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  1. Since they took down the thread, I wanted to make sure you got the post that says it's the 6th leading, not THE leading cause:


    6th place.jpg

  2. In lieu of Bruce's reluctance to release a statement, I will be releasing one instead. It can be found on one of the Greasy Lake Offshoots at 2PM. Thanks you very much.
  3. I just googled Greasy Lake Offshoots and got this - is that your catch?
  4. You've mentioned other places before. I haven't been able to find them. Can you post some links please?
  5. I think about PMg PRR all the time. But, it's never when I'm actually on the Lake or even at my computer. I will at a later date now so she doesn't get a bunch at one time. I just thought about how Melissa E is such a huge Bruce fan and how much he influenced her. I bet he's already reached out to her...............I heard Artie Lange talk about Bruce reaching out to him when he was going through his addiction problems so publicly.
  6. I remember the whole birth of the two kids well.
  7. Did you write this headline I just saw in my Rolling Stone email?: Bob Dylan Cancels U.S. Summer Tour in 'Interest of Public Health and Safety'
  8. Bills in prime time 4 times.
  9. God I hated him while he was coaching...............The Dolphins went 20-0 against the Bills during the 1970s. Somewhere there is a goalpost from the 9/7/80 game where we finally won that has my name signed on it.
  10. I wish this happened more often
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