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  1. Like when the truth is spoken and it don't make no difference
  2. Just open the door and let me lay down
  3. The very reason I bought a smart phone so I could access my librarything, a very simple or as complicated as you want cataloging site. I have bought so many books I already have, though thank god usually at thrift stores. Plus you can access the libraries of famous people or just browse. We got to12K and stopped - not buying but cataloging but it is likely we have 15K - utterly ridiculous, I know but I retire soonish and all those lovely books are waiting. If I die or descend into dementia it'll be a crime of major proportions. Has any body else been having a a hard time reading books during this time of crazy? Ever since Trump was elected I rarely read any thing but NYTimes, WaPo and the Atlantic - pretty much cover to cover, everyday. My brother is having the same problem. I wonder if any one else is as obsessed as I am. It is terrible to say but the virus is a relief, something real, right now, and dangerous.(not that drumpf isn't the same.) I apologize for bringing in politics, I will now swear never bring in politics again!! but right now that is what's driving my reading
  4. Hi, I'm new here but not new to Bruce. I saw my first concert in 1978 but had been a huge fan since 1975. I've seen Bruce many times since and miss the times he played more than one show in Chgo: I loved seeing him back to back to back even tho I couldn't talk for a week after. I don't have a favorite song or album they change with my mood, though currently The Seeger session ar...