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  1. I just thought of this...you know how a lot of people get involve in music at Church, not sure so much about Catholic Church, but there was a lot of church time for Bruce you'd think there had to be one around in one of the buildings so maybe or grammar school, but again no recall of reading that....
  2. yes!! Exactly, I just read this after I posted about grandparents house...
  3. Thank you ! Now where getting somewhere...very young age...I thinking about him hanging out with his grandfather and collecting junk radios, living with his dad's parents I wonder if that house had a piano or organ there, can imagine it...wasn't that the house with the TV and Elvis on Ed Sullivan...
  4. Thank you very much ! I'm thinking a lesson or two from Danny r.i.p. and David for sure along the way and then of course The Professor must of made him practice his scales.
  5. I know grammar sucks...So seriously, I wonder STILL after 46 years of listening reading about Bruce, How,Why and when etc. was the development of his playing learning, buying a PIANO, Where are the stories history of in the many books magazines, interviews, Bruce talking on stage whatever There in No mention of the piano...??? There's lots about the guitar/s lessons uncle Mother buying him one etc But nothing about the piano..I still remember first time he played THE Promise at Staples, I was shocked, on piano, like WoW that's great when did that start. I know I may sound ridiculous but I'm really curious why this information is missing, I'm curious when he started learning how old etc If anyone has information I'd really appreciate it...when was the first show he played it, I find it strange and fascinating, I haven't read all the books maybe it's mention in one....Be Safe!!!!!
  6. How sad everything is and Now This I was asked to do it?? So he's doing someone a favor? I think you'll get a ticket outside for $20 dollars so many people will be stuck with tickets. With the winter around the corner and the government bragging 60% vaccinated with at least ??? THE FIRST injection, all variants present in the USA right now. Are you Fn serious? Mansions of Glory? in Suicide
  7. boy he'd be sweating now big time if you know who was still in the White House being a Federal court and all....
  8. Maybe Police outraged he did this commercial so practically immediately after they released public “records” Who knows what they found so objectionable to the commercial. Maybe drinking a shot at sunset. Pretty freakin, what’s the word?? Self destructive Omnipotent adolescent. It can’t be stupid. His intelligence appears fine. It’s his Mind that worries him and us Bruuuuuce!!! Eat something don’t get hungry, rest and stay alive We all want the best for you
  9. I must point out No it was not you who made their Happy life unhappy life as you said they also had before you were born. I seriously doubt all happy and fine before you came along. My point is people have babies that should not because they didn’t have parents and don’t know how to be one . Don’t understand the enormous responsibility it is. So if they weren’t parented how do they parent. It’s very difficult. People will have babies for so many wrong reasons. Pressure. And a child will always blame themselves For poor care because in order to survive they need a mother n father no matter what the love or more important lack of love is . I think it was wise and mature of you to not have children. You felt it and you listened. I wish you would of been given what you deserved as a baby so you could of given it to a baby. without even knowing you you sound very nice. Best Wishes
  10. Wrong. He was abandoned by his Mother at a very early developmental time in his life and left at his father’s parents house for them to “watch him” because she needed to make a living working at the law firm in town. Because his schizophrenic father was self treating himself with alcohol and unable to make a consistent living. Not a picked up at end of work day situation which even that still leaves a child feeling abandoned but worse. She loved music and song and performance. Get it now. I’ll perform for you so love me and don’t leave me. All unconscious that we all have to deal with. Our beginning and how our childhood effects us as adults now, unconsciously. Don’t think those early life experiences ever get erased. Peace
  11. He never walks straight he has old motorcycle ! injury to leg. Great to bring attention discussion to the problem of driving under the influence of anything including Lucky Town album era and himself. Patron tequila his favorite ,well documented, but an empty bottle! ? Half pint ? he’s legally smart enough to not agree to breathing test in field does he know the technique to blow a low score at police station. Hyperventilate prior is one way. Psychiatric medication And 2 shots ? He’s always spaced wind gust and riding bike = glassy eyes , Momma...don’t look into sun, at sunset he really had only 2 doubles ? what else can one do not starting your World Tour also knowing he’ll never play the Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena even in 2024 almost as good as Setvision Be safe Be Adults Love one another
  12. Bruce Springsteen has said many times he has a problem had a problem would never have such a problem And no longer has a problem drinking too much alcohol. His words. Public records ,verifiable...he’s glorified romanticized diminished So why the shock that the problem of alcoholism would put him behind the wheel? His depression is real too. Alcohol Is a depressant makes you more depressed. He is struggling more now like the rest of us. We all have our demons. We all come from the beginning when we were babies. Not an easy time. We carry those experiences for the rest of our lives. As Bruce would say ,take care of yourselves stay alive...
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