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  1. I FOUND THE PROBLEM WooHoo!, on my tablets greasy lake only shows the forums unless you are in landscape view. turn them sideways and everything is there.....how weird but I am so happy to have the great resource of all the hard work done by greasy lake gods.
  2. Okay it's been awhile awhile since I've visited but am I crazy where are the set lists, the lyrics, live performance list, the news. All that stuff I used a lot alot back when???
  3. Like when the truth is spoken and it don't make no difference
  4. The very reason I bought a smart phone so I could access my librarything, a very simple or as complicated as you want cataloging site. I have bought so many books I already have, though thank god usually at thrift stores. Plus you can access the libraries of famous people or just browse. We got to12K and stopped - not buying but cataloging but it is likely we have 15K - utterly ridiculous, I know but I retire soonish and all those lovely books are waiting. If I die or descend into dementia it'll be a crime of major proportions. Has any body else been having a a hard time reading books during this time of crazy? Ever since Trump was elected I rarely read any thing but NYTimes, WaPo and the Atlantic - pretty much cover to cover, everyday. My brother is having the same problem. I wonder if any one else is as obsessed as I am. It is terrible to say but the virus is a relief, something real, right now, and dangerous.(not that drumpf isn't the same.) I apologize for bringing in politics, I will now swear never bring in politics again!! but right now that is what's driving my reading
  5. Ok Blinded I didn't read your post before I wrote mine, honest. I think they are both perfect confections - no zero sum game here.
  6. Back in your Arms, Cleveland 2009, I'm on Musicbee finally and can't wait to edit out Bruce's patter before this absolutely gorgeous version of a perfect pop song. I love the patter, it is really funny but after 100xs plus I just want the song. My audio/Bruce collection has really outgrown Windows Media Player (which drove me nuts even in the beginning) and Wndows 10 Groove is worthless so I'm slowly moving everything to Musicbee - editing tags in full. Still fun we'll see when I approach the middle of the masses if it's still fun.
  7. Fade Away Brisbane 2014 - Steve says " It's a hell of a show"
  8. Rockaway the Days a great song one of those Bruce specials tragedy all wrapped up in 'pretty' music. Well alright
  9. And of course I follow up Boom Boom with Sweet Soul Music same hips this time drenched with sweat. Played only after Bruce and Clarence decide the audience can take (but just barely). I've said it before, I knew that man was trying to kill us - at the end of each Detroit Melody I was hoping he wouldn't play another note. Okay just my feet, back, hands and vocal chords were ready to go home, me I could of lasted another 15 minutes, maybe!!!
  10. Boom Boom 1988 East Germany, sexy sexy sexy man. I think if I'd been there I might of fainted or experienced the big O, yeah I know TMI. But seriously ladies when he grabs his head and moves those hips I forget all about Elvis but I might as well have a pony tail and a poodle skirt screaming my head off.
  11. Badlands the opening song from Perth night 2 2014...my first download, first of many I assume. Com'on Steve...
  12. Can't wait to hear this live everybody has said it including Bruce but it's the truth this song is going to be fun. I think it'll be one of the requisite sing along songs. I know I'll be giggling at those silly boys eating take out and the mice???what was Bruce thinking???I love it!!.
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