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  1. @Jimmy James doesn't need to start the weekend early to so he can watch the St Louis Cardinals today. They have had multiple positive test results so the game has been postponed.
  2. The Marlins' home opener against the Baltimore Orioles is off, as well as the Philadelphia Phillies' home game against the New York Yankees. Link to the ESPN article.
  3. St Louis Rams? Didn't move back to La until the 2016 season.
  4. In some states you have to register with what party you want to vote for in primary elections. If you are a D you only get to vote for the D candidates that you like, and same if you are an R.
  5. The Toronto Blue Jays won't be playing their home games in Pittsburgh, the idea was give the OK by the city of Pittsburgh and Allegheny County, but the state of PA said no.
  6. I'm guessing that "poopie head" is a new PC term.
  7. If you are gonna include the soccer team you should also include the hockey team. The one that still has Washington on the uniform.
  8. So you're worried about the Red Birds?
  9. Buster Posey will be sitting out the season for the San Francisco Giants. Pretty sure that @JudgeBrown won't like the news.
  10. Pick any time for a game, and I won't be watching.
  11. Bored, so reading this thread. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! If @AMIW doesn't get it he can ask Bushy.
  12. I meant pay a percentage of however many games are played, and the deferred money being for that number of games, not a full season.
  13. I think they should go with 70-100 games, whatever they can squeeze in if they agreed today. The players would play for 60%, maybe more, of their prorated salary with the rest deferred with interest. Players lose salary in the short term but eventually get paid. Owners lose less money this year when less is coming in, and pay later once fans are back and new TV deals kick in.
  14. Any chance that you are a NASCAR fan? They are back in Nashville next year, going to try to talk @VABOSSFAN into going if they allow fans.
  15. I was there, a cousin of mine was in the group that won the pit lottery. This was the show after @VABOSSFAN won the lottery in Charlotte. A member of our group had a sign for Back In Your Arms that was played by request. Fun night.
  16. For those that don't want to read all 5 pages. People were getting the vapors and their panties in a bunch about Bruce not making a statement. Bruce made a statement during his regularly scheduled stint on satellite radio. People are happy, no more vapors, panties no longer bunched up.
  17. I was there, elbows on, on C's side. I was there, along with @VABOSSFAN and a few former Lakers. We all had GA, I didn't get there and parked until about 7:45, and wasn't inside until about 8. I already knew that they had missed the pit so figured they would be back by the sound board. A couple are pretty easy to pick out of a crowd but I didn't see any of them. They saw me in the back of the floor, @VABOSSFAN called me and told me to look above Roy's piano. There were several rows of seats behind the stage that weren't sold, they were closer/better than being in the back of GA, so they went there. I found out what section they were in and was there in a couple minutes.
  18. One would think that with the $$ that he has available that he should be able to get something that lasts a little longer.
  19. I think it was at one of the shows at Soldiers and Sailors in Pittsburgh with Joe Grushecky where Bruce was telling a story about how he always has something to write with near the bed so if he has some lyrics pop into his head he can write them down. He says every time it happens that when he wakes up in the morning and looks at them they aren't any good, except this one time. That was his intro into Surprise Surprise.
  20. I really hope you mean the song in the thread title in your 2nd sentence and not the one in your 1st sentence.
  21. That isn't the first time Steve has made a comment that was tone deaf or out of touch. He made one after the Greensboro show was cancelled that was something along the line of you have to hit them where it hurts/in the pocketbook. I think he was trying to say politicians don't care unless it costs them revenue. But since he didn't say who a lot of fans that were out airfare, hotels, vacation days, etc were pissed. And these were fans who agreed with the stance Bruce was taking, but not with the timing of it, then Steve added his comment.
  22. Yes, I think it is still open, pretty sure the Islanders play part of their home games there and part in Barclays. He could also play Giants Stadium a few Saturdays in the summer. If he would get tired of playing the NYC area he could go to Philly which the travel time would be about the same. Within a couple hours are Boston & DC. If he would want to stick to smaller places he could do Convention Hall in Asbury Park or Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Hall in Pittsburgh which he has played at 6 time with Joe Grushecky and his band.
  23. There are 3 arenas in the NYC area, Madison Square Garden in Manhattan, Barclays Center in Brooklyn, and the Prudential Center in Newark. I think between the 3 that he could find 8-12 open dates a month to play if he wanted to.
  24. Some of us post in jest. No sense of humour, eh?