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  1. Mine was exactly the same, and UDiscover straight up told me to go screw myself when I asked about it. It legitimately took over 3 weeks for their Customer Service to respond to me each time I reached out to them too. We're lucky though, there are people whose sets showed up with no discs at all and they were told there was nothing UDiscover would do about it either, and others that Customer Service never responded to at all. I will NEVER EVER order anything from them ever again after the treatment they gave me and apparently gave others, and I'd STRONGLY encourage anyone else not to order anything from them either.
  2. Yeah, it's pretty common knowledge now that it was done with two spliced takes. That's been the story in all the recent bios published in the past 10 or 15 years, and Botnick talks about it in the Classic Albums documentary. I'm pretty sure they mention it in the "When You're Strange" doc as well. They actually recorded one take the day before as well, on September 15, 1966 - so there are at least 3 total takes. Some of the studio session documentation is finally starting to come out, so we have a bit of a better idea of what was recorded when. It makes it more complicated because the Doors camp (at least in the past 15+ years) is famous for fudging (read - lying about) when things were recorded and how, especially when it comes to outtakes. A good example is the "rough mixes" that were issued on the Waiting For The Sun 50th - those were confirmed to have actually been created in the 90s, not in 1968 as Botnick claims. Also, half of the bonus tracks on both the 40th and 50th anniversary editions of Morrison Hotel were recorded during The Soft Parade sessions, but they just don't include the recording dates and lump them onto MH. Moreso, some of the recording dates listed on the Soft Parade 50th bonus tracks are completely wrong (made up) as well.
  3. LOVE this reference, but "The End" was recorded in two live takes on September 16, 1966 that were spliced together right before "the killer awoke before dawn" segment; the splice is right on the slightly off-key note by Ray.
  4. Could someone please re-up this for me? Thanks so much!!
  5. Hi can anyone provide me with a download link for the BITUSA Outtakes compilation called "June 4, 1984: An Alternative Companion" described here: https://www.spl-messages.net/topic/to-jl-june-4-1984-an-alternative-companion-born-in-the-usa-outtakes-alternate-takes-and-rough-mixes-jems-archive-fresh-tape-transfers-of-upgrades-and-new-sources Thanks!!!!!
  6. Not yet no, all the streaming services appear to still be the old masters of the Vol. 2 albums.
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