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  1. Well, "Nae Pasaran" was very moving and very timely due to the chilling parallels between Chile before the military coup and what is happening in Venezuela, to my mind. A reminder of what decent folk do to support other ordinary people purely because of our simple common humanity. An inspiring and important documentary film. 90 minutes very well spent for this viewer.
  2. The rent's too high when you land there in Monopoly! I'll get my coat ...
  3. It's just great to hear Danny's playing so clearly on these songs, and his work is simply gorgeous, as always. And I found it poignant to re-experience the time taken to re-tune between numbers when they didn't have techs to do it for them then, which is something I remember from The River show in 1981. That more leisurely pace between numbers then makes it all the more astonishing to see and hear how the E Street Band now relentlessly powers through from one song straight into another and then another - poor Max, especially, must be made of steel or titanium to get through shows these days.
  4. Words don't seem adequate but I watched it all with my son and I'm glad I had the tissues to hand for the moments when I got all teary. Just lovely.
  5. I've avoided the trailer and I won't be going near YouTube now that there's a danger of finding the show:-) Instead I'll keep waiting - not long now! - for the full Netflix performance and then play the cd when it gets here. Anticipation is a good thing;-)
  6. I've just sent it as a message to you, OK. Let me know if you have any problems.
  7. I did a partial index for myself, matching cd track numbers to book chapter numbers, starting with cd1 track 7 being chapter 4 and continuing all the way through the book! If this is what you want, I'll send it along to you, OK?
  8. I have to offer a defence for "Crush on You": if you ever have to hurry on foot to get somewhere, have 'Crush on you' start in your head - "My feets were flyin' down the street just the other night ..." and you will belt along with a smile on your face as you 'play' the song. I've done this a lot and it honestly always cheers me up and makes the journey better, no matter how grim the circumstances or how early the time at which I've had to set off. "Crush on You" is a little gem, and - if you're having to hurry for longer than one 'play through' of the song takes - it sets up "You Can Look (But you better not touch)" to keep you racing down the street at full tilt, smiling at the daftness of it all. A pair of perfect songs to get you and keep you flyin' down the street, I promise.
  9. William Woodruff's previous books, as noted on the top of the front cover, are very good reads, so I'll look out for this one - thanks. I've just finished "In the Midnight Hour: The Life and Soul of Wilson Pickett" (Tony Fletcher) and I'm half-way through "Homeward Bound: the Life of Paul Simon" (Peter Ames Carlin). Funnily enough, Bruce gets mentions in the first and Jon Landau in the second - small world:-)
  10. This may have been seen by some readers but it made me laugh until I cried so I'm sharing here the delights of reading a picture book aloud for the first time:-) Nae Mair!
  11. For anyone in two minds about getting Wembley Arena June 5 1981, it is abso-bloomin-lutely essential listening. I'm listening to Jungleland now and I really wish I'd been able to go to this show because it is simply magical. Hearing the band with Danny and Clarence in fine form on these discs is such a joy. Here's to them both, to the E Street Band, to Bruce, and to more releases of live shows like this:-)
  12. I arrived home to find my discs for Wembley Arena June 5th 1981 waiting for me. I only meant to listen to a bit to see that the discs play but that opening on Disc 1, running from Born to Run to Prove it All Night and, now, Out in the Street, is too good to interrupt and I can't stop listening!
  13. As befits a fortune-teller, MadamMarie hit upon the scene that has me almost crying with laughter when I see it. (How anyone managed to work at all to film that scene still astonishes me!) Barefoot in the Park is a gem too, and Bilko is unsurpassable. RIP Neil Simon: what a legacy of laughs he has left for us all to enjoy.
  14. It was the Gary US Bonds version with Bruce that was in my mind when I chose my name here - it just makes me smile to hear Jole Blon:-) Gary US Bonds did some really great shows in support of his albums and I'd be happy to go and see him performing live anytime he felt like performing.
  15. It doesn't seem possible that such a life-enhancing sound could be no more. Thankfully the recordings remind us of the magic and majesty that was Aretha Franklin, and what a lot of wonderful recordings she has left us! I'll be sure to listen to them all:-)