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  1. I see five others from this list that all could/sould've been on my list. Why were we only allowed to pick five....?
  2. The Ghost of Tom Joad -solo acoustic (the way its meant to be played) Kitty's Back Does This Bus Stop At 82nd Street Lucky Town Local Hero
  3. Great review Cecilia. Alot of it sounds somewhat familiar, good job putting 'the experience into words'! Oh and continue to enjoy NYC. Happy for you back here in good old Scandinavia!
  4. Got an e-mail that i would get codes today, but NO code yet, happend to anyone else?
  5. Excited to see that he's planning on coming back next summer, but also sad for the fans in Padua and Rome who had tics to the shows there. Saw Stevie in Oslo this monday, a great GREAT show that exceeded my expectations by far. The show felt a little like a travel trough the history of rock 'n roll with Stevie visiting almost all genres, and telling some great stories about the music and its origins. The whole show (clocking in at 2 hours and 40 minutes) felt like one big highlight, but here's one for you, a very nice tribute to the late Malcolm Young! And a few photos:
  6. There it is. I know I have that one somewhere too. Looking at, I'd say we were better of with what we actually got.
  7. Had a great time indeed! And we didn’t miss each other by just one night, it was two...
  8. The «sing along part» was not perfect, but it didn’t really ruin that much anyway -at least not for me. And luckily Max was «hands on» (literally) to get it back on track.