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  1. I see Bruce' official website has not yet corrected this mistake.
  2. From Small Things-The Hague

    Still to this date my fave version of Johnny 99 is the one from Mohegan Sun #2, following Murder inc. that night, and for the sole reason of the brilliant spoken intro from my big pal who I had the pleasure of sharing that show with: here comes another song about a serial killer and I friggin' LOVE IT! Stand up and take a bow sir! Edit: WAY off topic, sorry!
  3. AMIW appreciation thread

    He always makes fun of me whenever given the oppurtunity!
  4. Outtakes You're Still Waiting For

    Really??? Could've sworn it was you who first made me aware of this....
  5. Outtakes You're Still Waiting For

    Chevy Deluxe. Should've been included in the River boxset.
  6. The Mohegan Sun one I went to, is the one up in Connecticut, a part of the gigantic casino up there, not to be confused with the arena in Pennsylvania with the same name. Or at least the two arenas shared the same name two years ago, now god only knows ....
  7. Adele playing the same arena that Bruce sold out a few months ago that keep changing name as often as I change my socks? Looks like Bruce/Landau have over-saturated the i-95 market again, and by the time they're done there in mid september it'll be too late (and cold!) to do another victory lap up and down 'E6' (the new i-95) up here in Scandinavia, unless they're playing indoor, but of course that won't happend.
  8. About two of River outtakes...

    Agree about Mr.Outside. Maybe I'd like it more if it was a fullband version like the rest of the songs? But then again, being solo acoustic, it's also a good song to end the new outtakes with, and seperate them from the old ones.
  9. Oz/NZ tour Jan Feb 2017

    While I very much enjoyed the two U2 i&e Tour shows I saw last year, I would not want Bruce to go down that road. Two very different live acts. And I'd like Bruce to stick with his very simple but effective recipe for his concerts, as oposed to U2's very designed shows. Of course that does not mean I would not rather see Bruce play indoor arenas only, but considering supply and demand, tickets will be harder AND more expensive if Bruce were to tour indoors only, from this point and onwards. If given the choice, I'd take arenas over stadium of course, but if we're given another stadium run again, whenever that might be, I'm very much fine with stadiums too. Had many memoreable nights in many stadiums around Europe.
  10. The Charlie Giordano Appreciation Society.

    A man who undoubtedly had big shoes to fill in 2007 and had to step in on very short notice to keep the mighty E Street Band going. I remember one moment in Oslo the next summer (2008) when Bruce took a sign for 'a song they had not played for years' according to Bruce, and I immediately thought 'well here we go Charlie'. Nils, Stevie, and Garry all looked a bit uncomfortable as they had a quick 'band meeting' to figure out how to play 'Cover Me'. But it was really interesting to watch Charlie. It looked to me like he looked the song up in his 'notebook'(?) and during the intro not only did he play his part, but also 'fingered the chords' to the other band members. I guess this made sence as he was probably allready used to playing songs he really didn't know 'on the fly' almost very night, while it made some of the more experienced band members a bit more uncomfortable. They had to stop and restart 'Frankie' in Horsens, Denmark, this tour, because either Charlie or Roy started in the wrong key. Anyone know who of the two that was? Interestingly enough, Danny f¤%&ed up the same song at Fenway back on the Rising tour by starting to play Independence Day...
  11. Full band version of This hard land

    Reminds me of a lovely sunday afternoon\evening in Gothenburg this summer with Dr.Zoom. We were sitting in a cafe in Gothenburg talking about yeasterdays show. The people on the table next to us joined in and asked 'are you going tomorrow as well', whereas we replied 'yes we are' and got the same response back. Quite oposite to here in Norway where people would normally give you a weird look if you were going to see the same artist twice within three days. Good times.
  12. Fav moments of River 2 tour you've experienced

    - Seeing The River in MSG and meeting all my great I-95 friends again, and the 'get over it'-party and gang from sunday night in NYC. - Tour opener in Barcelona, w/I Wanna Be With You and Purple Rain as personal highlights, and of course the outstanding catalan audience. - Catching up with some very dear friends in Berlin, some kind-of anniversary, haha. - ULLEVI, Gothenburg. Those of you who've seen Bruce & ESB here know what I mean. - Front row for two (almost)hometown shows in Oslo. - Loose Ends in Trondheim, the best live version I've seen of this song. - Meeting Little Steven (again) the night before the second show in Oslo. - Seeing the first full River album performance outdoors at the magical Ullevi and again a few days later from front row in Oslo. - And a great tour closer wi/None But the Brave in Zürich in great company.
  13. Let it rain, we're gonna have a party

    Of course, as you know better than anyone here, NO complaints from me either re Roll... at Mohegan #2. I was just over the moon happy to finally hear it live. But now afterwards, I liked hearing Roy better last sunday. When you've heard two live versions of a great but rare song, I guess its more a case of comparing notes(?) rather than appreciating how lucky (ehm spoiled?) we actually are...
  14. Let's debate "signs" and "audibles"

    I'm pretty sure None But the Brave was not rehearsed before sundays show, and perfect examples of songs being played but not rehearsed has allready been mentioned earlier in this thread, 'Living Proof' from that one show late in the tour in 2009, and 'Ain't Good Enough For You' in Oslo in 2013. Neither song was on the setlist for the shows they were played at, nor rehearsed before. The same can be said for 'Sweet Soul Music' and 'Can't Help Falling In Love' at THE River show in MSG in '09. Everyone lucky enough to be there that night will remember the 'Sweet Soul Music rehearsal', haha. But our shark makes a very valid point, no way Bruce will ever pick a random P.F. song to see if the band can play it on the fly. A perfect example is 'London Calling' from the first Philly stand in 2009. Bruce watched a sign for the song at the first show, rehearsed it for the second show (the day after), then took the sign and played it. My impression is that he's been even more careful with obscure signs this tour than in recent years (2009, '12, '13 and '14). He's been taking qute a few signs lately that has been just playing it safe, like 'Atlantic City' in Zürich this sunday, and the only sign request at the second show in Oslo, 'Wrecking Ball'... Quite different to for example 'Don't Look Back' in Mohegan Sun in 2014 when Tom Morello (of all people on stage) had to come up with the missing chord before they could play it. As for 'audible VS. sign request, and the old bad habit of answering a question with another question: Paris #2 2012: Bruce sees a group of people in the stands, holding up one letter each spelling 'Downbund Train'. He points to it, instructs Stevie they're playing it, Stevie has to inform the band, and eventually of they go with 'Downbound Train'. I've seen the printed setlist, and 'Downbound Train' was NOT on it. Sign request or audible?
  15. Haven't been able to get over just how good this is since last sunday: