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  1. The Power of Prayer, Dream Baby Dream, Sherry Darling and more. Details in my blog, if interested.
  2. The Time that Never Was, Song for Orphans and more. Check my blog for details if interested.
  3. Western Stars, Soul Driver, The Promised Land and more besides .
  4. Today’s blog. I listened to Iceman, Point Blank and, er, Gloria’s Eyes amongst others.
  5. Want to hear my electro pop version of Hitch Hikin’? Here ‘tis. It’s just what 2020 needed. No need to thank me .
  6. My latest running blog. I heard some great stuff this morning including Be True live and Thunder Road.
  7. Here’s the next instalment. Features NYCS and Into the Fire.
  8. Listened to Hello Sunshine and House of a Thousand Guitars on today’s run. Plus these.
  9. Next blog instalment. Features Candy’s Room and Bobby Jean amongst others...
  10. Today I listened to The Wayfarer on my morning. Feel free to Click here for the full playlist.
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