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  1. 01:00AM and I’m the only person still up, and right now its ‘Gonne Get That Feeling’ from Leeds on the TV. Great performance!
  2. You know me and my soft spot for Loose Ends, any show w/Loose Ends is a good show
  3. Love this archive release, great setlist overall, but that E Street version of Devils And Dust alone makes it worthy of a release!
  4. Cool! Maybe some day we can actually take another picture together again!
  5. Thank you! He was looking long and hard at my sign for Local Hero in Cardiff the night before. So glad your sign finally got it played. And yes I remember reading about it being rehearsed at two german shows a couple of weeks earlier. I think he even had the lyrics for it available on paper next to the setlist at Wembley which was pretty early in the tour in comparison, so it was obvously a song he wanted to try.
  6. I’m pretty sure Long Time Comin’ was even rehearsed at the ‘mother of all echo shows’ at Wembley a few days before Coventry...(?) As for the teleprompter, I wonder where they pull the lyrics from to put in there. I’ve toyed with the idea of a sign for ‘Wrong Side of the Street’, and I noticed that bs dot net actually has the wrong lyrics for that particular song. If that’s the source for the lyrics to his own songs this could possibly be interesting should he ever decide to try to play it.
  7. Except for when snow messes with my plans, and I get my balls broken over it in the bar
  8. Hey, I was in the New Yorker that weekend as well. Would've loved to have a post-show beer talking about that magnificent show!
  9. WOW! Due to the reported technical problems with the recording of this show I had totally given up on ever seeing this show released. My first show on US soil, and what a show it was. Prior to this show I'm pretty sure Rosie was the only song I'd seen live from WIESS, so SO happy to see this album played from start to finish. And I could eventually forgive Jay Weinberg for not knowing The E Street Shuffle when Bruce wanted to play it in Stockholm earlier that year. Loved opening the WIESS show with Thundercrack, and even throwing in 'Bus Stop' later in the set to add the '73-ish feeling of the night. Also, I think this is the only show I've had the pleasure of seeing Human Touch played live. And thank god its 'only The Rising and Lonesome Day' they had some thouble with, haha. Can't wait to find a good occaision to listen to this one and relive the memories of this beautiful show and the adventure that it was to travel to NYC for the two MSG shows some misty years ago.
  10. Not the real deal as in an 'extended' Detroit Medley, but remember seeing it in Barcelona as the Magic Tour came to its conclusion over here in Europe 'some misty years' ago. That was some encore: Thunder Road The Detroir Medley Born To Run Rosalita (Come Out Tonight) Bobby Jean American Land Twist And Shout Also got The Detroit Medley again the next year in Stockholm, this time as the penultimate song, still not the 'extended real deal', but with a little 'Land of 1000 Dances' in there for good measure.
  11. Can’t believe its been 11 years allready. My first trip to the US of A., two of the greatest shows I’ve seen, and certainly one of the best weekends of my life. Let’s hope we get to do it all again, some day!
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