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  1. Let's break this down further. Euroland population = 739mil Sth America population = 387mil Aussieland population = 25mil Therefore. ... shows per capita. Euroland 22.4mil capita per show. Sth America 96.7mil capita per show. Aussieland 2.2mil capita per show. Moral of the story? They don't call it Bosstralia for nothing
  2. And there you have it.... IT'S OFFICIAL !!! http://brucespringsteen.net/news/2013/march-2014-dates-added-in-australianew-Zealand
  3. I just cant wait for 3 straight nights in my hometown of Melbourne, and then a 40min drive down the highway to catch another 2 shows at Hanging Rock !!! WOOOT !
  4. And for those who dont rate 'High Hopes'.... please DONT WATCH THE FOLLOWING !!!
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