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  1. The Steelers pulled out a much needed win on the road tonight on Sunday Night Football with a 3rd string QB. Not sure you can call it a road win since it looked like there were more Steeler fans than Charger fans in the crowd.
  2. I just read on ESPN.COM that the Braves are taking steps to reduce the tomahawk chop in game 5, pretty sure the Cards scoring 10 in the top of the first will do that and that wasn't part of the plan.
  3. I didn't know that Marvin Lewis managed the Twins in the postseason.
  4. Not sure how Earl Thomas stayed in the game after the hit on Mason Rudolph. I didn't see the play live, was just getting home after going to Martinsville with @VABOSSFAN last night, only got to see a replay on ESPN, but it looked like one of the main points of contact was Thomas hitting Rudolph in the chin with his helmet.
  5. Now now, don't be like that, your football team is still playing for a high draft pick.
  6. Saw that the Cubs are resting most of their big guns so they are trying to help the Cards.
  7. They had a turnover for each of their SB wins. The Steelers had a points off of them for each of their SB wins. You need to get more than 6 points off of 5 turnovers.
  8. Maybe, but not likely. The Pirates always seem to struggle against the Brewers and Cubs. If the Cards keep winning they have nothing to worry about.
  9. ND is the only team that i like less then the OSU BUckeyes. And I hate the Buckeyes.
  10. AB is 1 and done with New England.
  11. Anybody but LA. JB will be by to approve of this post sometime soon.
  12. After playing 6 quarters and not having a TD pass Big Ben is going to have surgery on his right elbow and is done for the year. Time to see if the 2nd year QB from Oklahoma State, Mason Rudolph, can continue to impress. He looked good enough in preseason to win the backup QB job, and looked at least as good in the 2nd half as Ben did in the 1st half. Let me be the 1st to say the Steelers may have a QB controversy next year because I think Rudolph will do pretty well.
  13. They both pitched enough innings for about 30 games and gave up 13 and 14 home runs. For an entire season that would be about 70-80 home runs.
  14. The Cleveland Browns last had a winning record when they were 7-6 in 2014. They lost to drop to 7-7 Dec 14th. So it has been 1730 days, and counting, since they have had a winning record.
  15. Haven't been to a game in several years, don't plan on going until the Pirates get new ownership that shows interest in trying to win as opposed to the current owner who seems to be just concerned with how much $$ he can rake in.