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  1. I like this thread. It's a good thread, and worthy.
  2. So you don't have an elephant's memory?
  3. I am and always have been a big King fan. That being said - sometimes he gets lazy and derivative. And he DEFINITELY has trouble ending many of his recent novels (by recent, I mean within the past 20 years) without bringing in a Deus Ex Machina.
  4. DBTs Neil Young Bruce Beyond that is window dressing, but King Crimson is knocking on the door
  5. No Zevon, no legitimacy. Fuck Jann Wenner.
  6. If they could get Peter Gabriel back for a show consisting of The Lamb Lie Down On Broadway album with Supper's Ready as an encore, I would travel and pay big bucks for this. Otherwise, could not be bothered.
  7. "Indiana Jones and The Bed Pan of Doom"
  8. This won't make sense for a few seasons, but imagine this line as if Bruce were singing it in Murder, Inc Ralphie's got a cheese grater he keeps beneath his pillow
  9. Band Of Brothers I've never watched it. Shame on me.
  10. Gene Simmons assholishness has absolutely nothing to do with his political bent.
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