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  1. I was wondering what you were asking about since I never saw him in concert. But after clicking on the link to see what it was, yes I was there.
  2. Pearl Jam Plan To Record New Album With This Influential Producer They haven't released any dates for the rescheduled Gigaton shows but the article says the band plans to hit the road in May.
  3. There is a section of town near Oakland where the University of Pittsburgh & Carnegie Mellon University are that is called Polish Hill and perogies are a popular dish. So at one time there was, and I think there still is. There seem to be a lot of HVAC, plumbing, handyman etc type companies that have a Polish name.
  4. Oops, you are correct. He is also from near Pittsburgh.
  5. I got 3-4 inches of snow today, didn't end until 2nd half of the 1st game so I went out to shovel between games, and halftime of the 2nd game, then finished up after OT. Just mentioning the reason I haven't posted this already. How great is it that Tommy Boy got a flag for whining to the ref. I'm open to other plays, but I think that is the best penalty ever, or at least in contention for the honor.
  6. I thought that KC left too much time on the clock when they scored with 1:02 left. I was thinking instead of going in for the TD he should have taken a knee or gone out of bounds about the 5, preferably take a knee so the clock keeps running. Call a TO with 25 seconds left so you have time for 3 shots to score, and a FG if you don't.
  7. Yes, pretty sure it was coming back from a break.
  8. So how many game winning drives can there be in 1 game?
  9. I want to hear what the talking heads have to say next week as to what weekend had better games, I don't know if they will come up with one.
  10. The three Alou brothers of the Giants outfield, 1963
  11. I'm hoping LA. The only silver lining I could see to a GB win today was that if Tampa wins tomorrow Tommy would have to go play on the frozen tundra, probably not a fun thing at his age.
  12. The Bengals win earlier today was the franchise's first road playoff win.
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