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  1. There is an app for it, you can stream it at home or anywhere, you don't have to be in a car to listen.
  2. If they were in the NL East they would be 29.5 games out.
  3. So the DBacks are almost as many games back as they have won. Probably not going to be helpful against the stinkin' Dodgers.
  4. I haven't used either one for many many years so I don't know which one I would use, but am leaning towards mathematics since it sounds right.
  5. PIrate fans would have been happy to see that prediction, but may have wondered what the writer was under the influence of.
  6. Math is normal, maths is weird. My spellcheck flags maths as an error.
  7. I wonder if Doolittle has another job as a weatherman.
  8. Seems as if your request was granted.
  9. OK, look at Bruce, it looks like he has raised his eyebrows and is pointing at the woman. The woman has a huge grin on her face, could be from having her pic taken with Bruce, or maybe another reason. Look at her left arm, it is behind Bruce but you can't see hir fingers or hand on the other side of Bruce so her arm must be pointed mainly downward. To me it looks like she is grabbing Bruce's butt.
  10. For the bold part there is an easy solution, just tour in the US.
  11. Here is another tidbit for @Jimmy James. Jacksonville won their first game last year, then lost the next 15. They started out with a loss this year to get the losing streak to 16 games. Who did they beat in week 1 last year? That would be the Indianapolis Colts.
  12. It was the 2nd game for both. Both schools have conference games Thanksgiving weekend, but I agree with your thoughts about having rivals play Thanksgiving weekend. I would have Texas & Texas A&M play Thanksgiving weekend.
  13. I wonder if Aaron Rodgers is going to check about being the Jeopardy host.
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