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  1. Big Ben has signed a new contract with the Steelers that frees up over 15 million in cap space.
  2. The Pirates will have 15% capacity to start. I'm guessing the Phillies are the same.
  3. This week coming up has some of the most entertaining games since the small conferences are playing their conference tournaments where if they win they make the field of 64 and have the chance to play Gonzaga and they couldn't be happier. A lot of the schools most people wouldn't know where they are and the name, Belmont for example, doesn't give a clue to where the school is at like Ohio State, Michigan, Alabama do.
  4. #2 Michigan loses by 23 at home to #4 Illinois. Since the loss is to another top 5 team they may not drop too far in the rankings.
  5. The Penguins will have fans for the 20 home games they have left, PA has changed the guidelines on gatherings and is allowing 15% capacity so they can have 2800 fans in the building. The ruling also applies to the Flyers, unless the city of Philadelphia doesn't allow it.
  6. MLB has a new mercy rule, it allows a manager to end an inning after 20 pitches. The Red Sox stopped the Braves half of the first after 23 pitches and 1 out, the bases were loaded and 1 run was walked in. The pitcher had a 1-2-3 inning in the 2nd.
  7. Tar Heels lose by 2 on the road at Syracuse. It is hard to win when you only shoot 4-20 from 3. Since Syracuse plays home games in a dome I wonder if anybody put together a stat of what teams shoot from 3 for the year, and what they shoot at the Carrier Dome. I would be interested to see what the difference is with the difference in depth perception in a dome. Also, since there are no fans there I wonder what the temp is in there, can't be cheap to heat an empty dome.
  8. i thought it was an odd choice also. I wonder how much cap room and how many draft picks they have to bring in more players.
  9. JJ Watt signed a 2 year deal with the Arizona Cardinals.
  10. Patti may not have done a massive tour, but she has played live dates on her own. The fact that she hardly ever does live shows should make her fans that much more eager to buy a ticket to her shows. She has had 14 years to come up with a new album worth of songs. She has rarely been seen on recent tours so she should have had enough free time to write some songs.
  11. There wasn't another first time winner this week, but it was close. William Byron led the most laps and won the Dixie Vodka 400 for his 2nd career win. Tyler Reddick who doesn't have a win finished 2nd. So far this year each manufacturer has a win. They start the western swing next week in Las Vegas.
  12. It appears that VABOSSFAN isn't the only one that thought about the players wearing red and black on Sunday. I saw this article on a local news site. PGA Tour members will wear red and black Sunday to honor Tiger Woods
  13. Kansas beat Baylor so there is only 1 unbeaten team left.
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