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  1. Great song, wonder why he never had a go at this one with the E Street Band.
  2. Point Blank, MSG, 2016-01-27 Just love how well performed this song was that night!
  3. Oh I remember all the great songs I first discovered with Live 75-85 way back when.
  4. Apperantly the Beacon Theatre show will be filmed for a future DVD release.
  5. To this date not released in any official capacity, but Paris #2 2012 has to be my favourite version.
  6. I see five others from this list that all could/sould've been on my list. Why were we only allowed to pick five....?
  7. The Ghost of Tom Joad -solo acoustic (the way its meant to be played) Kitty's Back Does This Bus Stop At 82nd Street Lucky Town Local Hero