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  1. Arizona set the record last night with their 23rd road loss in a row. Baltimore picked a good time to lose 19 in a row on the road. It isn't a record, other than probably a club record, and isn't the longest current streak. Kind of takes you back to the Big Mac - Sosa home run duels where you would check in every day to see if one, or both, had hit a homer to set/extend the record.
  2. The Arizona Diamondbacks tied a MLB record, but it is one that you don't want. They now have lost 22 straight road games. The last road win? The 7 inning not a no-hitter that Mad Bum tossed on April 25th.
  3. @Turkued & @rachelharms would a burner phone solve the issue?
  4. So the Pirates played, and lost to, the stinkin' Dodgers this afternoon. I saw the score on ESPN was final/8. I thought it maybe was the first game of a double-header that went extra innings. Nope, it was supposed to be 9 innings, but there was a rain delay with 1 out in the top of the 8th before the game was called. So here are a couple things I don't get. The Dodgers scored a run in the top of the 8th before the game was called, and it is still in the box score. Since the inning wasn't completed shouldn't whatever happened in the 8th to that point be wiped out? One of the
  5. OK, since the tickets are on sale now and you can find out what the seats in in row & section cost how long before somebody adds them up to find out what the box office take is for each show.
  6. I got in, just wanted to check the ticket prices, and it looks like to be on the floor it is $500 and up. The last time I am pretty sure you could get the back of the floor for $300. So it is a bigger place and ticket prices went up.
  7. Has anybody got far enough to see the ticket prices?
  8. Horse ain't 'que. But they do make excellent glue.
  9. I don't know if the latest Pirates blunder is worse than the one against the Cubs a couple weeks ago, but it is pretty bad. The Pirates Ke'Bryan Hayes hit a homerun, but he didn't touch first base, the stinkin Dodgers challenged the call and he was called out. There is a video in the link. Pirates' Ke'Bryan Hayes Homered Against The Dodgers, But Was Called Out This cost them a run, and they lost by 2, so it didn't cost them the game.
  10. The $2500 must be the economy package. Clearly if you sprang for a good seat, good hotel, a couple decent meals, and some SOB swag you are well over $2500.
  11. I have a feeling that Ning would be correct.
  12. Working remotely How much dog walking does that include?
  13. Bruce is a scalper? I thought that the prices he was charging were outrageous.
  14. SOB when first scheduled was only a couple of months, then more shows were added, then some more. I don't see this run of SOB shows being only 10 weeks. I can see this lasting until Christmas, or maybe until spring.
  15. You have to have verification that you are fully vaccinated.
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