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  1. Ban "Baby It's Cold Outside", that's some rapey offensive shit.
  2. Good question. I don't recall it so much, but I have not listened to her !0,000 Maniacs work in some time (or her solo work at all).
  3. I never before realized how much she warbles as she sings.
  4. I bet a large amount of $$$ that he did not offer Jesus Juice to them.
  5. No Agent Smith? Pass. Seems like another shameless Hollywood money-grab.
  6. Open Up The Gates: The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame May Not Deserve Him, But Let Warren Zevon In
  7. That may be the official excuse, but let's be realistic. Take a peek at those who have been inducted, and convince me that Zevon has the lowest sales of any performer on the list. Based on Werewolves as a single, and the posthumous sales of The Wind, I just can't believe that. It's Wenner's never-ending hard-on to keep accolades from Zevon that is still preventing his inclusion.
  8. Jann Wenner will rot in Hell with a huge load of Satan's fiery cock-lava up his pooper for this omission.
  9. Ho Lee Ho Fook! Does not even seem possible.
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