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  1. I think you’re right. Samples and the kitchen sink ahoy .
  2. Thanks! That’s really kind of you. You never know, if Bruce pulls his finger out and drops some new (or new old) material then I’ll be tempted to start up again in some fashion .
  3. To each their own but I can't understand why anyone wouldn't love the Sessions Band stuff. Bruce was on fire and sounded and looked invigorated. I was at this show and it blew me away. I was also at Wembley the following night and it was even better I recall! I'll be getting this one .
  4. Great idea. Really enjoyed listening to that!
  5. Final run of the Daily Bruce Run included My Love will not Let you Down and Thundercrack!
  6. Thanks for the fact check! You’re right and I did actually know that, so I must have had a senior moment (again) . It was my first listen, though, so I think that’s what I meant.