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  1. Seeing Bruce for the first time in 1988 changed the course of my life. The experience was so overwhelming that I could hardly contain myself. I needed a way to somehow channel it out, to share it, to manifest it. For years I tried in different ways. I wrote a lot - not necessarily about Bruce, but still influenced by him - I reached out to other fans. But it wasn't until the internet was invented that I found the perfect way to get everything I had to say, all that emotion, out of my system. That's how Greasy Lake came to be, which was followed by years of meeting so many of you, including my wife, and seeing tons of shows and traveling the world, none of which would have happened if it wasn't for Bruce. But everybody's life is different. When I saw Bruce for the first time, I was a pretty empty bottle that needed filling with something. Bruce appeared at the right time in the right place. It could have been something else, I suppose. Maybe your life was already in a good place when you heard Bruce for the first time, and maybe it just became "great music" to you, nothing life-changing. And that's absolutely fine.
  2. Don't worry. We are the normal ones. It's the rest of the world that's bonkers.
  3. LoverInTheCold: Richfield Whistle!!!! Congratulations on a well-deserved win! Last year we had a version of one of Bruce's most famous songs take the prize (Dancing in the Dark), and this year the winning song hasn't even been released by Bruce. It goes to show that in this contest, it's all about the talent and the interpretation skills demonstrated by the contestants. And as usual there was no shortage of either. Richfield Whistle won by only 1 point to the two runner-ups: Empty Sky by Jerm23 and Open All Night by Okely Dokely. Altogether it was a close race with 8 songs ending up within 10 points of the winner. But let's not get too hung up on points. The contest element is just an excuse to put a spotlight on the musical talent that the Lake is so full of. So thank you to everybody who participated! It has been a real pleasure to listen to every single contribution. In fact, listening to all the songs inspired me to create some artwork for this year's contest album. I can't imagine where else I found the inspiration . For the winner @LoverInTheCold I have used the same design to create a unique t-shirt that will only be printed in one copy. Please send me your size and shipping details and it will be sent to you shortly. Finally, for those who care, here is the distribution of points: Richfield Whistle: 59 Empty Sky: 58 Open All Night: 58 Johnny Bye Bye: 53 Night Fire: 53 Soul Driver: 52 Fire: 50 Nothing Man: 50 Cover Me: 49 Kitty's Back: 47 Dancing in the Dark: 40 Once again, thank you to the participants, those of you who voted, and everybody who added their thoughts and comments. Download all the songs with embedded artwork and album tagging.
  4. Announcing the Lakers Cover Bruce Perpetual (So That Junglelander Will Stick Around) Music Contest! There, problem solved.
  5. The day has arrived when it's time to listen to the 11 entries in this year's Lakers Cover Bruce song contest and find a winner. That is, voting will be open until the end of Sunday June 2 to give everyone time to listen and ponder. When you vote, you will get the choice of awarding from 1-3 points to a song. You can give them all 1 point or 2 points or 3 points. That's completely up to you. There is no 0 points option, just because I think everybody deserves points just for being brave enough to submit, and all entries are, in my opinion, absolutely worth listening to. When the voting is over, I will add up all the points and declare a winner. climbing_jo: Kitty's Back Demos: Soul Driver Jerm23: Empty Sky Junglelander: Johnny Bye Bye LoverInTheCold: Richfield Whistle Okely Dokely: Open All Night phantomengineer: Dancing in the Dark Tom Joad: Nothing Man transpirator: Fire wolfinthepines: Night Fire yvan: Cover Me Download all the songs as a zip-file. Good luck to all!
  6. I have received songs in the last couple of days that were unpledged (they have been added to the list now), so more could still be coming. In other words, there will be no vote until we reach the deadline. And even then, I need a little time to set it up.
  7. We all know what a perfectionist Daisey Jeep can be with her music!
  8. Exciting news! To post videos, I think you can just attach them to a post (but the file size may be too big). Otherwise, post them on YouTube first and then link to them from here.
  9. I'll do Empty Sky for the contest. Thanks!

  10. Thank you, all, for your birthday wishes! That means a lot to me. I've had a great day, which, of course, started out with me playing "Surprise, Surprise" for myself, my favorite birthday song.