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  1. When you're Alone, TOL. Not heard this one for a while. Love this whole album, synths and all.
  2. Rave On (MUSE '79). Has there ever been a faster version of this song??
  3. If that doesn't do it then I'll hit YouTube and hit them with Qto3.
  4. I just get them to watch the Rosalita clip and the BTR video from the Anthology.
  5. Merry Christmas fellow lakers. Hope you had a good time wherever in the world you live . It’s all about love, family and friendship in my sentimental heart. Stay safe and well. Let’s try make 2020 the start of a kinder decade. Sorry, beer talking!
  6. Boom. And suddenly 2019 goes down as a great year . Take my money.
  7. If only. Let's keep the faith - it has to be released at some point.
  8. TBF, Richard Thompson has never confirmed that it was about Sting - he says people came to that conclusion. But he also says it is about someone real. So either there are two Stings out there (shudder) or...