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  1. Winterland DVD. All of the answers above this are shows that you would hear, not see. Pay attention to the question that was asked.
  2. In addition to the site that is already mentioned there is another one that will let you track your shows. Springsteen Passport lets you pick what shows you went to and compiles how many songs from each album you have seen, how many times, etc.
  3. Clam chowder vs bread sliced bagels?
  4. I’m pulling for the Blues....Mainly because I hate the Boston Bruins....the fact that it's @pattyc hometown is a bonus. The scenic tour, is that the one that was a scavenger hunt for a ticket?
  5. Gotta ask, how long have you known about this video?
  6. If you run for the hills you are more likely to hear banjos.
  7. Why do you hate Bruce that much?
  8. I saw the clip but forgot who it was, the guy who sang the National Anthem at game 4 in Nashville finished the song, did a fist pump, stepped back and when he did he stepped off the carpet onto the ice and went down chest/face first. Looked it up - Gavin DeGraw.
  9. Tampa Bay, Seattle, and Pittsburgh are tied for the best winning percentage this morning.
  10. I was there, as was VABOSSFAN. BIYA was a request from a sign from the daughter of a former member here. She, and any other female in the area, were busy trying to grab Bruce when he came to the back of the pit so VABOSSFAN held the sign up. In the intro you can hear Bruce say that he saw the sign but didn't get it.
  11. Here are two things I didn't think I would see this late in the season. The Boston Red Sox are tied for the worst record in the American League. The Pittsburgh Pirates are in 1st place in the NL Central.
  12. With his mom not doing well I don't see him doing Vegas for a year/6 months/whatever. If he does a residency I could see him doing it in NY, and maybe add in Philly & Bosston if the 3 arenas in NYC/NJ don't have the open dates. He could do 5-6 shows at MSG over a 2 week period, 3 in Bosston the next week, back for 5-6 shows in Brooklyn the next 2 weeks, back for 5-6 shows in NJ the next 2 weeks, back to MSG, then Philly, etc. All of those are close enough he could travel to them and home in a couple hours or less, if needed. Also, however many shows they have there will sell out. And if the entire run was announced before any of the shows went on sale people could plan on how many of their children they would need to sell to buy all the tickets they want. Also, could add in DC as a 3rd alternate city along with Philly & Bosston, but that may depend on who is in 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.
  13. Tough day to be a pitcher at Wrigley. The Cubbies Jon Lester pulls a hammie running the bases in the 2nd and is pulled after 2 batters in the top of the 3rd. The Pirates Jameson Taillon took a liner off the noggin in the 2nd and stayed in the game to finish the inning. This is the 2nd time he has been hit in the head by a liner, the other time was also in the 2nd inning. He might want to ask if he could start pitching in the 3rd inning.