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  1. Maybe he’s playing at the Country Club? Off to the side. So he doesn’t disturb the rich folks.
  2. Bruce is so very very happy to be with Garry he is smiling almost the entire song and so is Garry, truly a special moment. Thanks for posting it.
  3. The earliest pics of Bruce has Garry next to him well before other members of the E Street Band. Was he playing with Bruce before Danny rip and Vinny ? They’re Blood Brothers for sure.
  4. 10/01/2003 Shea Stadium opening night song 16. American Skin (41 Shots) NYPD Not happy. I was there. Amazing! R.I.P. Amadou
  5. Money money money money Money... For that Lean, mean, mean green All mighty dollar, money The O’Jays
  6. Is that why most souvenirs sold don’t mention The E Street Band? Just B.S.
  7. Probably. Did Patti even need to be announced officially as ESB member after all she’s his wife. Legal reasons? Just wondering
  8. Finally Both Weinbergs on drums, a two drummers band and percussionist like The Allman Brothers Band
  9. added musicians to ESB ? How many and who? Who’s in your top three ?
  10. Do you recall him saying that this is stuff he recorded recently. In the last 2,3,4 years ? Or this is stuff that came out of the woad work he did. I don’t recall him saying the woad work was inspired by Glen or Burt or that time period that inspired these songs 7 approximately years ago. No mention of outtakes . Don’t think outtakes sell well. Yes still wonderful to hear new songs he and Jon decided to sell. The imagery and music and lyrics are Magic