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  1. One thing that I see is that now when I hover my mouse over the Go to topic listing and Next unread topic links is that they disappear. It is like that in Firefox and Edge. I'm guessing that this is the 1 thing that @CosmicKid let @CmonMrTrouble and @JudgeBrown be in charge of.
  2. Pretty sure that you could leave "technical stuff" out and still be accurate.
  3. I wouldn't mind seeing this reaction every week.
  4. OK, missing something here. To me an outtake form the 90s/00s means that the song was written in the 90s or 00s. There is no way a song written in the 00s could have been performed on the GOTJ tour which ended in 96.
  5. GOTJ came out in 1995, I doubt that there were any outtakes from the 2000's.
  6. The Tigers got shut out by the Brewers 19-0 but at least they came closer to winning than the Marlins did as they lost to the Braves 29-9. Of the 29 runs 2 were unearned so only 27 runs to count against the team ERA for the year, but with a 60 game season that is close to a half run a game. With Miami having not played several games due to a virus outbreak on the team it may be more than a half run. The 1st 3 pitchers for the Marlins all game up more runs than hits due to giving up a few walks each.
  7. Pretty sure I will like it with 1 caveat, that being that Patti isn't playing one of the guitars.
  8. Hmmm,...I wonder how many gifts she can get.
  9. Is there a list of how many fans each team will have? I know the Steelers have said no fans at the first few home games but didn't announce anything for the whole season yet.
  10. As a Pens fan it was nice to see the Flyers get eliminated. They were down 3 games to 1 and were able to force a game 7.
  11. March Madness if my favorite thing to watch, a game 7 of playoff hockey would be next on the list.
  12. #4 on the greatest list should be Jimmie. Kinda surprised that Dale Sr isn't #5 on your favorites list.
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