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  1. It’s such a Buffalo thing!!
  2. BTW, it's not Trump's Stephen Miller. Nor is it Steve Miller
  3. I was listening to this podcast, where they get a political writer or somebody in that world, and talk about one band for 3-4 hours. They went album by album, and the way they were sounding was that U2 was over by 2000, etc. Nothing good came after that, etc. But, they got to Atomic Bomb and because they all had recently listened to all the albums to refresh themselves, they all said they've changed their minds on it!
  4. Even more unpopular: The greatest U2 album is How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb
  5. Now I have even more reason to root for the Blues!
  6. Thank God! Please stop this Boston bullshit. Go, you Blues!
  7. Yeah. That is incredibly stupid.
  8. Hate to tell ya, but the Celtics have been out for at least a week.
  9. Actually, I said it 30 years ago when the NFL was toying around with video replay - it's not good for the game..........Now, it along with analytics, are ruining all the games. And, the Derby!
  10. I don't know. I think it could be a trick............Like how The Who had the album Face Dances but there was no song Face Dances, yet Face Dances 2 was on Pete's Chinese Eyes album that came the next year.
  11. Go on...admit it Here's what I'm admitting to: I couldn't tell you which songs are on Lucky Town and which songs are on Human Touch.
  12. bbb

    PING: bbb

    Nah, I've never really been into compound fractures, and the other injuries these idiots have given themselves.