utilizing the 12-team format. So in 72.5 percent of the years since the current formula was adopted, at least one road team has won in the divisional round. Specifically, 13 times the home teams have gone 3-1 in the divisional round. Seven times, there has been a split. Once, in 2008, the visiting teams won three of the four games. So, I added them up - team with the bye has won 86 of 116 games - 74% of the time.
  13. Dayton is actually the team to beat this year.