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  1. No confirmation obviously, but spotted Charlie a couple of times in the video. Btw. has Davey ever worked with Bruce in studio again in the modern era of the E St. Band? Would seem like a very Un-Bruce thing to do to all the sudden bring him back now?
  2. Wow, how great isn't this! 2020 just got alot better. Great song, great production, and most of all great to see them back together again doing what they're meant to do. For me this is just as good a first single as Radio Nowhere were when it came out as the first single from Magic 'some misty years ago'. Loud drums, lots of guitars, beautiful piano, so good to hear and see the E Street Band back together again. Love the way its recorded live in the studio. I hear some of Land of Hope and Dreams and Lucky Town in there, neither of which is a bad thing. Very excited to he
  3. Listening to Tracks and The Promise, makes you realise just how careful Bruce must've been at the time to get Darkness... 'right'. Very few of the outtakes from the era would have added much or improved the record at all if they were to replace one of the ten tracks that eventually ended up on the album. Maybe The Promise, but I even struggle to see where that could fit in on the record, or what song it should've replaced, and the fullband version isn't that great IMO. Love love love the solo piano version though.
  4. Love Love LOVE The Magic album. I remember hearing Radio Nowhere on the radio and being blown away by how great it was/sounded at the time. I had only seen Bruce and the mighty E St Band on The Rising Tour in 2003 and in 2007 I had slowly started to come to terms with the fact that D&D/Sessions could be the way forward from now, and BANG(!) out came the fantastic album that is Magic with the E Street Band firing on all cylinders again. Good times indeed.
  5. I’d miss Nils every minute of every show I’d attend, but its still the greatest live band around, IMO. Would people rather prefer just Bruce and Stevie on guitars over Tom Morello filling in? Stevie was amazing on The River tour four years ago as oposed to 2012-14 when he often just dissappeared in the background. I always assumed that had to to with the big band Bruce toured with those three years, but maybe it was just the fact that it was more River/Stevie songs four years ago?
  6. This is probably right, still gotta feel for Nils if he’d had to let Neil down.
  7. Right now, an arena tour late next year is probably the best we could hope for, but yes, most likely 2022...
  8. I really hope your right about the vaccine. Not sure if Nils is really an official member of Crazy Horse, I think the Neil Young tour was supposed to be with an expanded version Crazy Horse...
  9. Tom Morello would be better suited to fill in for Nils than Stevie I guess, considering their respective roles in the band, with Stevies role as Bruce’ sideman being more important than his guitar contribution, while the oposite is the case for Nils.
  10. Is the Neil Young & Crazy Horse tour rescheduled for next year? What's Nils going to do if Neil needs him for that tour and Bruce decides to tour with the ESB at the same time? Unf. I'm afraid summer of 2021 is still to early anyway, but this could prove to be a headache for quite a few musicians as well...
  11. Agree! After this year, I'd be very happy with a WOAD pt.2, as long as it gets the man out on the road, whenever circumstances permits...
  12. Here's hoping! This ties in well with all the Ron Aniello Instagram posts and stories earlier this year, with instruments, studio work, etc, all with a Colts Neck, NJ geotags.
  13. Agree aobut Paradise. The live version from the 07-30-02 Rehearsal is just fantastic and if memory serves there's a pretty decent recording of it too!
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