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  1. Did you sit in D12 last night? Or seat 13. Please let me know. I let you walk away. oh yeah...the musicianship is amazing. If you’re a student of music this is exceptional movie to view. It’s very similar to winning the lottery at concert and being front row center at eye level. The cinematography and editing is award winning.
  2. Cool sunglasses. Looks like you’re playing drums. Giving Max a short break?
  3. Maybe you can buy admission to a Tribute band concert tonight
  4. I remember paying $100 in the parking lot soon before the show started. Back then it was a lot of money but I remember thinking I got the deal of my life. Opening night!!! I was living in the dorms at Hunter College on first Ave and 25th . AMAZING Show...I never went back for another show but radio coverage was great and I’d hear all the highlights after the show. I kept thinking I’ll go next show and next show. Did see the Sports Arena show in LA...Wow time flies. I’m counting down the months now. Stay Hungry Stay Alive. Best wishes All
  5. Wow!!!! I’ve listened to only a few songs. What a pleasure to hear him sing. Thanks for sharing his name here...
  6. Absolutely brilliant to have this article and to share it with us. Thanks so very much. Great story and thanks to kiwiprofessor!!!