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  1. He should have been ordering directly from the restaurants and not using Grubhub so the $$ he is spending stays local. And why can't he have a no contact delivery from the restaurant?
  2. Glad to hear that even though you missed most of the game you didn't have any damage from the storms. Last Thursday there were 8 tornadoes in Western PA, and a couple more just across the border in Ohio. A couple were EF-0, 5 EF-1, and 1 that was an EF-2. I think damage was limited to trees down and a few roofs blown off, don't recall seeing any reports of injuries.
  3. Several players won't be appearing as an All State spokesman since they have dropped passes, missed interceptions, and mishandled snaps.
  4. Pretty fun 15 minutes to start the Colts-49ers game.
  5. What could be the game of the year is taking place tonight. The Indianapolis Colts fresh off a win at home against Houston, a game that was attended by our very own @Jimmy James travel out west to take on the San Francisco 49ers who are supported by Ning and our very own @JudgeBrown. Be sure to tune in at it is sure to be can't miss TV.
  6. You can party like it is 1999, the Braves beat the stinkin' Dodgers 4-2 in game 6 of the NLCS and are going to their first World Series since 1999.
  7. #7 Penn State was the highest ranked team to lose this week. They lost at home to Illinois in 9 OT, before this game the record for most the most OT was 7. #8 Oklahoma State lost on the road to Iowa State 24-21. #14 Coastal Carolina entered it's game Wednesday night at 6-0 but lost to a team that Judyg is familiar with, Appalachian State, 30-27. #16 Wake Forest gave up 56 points to Army, but still won because they scored 70. Army had the only punt in the game, Wake never punted. #23 Pitt beat Clemson at home 27-17 which is good but not as impressive as it would be most other years. #25 Purdue entered the poll for the 1st time in a while this week, and will be leaving it as they lost at home 30-13 to Wisconsin. Not much good news as Alabama, Ohio State, and Notre Dame all won.
  8. I saw another article about the storm. Heavy rains, high winds expected to pound California, Pacific Northwest It had this which struck me as funny, I don't associate tropical moisture with Alaska. Rainstorms brewing in the Gulf of Alaska will be responsible for the powerful atmospheric rivers -- strips of deep tropical moisture -- that could cause double-digit rainfall totals, The Washington Post reported. The storms could also bring up to four feet of snow in the Sierra Nevada, according to the newspaper.
  9. Colts - no T.Y. In this case T.Y. isn't short for thank you. Indianapolis Colts receiver T.Y. Hilton ruled out vs. San Francisco 49ers And so I won't be accused of only posting bad news for the Colts the same article says that Quenton Nelson was activated from IR.
  10. Did they build anything there? Could they practice at the site?
  11. Can the Niners do the walk-thru at Candlestick to prepare for the weather? There was something similar to that here a few winters ago. It was a fairly clear day but the radar was showing one band of snow a couple miles wide and not moving. At first they thought it was ground clutter, but it didn't go away. It ended up dumping a lot of snow, can't remember how much but I think at least 8 inches. People that lived a mile or two away got nothing. I had the pleasure of driving in it going home from work, at first just a few flurries, then a lot, then almost a whiteout, then it tapered off pretty quick, and then back to nothing in 2-3 miles. It ended up it was a pretty cold day and a nuclear power plant was releasing steam and the path that got hammered was downwind of the steam that went up and came back down as snow.
  12. Thank you Houston Astros for keeping the Boston Red Sox out of the World Series. I wish I was happy you are going, but I'm not.
  13. The bad news keeps coming for the Colts. Indianapolis Colts' Julian Blackmon out for season after tearing Achilles Blackmon is the 20th player for the Colts to be put on IR this year.
  14. I don't know what the rule is for moving somebody from the 53 man roster to the practice squad is but they may have been trying to put him there and he had to be put on waivers as part of the process, if so a risky move that bit them. I would think that if they didn't see he had a future with them that they would have tried to trade him before putting him on waivers. If they did that means that the other 31 teams thought the Colts were asking too much, or didn't want to give up anything for him.
  15. It appears that the Colts aren't, or weren't, as high on Jacob Eason as @Jimmy James Seattle Seahawks claim QB Jacob Eason off waivers with Russell Wilson still on IR
  16. Yes, the Seahawks did spike the ball to stop the clock with 1 second left. I am talking about when I think the Seahawks took their last time out, the clock was showing 16 seconds, when the next play, Metcalf fumble, started there were 18 seconds. If the 2 seconds aren't added there the Seahawks don't spike the ball in time. Former ref and current CBS Sports NFL rules analyst Gene Steratore says Tomlim has a valid point about the replay at the end of regulation. Former NFL Referee Responds To Mike Tomlin's Replay Criticism
  17. ESPN's Dick Vitale announces lymphoma diagnosis
  18. I saw an article on ESPN that had this about the tuck rule. With the Tuck Rule -- one that said any ball that left a quarterback's hand was a forward pass -- no longer in effect, once the ball starts coming back toward the quarterback's body, the passing motion is over, and it's therefore not a forward pass. Instead, it's a fumble. "I was told that even though the ball was going forward, my arm was going backwards," Roethlisberger said. "I had to ask Josh Dobbs, who's an aerospace engineer, how that works. He said it's not possible. I can't get fined for that because I'm just telling you what Dobbs said."
  19. The Steelers picked up the win, but typical of a Mike Tomlin coached team it was way closer than it needed to be. I don't know the tuck rule that well but it looked like Ben's fumble should/could have fell under that. I thought at the end of regulation that time got added to the clock, like it stopped at 16 but was at 18 when they lined up for the next play. If what I think I saw for the clock is right the Seahawks don't get to kick the field goal to tie. TJ Watt showed that he is worth the contract he signed just before the season, 7 tackles, 2 sacks, 3 tackles for loss, 2 QB hits, and the forced fumble in OT.
  20. While the NFC does have 4 teams that are 5-1 and Arizona at 6-0 none of the other teams in the Conference are above .500 and Detroit is 0-6. Preseason records don't mean much. Some teams try to win way more than others. Some teams want to work on getting some reps running the ball, or pass blocking, or seeing how a WR reads the D, while they want to see if a CB is good in man coverage, can a LB cover a TE, etc.
  21. OK, a couple quick facts for people jumping on the Colts bandwagon today. The best player ever for them was Johnny Unitas. He was born in Pittsburgh, was drafted and cut by the Steelers before playing for the Colts. The longest tenured coach for the Colts was Ted Marchibroda. He coached his 1st game for them in 1975 and the last in 1995. Fun fact - Ted Marchibroda was born in my home town of Franklin PA.
  22. There is a slight problem with me rooting for the pats to lose today. I didn't realize that they were playing the Cowboys. I think the best case scenario would be the game ends in a tie.
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