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  1. May Madness doesn't sound as good as march Madness but I would take that over no tournament 2 years in a row. I have seen that there is talk of having all of the tournament games at 1 site with Indy being mentioned since that is where the Final 4 is scheduled for. Coach K said he thinks that would present some logistics challenges getting all 68 teams to the same place. If Coach K doesn't like it I'm all for it. It will be interesting to see how the season goes.
  2. I just saw that the Steelers/Ravens game has been moved from Thursday night to Sunday. The article had tweets from a few Steeler players who weren't happy with the move. Not that they need any extra motivation when playing the Ravens but I hope the game is a blowout by the Steelers. Well, OK, I would hope for that even if the game wasn't moved.
  3. I'm not a big fan of the Rams but would like to see Aaron Donald set the single game sack record tonight, would even like to see him set it in the 1st half.
  4. The Jets are the 1st team to be eliminated from the playoffs. If the Steelers beat the Baltimore Ravens on Thursday and both the Miami Dolphins and Las Vegas Raiders lose, Pittsburgh would clinch a spot this week.
  5. It just now clicked in for me. This reminds me of the great unknown DC. Some long time members will get the reference.
  6. That is something that bugs me every time I see it happen. I know they have probably worked it out and the "best" play is to throw a pass for a better chance to get a first down. But if you don't complete the pass the other team doesn't have to take a timeout to stop the clock, if they don't call the timeout then you can run 30+ seconds off the clock. So your best case is getting the 1st down for another set of downs with will allow you to run out the clock and your best chance of getting the 1st down is with a pass. But the downside is you just gifted the other team 30+ seconds and saved
  7. Fun game to watch, maybe a little nerve racking if one of the teams is your team.
  8. I am in the Oh Hell No camp with @judyg, @Eileen, & @Jertucky. Pros 1. Gets him 1 album closer to completing his record deal. 2. I'll fill this in if I can think of more. Cons 1. Less time spent with the E Street Band. 2. Ticket prices may make Springsteen on Broadway look like a bargain. 3. Probably more rules than the Devils and Dust tour. 4. If well liked and successful will only encourage him to do more projects without the E Street Band.
  9. I saw the Penguins one, wasn't impressed. I think this is just a gimmick to get people to buy another jersey.
  10. Just saw this and was coming to post it.
  11. burghfan

    Masters 2020

    I knew that whoever wins the par 3 round has never won so they try to lose but didn't know about the skipping.
  12. burghfan

    Masters 2020

    Was he just goofing around and tried to skip it since this is a practice round? Odds of him trying that in the tournament? I mean it has been demonstrated to work so why not try it?
  13. Thanks Karsten. I'm guessing that this is something that either @JudgeBrown or @CmonMrTrouble were in charge of testing, or maybe Ning had to test it before she could go on a walk.
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