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  1. I think black Cowboys is one of the best pieces of writing I have ever heard in a song. Gets me every time especially on headphones late at night. It is concise and to me a perfect. One of my absolute favourite Bruce songs. In fact to me it is the culmination of his many years honing his song writing craft.

    La 2 sounds great to me really good performance good crowd and good mix
  3. "London Appalling"?

    For me Coventry was good sound didn't go to Wembley though. Bad sound seems to be an eternal Problem. I just don't understand why they can't sort it out. When I saw Bruce in Hyde Park in 2009 Dave Matthews band sounded fantastic then Bruce came on and the sound was average but okay but nowhere near as good as Dave Matthews, so I just really don't know why this is. In 2012 The sound at Hyde Park was atrocious but the next day for Paul Simon was really good so it must be his sound team. Also the sound of the boots that were being released recently by nugs was poor until they changed the mixing team. This does prove that they listen and if enough noise is made pardon the pun but hopefully they will do something about it. Bruce just need to hire Dave Matthews band sound team or Roger waters sound team for that matter. And someone mentioned does a static set list make it easier for better sound well Dave Matthews band mix the set list up and their engineers cope with it so it can't be that I just hope John Landau management are looking into this issue as it is an important one.

    I thought maybe Glastonbury but that would be no good for me! I hope for Leeds or Manchester!
  5. I thought he had absolute control? But i dont understand the legalities so may be wrong
  6. I dont know if you counted the three acoustic songs on an amnesty dvd from paris not sure what year though? Also what about webcasts? I have been looking for the rock on rio one
  7. Season's Greetings from the Lake

    Merry Christmas to you all
  8. Thanks for the answers on the itunes audio quality so the best thing is the physical dvd or blu ray rip. This begs another question on the rome download did they use the better quality mix for incident (or serenade i cant remember which one) they put out as a video? Merry christmas by the way
  9. I ended up getting an external blu ray writer when the darkness box came out as my mac's dvd broke problem is i still dont know how to work it properly
  10. Does anyone know if I download the box set from iTunes will the Tempe video have the same quality audio as the dvd or the bluray? Or will it be compressed for iTunes?
  11. I didn't hear any noticeable gaps with the alac files but I was drunk last night
  12. sorry its ok i had an issue with safari browser
  13. the download link seems to be down at moment
  14. Cheers Kev I'll take a break from Dave Matthews and download this!
  15. Credit Card Entry

    Ive never had to do more than either say the name of the booking or show the card quickly. Other than that a letter from your son saying it was bought for you by him that is signed and a photocopy of the card should be ok I would have thought