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  1. This won't make sense for a few seasons, but imagine this line as if Bruce were singing it in Murder, Inc Ralphie's got a cheese grater he keeps beneath his pillow
  2. Band Of Brothers I've never watched it. Shame on me.
  3. Gene Simmons assholishness has absolutely nothing to do with his political bent.
  4. That very much has a vibe like the Batman Arkham video game series. Color me intrigued, though not sold.
  5. Definitely a Top 10 so far of 2020. Produced by Patterson Hood, backed by the DBTs (and Jason Isbell on 1 song). This is the real deal!
  6. My bad, I thought you were saying Chop Top was in the original. And there are not too many films that wouldn't profit from some Bill Moseley.
  7. As good as this album is, imagine how much better it would be with Bon Scott on vocals.
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