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  1. Thanks, it was an honor. Your update of the funeral is much appreciated. {{{hugs}}}
  2. It's taken me a while to actually write more about MM and this place, I posted this on my FB page,but it seemed apropos to post it here as well: If a tree falls in the forest and no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound? If someone says something alone in a room, does anyone 'hear' it? What if you type it on a computer? On a website? Full of people that don't know each other? And all they have in common is love of music? But what if they don't agree on all music, and it's only about one musician? And even in regard to that musician, they can't agree? Does it matter? And when you die, do those words on a screen really make a difference? Over a decade ago, I joined an online community of Springsteen fans (Greasylake). It was the days before Facebook, and just when the internet started to weave its way into people's everyday lives. For me it was a connection to the music I love, but more so, it was an escape from my 3D world. It was a time wherein my marriage was falling apart and the stress of being a parent, living away from my family and friends was taking a toll. There was no one I was comfortable talking to about the issues in my life, so I turned, once again to the music that has been my life's soundtrack to bring me solace. On that forum, I found a cornucopia of screen names that ranged from some version of an actual name, to snippets of/ or characters from Bruce songs and/or some mysterious combination of letters and numbers. I remember some time later, there was a thread about how these names came to be, but that's another story. The most important thing I discovered was that I was not alone. Day after day and long into the night, I could 'chat' and engage in conversation with people who 'got it'. I never had to explain my need to play a song over and over again like a chant (Human Touch) when it was the only thing that truly expressed my feelings. Never again did I have to give reason for seeing more than one concert on a tour, or in the same month, or even the next night; because there's that '2nd night rule'. I learned how to burn a boot (only for trading, NEVER to sell), alternate meaning to terms like: 'leaf', 'branch' and what B&P, isf, FC and NO/NP meant. It was a whole world of interesting peeps, many of whom became an integral part of my real' life. So many hours and thousands of posts later, this group of "Bruceheads/ freaky internet people/ crazy Springsteen fans would fill my emptiness with mind provoking discussions on music and world issues, laughter and tears. We would eventually go to shows together, meet at tailgates, share hotel rooms, host gatherings, attend weddings and funerals, and some, even fall in love. One of the most prolific characters on GL was Miami MArk (not a typo) and later an alter ego named Welby. MM told great stories, and his posts are legendary; he was articulate and poetic in his storytelling, had wonderful insight on music...not just Bruce, but introduced many of us to other great tunes and bands; one of his great loves was The Hold Steady. He was generous in his trades (of boots) and very vocal about Bruce and his music being better in '78. He could be a bit of an ass in his retorts, but usually just to see if he could get a rise out of you. I met Mark a time or two in person, he was quiet and perhaps a bit shy. He didn't like crowds, though he commanded a presence online. Earlier this week, he passed away after some illness, far too soon. On a website I hadn't frequented in some time, there is a thread, some describe it as a virtual wake, currently more that 7 pages long with tributes honoring a man many never met. Characters named CmonMr Trouble, Cosmic Kid, not to be confused with Cozmic Kid who also posted, Joan Fontaine and PrettyRedRose posted their memories and condolences to friends and family. Members like me drawn to the site like prodigal children, returning after years away, paid homage to someone we hardly knew, but was akin to. It's remarkable in that we are so connected, across the miles and the years. They are closer to me then some of my relatives, know more of my secrets than my former spouse did, trusted more than people I see day to day. My son will visit two Lakers I have never actually 'met' this summer (thank you Janiss & Treechrist66!) What is a community? The dictionary defines one as a social, religious, occupational, or other group sharing common characteristics or interests and perceived or perceiving itself as distinction some respect from the larger society within which it exists...but I'm not sure they were expecting anything quite like this. We may pass each other in the street and never know it, though we've connected inexplicably and profoundly. Who'da thunk it? I just know I'm thankful for it. So, as I type this, while listening to some '78 Bruce, I will remember my fallen friend, Miami MArk, who join the likes of OAKWAS, firerich7, mcsorleyslight undoubtedly partying with Danny & the Big Man. Those words on a screen matter, the interactions make a difference, cherish them because you will touch someone's life in ways you may not even fathom. A part of me is gone, but I'm better for having been in community and that will remain even after I'm gone, as it has an effect on my son's life. Those legendary posts are available for Mark's son, similar in age to mine, to read and remember. The words of virtual strangers sending sympathy will mean something to the family and perhaps offer comfort, knowing the man they loved meant something to others. Lost but not forgotten, from the dark heart of a dream.... Rest in peace, Miami MArk, you only got better since '78.
  3. My sincere condolences to all he touched. MM~you were good even after '78. A piece of us is gone, but not forgotten, RIP