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  1. He played Back In Your Arms in Pittsburgh by sign request, but didn't have the sign. Our group made the pit but were in the back. On his 2nd trip to the back of the pit all of the women were busy groping so @VABOSSFAN held up a sign for BIYA that somebody in our group had. When he played it he said something along the lines of he saw the sign but didn't get it from him. The one who made the sign was happy to get the song but was sad it was because of another sign for it, somebody up near the front of the pit also had a sign for BIYA. Pretty sure he meant that he saw the BIYA sign when he was on the ramp at the back of the pit, didn't get it then because that wasn't the time to collect signs, but was going to play the song because he saw the sign.
  2. That is wrong. After the Super Bowl comes hockey season. Baseball season is the couple of months in the late spring - summer after the Penguins are eliminated from the playoffs or win the Stanley Cup and when the Steelers report to Latrobe for training camp.
  3. Forgot to thank the Titans for keeping the Patriots and Ravens out of the Super Bowl.
  4. Congratulations to the Kansas City Chiefs for winning Super Bowl LIV. Sorry Jubie. I don't know what the salary cap situation is like for the Chiefs but I think they will be contending for more Super Bowls while they have Mahomes at QB.
  5. I'll agree, but it is because there is a former Steeler, Troy Polamalu, elected in his first year of eligibility, a former Steelers coach Bill Cowher, a former Steelers safety, Donnie Shell, that was rookie in 1974 along with 1st round pick Lynn Swann, 2nd round pick Jack Lambert, 4th round pick John Stallworth, and 5th round pick Mike Webster who are already in the HOF.
  6. Ugly end for the Kansas - Kansas State game last night. I would guess multiple suspensions are coming.
  7. I saw a tweet that from a Joe Montana account, don't know if it was his or a fake, that said his team is going to win. The tweet had a pic of both his 49ers and Chiefs uniforms.
  8. Not anything to do with the playoffs but I just saw this.
  9. And it is San Francisco for the NFC.
  10. The AFC half of the Super Bowl is set, the Kansas City Chiefs are going to their first Super Bowl in 50 years.
  11. Amazing that the Mets fired him when he was undefeated in his stint as their manager. I mean come on, they let a guy who lost 120 games in 1 season manager 3 more years.