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  1. The Toecutter makes a return in Fury Road (which honestly may be the best of the bunch).
  2. And I will agree and qualify those thoughts by saying look for films beyond the mainstream. The most absolutely frightening film experience of my entire life was seeing Ridley Scott's Alien in theater during it's original release. Not much gore beyond the chestburster scene, and not many jump scares - just an overwhelming sense of "these people are FUCKED, they know it, and it won't be pleasant". I feel the same way about Carpenter's The Thing, especially since it has a downbeat/unresolved ending.
  3. Now we are just getting into "name every debut album by artists you like" territory. And that's not a dig at anyone, just an observation.
  4. The only film he directed that was worth a shart was Falling Down. The rest are pretty much rotten offal.
  5. I stand by my theorem. Kids - especially teenagers - are stupid.
  6. This goes a long way towards proving my hypothesis that kids are just fucking stupid no matter the decade they live.
  7. Flea


    I like this list!
  8. This was always my fave from them.
  9. Patterson Hood & Mike Cooley in my buddy Jeff's backyard Springsteen's second Fenway Park show during The Rising tour Talking Heads , Speaking In Tongues tour Jimmy Buffett acoustic. In a Baptist church. Before he bought into the whole Parrothead schtick. DBT Athens Homecoming run February 2020, before things actually DID unravel. I don't think I've ever seen such symbiotic energy between an artist and a crowd sustained over 3 nights like this one.
  10. What's this "we" shit? Speak for yourself!