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    1st time I heard LITF.
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    mary don't care so why should I?
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    not as much as before

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  1. I understand. I have to get to know folks. I haven't been around for a long time. Peace.
  2. I haven't been around for a long time and have to get to know peeps. Thank you all for you confidences. Peace.
  3. Hey Gorilla, can I ask what's funny about my wife and I losing a family pet to an unknown disease? He collapsed and died.
  4. I've been blocked and blocked many over the last few years on FB. Lol.
  5. This was simply my definition of someone who is not a conservitive. I believe most folks are neutral on most questions. It's the 30% 30% 40% thing. And yes he could be funny at times.
  6. As in not a radical, prgressive or liberal.
  7. As in not a radical, prgressive or liberal.
  8. I had no respect at all for those two but I didn't put them on ignore. The problem with Joe for me was that he just kept pushing and pushing. He was far from the most conservitive cat on the Lake. I just got tired of dealing with him. I hope that's ok. Lol.
  9. Does it say anything that of all the debates with conservitives I had in the FC I put one person on ignore? Come on BBB, you remember what went on.
  10. K and I had SIFB played when we celebrated our 25th year revows. Well be celebrating our 41st in November. Maybe it works. Lol.