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  1. Since they took down the thread, I wanted to make sure you got the post that says it's the 6th leading, not THE leading cause:


    6th place.jpg

  2. In lieu of Bruce's reluctance to release a statement, I will be releasing one instead. It can be found on one of the Greasy Lake Offshoots at 2PM. Thanks you very much.
  3. I just googled Greasy Lake Offshoots and got this - is that your catch?
  4. You've mentioned other places before. I haven't been able to find them. Can you post some links please?
  5. I think about PMg PRR all the time. But, it's never when I'm actually on the Lake or even at my computer. I will at a later date now so she doesn't get a bunch at one time. I just thought about how Melissa E is such a huge Bruce fan and how much he influenced her. I bet he's already reached out to her...............I heard Artie Lange talk about Bruce reaching out to him when he was going through his addiction problems so publicly.
  6. Did you write this headline I just saw in my Rolling Stone email?: Bob Dylan Cancels U.S. Summer Tour in 'Interest of Public Health and Safety'
  7. Bills in prime time 4 times.
  8. God I hated him while he was coaching...............The Dolphins went 20-0 against the Bills during the 1970s. Somewhere there is a goalpost from the 9/7/80 game where we finally won that has my name signed on it.
  9. I wish this happened more often
  10. Well, they have so many of them that that's all they really play. It really was a great show, but Lindsey was the MC and guitar hero - I don't see how it's even close to as good without him.
  11. Good to see you, Hero! It seemed like Seger and Petty were a little less but it was 5 years ago or so for both...........Eagles, Stones, Who, and FM stood out as ones that I didn't repeat because of the prices. I had seen them all in another life anyway. Stones and the Who many times.
  12. Yeah, I bit the bullet on Eagles (luckily, it was one of Glenn Frey's last concerts), Fleetwood Mac and a few others that were ridiculously priced. But, then I skipped both of them when they came through again at even higher prices (and with Glenn and Lindsey, respectively)............At a lower price, I would have went again.
  13. The smaller acts don't charge insane prices. I don't think theirs will go down. I think the days of $300 uppers for dinosaur acts is over for awhile.
  14. Seriously. Those huge domes are bad enough for shooting anyway, with all that unfamiliar space behind the backboards, etc. How's it going to be when nobody is in the stands?!? It'll feel like shooting at a rim with no net used to feel like on a playground.
  15. You were MIA then, and I wanted to ask - what is going on with your Wolfpack? What did happen?!?
  16. It's a horror show inside. Billikens are a much better team. This sucks!
  17. The Bonnies and the Billikens face each other again, same as last year. Last game of the year, with the #4 seed and double bye on the line!
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