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  1. Yes, I noticed that, too. I'll fix that soon and make sure Mikey and the Judge don't get near it.
  2. All right, we're all set in regard to the new version of the community software. There are a few kinks to work out, but I hope to get those done over the weekend. In general, everything seems to be working. Let me know if you experience otherwise. If things have switched places and you can't find them, let's try to help each other. It's new to me too, so I may not be able to answer all your questions right away. -------------------------------- Just a little pre-warning that within the next few days - probably during the weekend - I will install a new upgrade to the forum that will m
  3. You mean she will max out on her current 1,000,000 posts allowance AGAIN?
  4. I'm sorry there seems to be some dissatisfaction with the way we run things. Let me just put a few things straight: When each of you signed up you agreed to the terms and conditions One of the terms is that we do not discuss moderator decisions publicly. The rule has existed for 15 years, so if that means GL is on a downhill spiral, we've been so for 15 years It's understandable that you don't agree with all moderator decisions or that you can't accept the terms. I respect that 100%. But the consequence you must draw is to either live with it or leave. We are a privat
  5. It was Lisa Lowell replacing Patti for that song when Patti was absent. She did the same thing in Copenhagen and blew me away. Been a Lisa Lowell fan ever since.
  6. I agree with riverdude2. Must be some cloud-based browser sync.
  7. Never seen that one, but yes, Danes tend to speak fast and cut off words. This makes it very difficult for foreigners learning Danish to understand regular conversation in Danish.
  8. You can all put the problems down to my lousy web coding skills, but I'm glad you figured it out. And I'm glad someone is still interested in the rest of the site .
  9. Well, you will probably have to turn on your old computer and do an email export from Outlook, and then an email import to your new computer. You can find out how to do that here:
  10. What email system did you use on your old computer? And do you still have the old computer?
  11. Try using a different browser and see if that works.
  12. That has got to be one of the weirdest performances of Bruce's career, but they pulled it off really well, I think. I loved "Rose Tattoo". But as great as it was, I hope that won't be how we have to experience live music for too long.
  13. I saw all four shows. The whole week was a very mixed bag for me. I had lost my mother two months earlier and wasn't truly in the mood to travel and see Bruce. But I also felt that if anything could give me a boost to get me back on track and begin the healing process, that would be it. So I went with my best Bruce buddy @GreatDane and did have a great time, despite having my wallet stolen at the hostel we stayed in and getting way too sunburned while spending most of a day relaxing in Hyde Park... and having an anxiety attack in the middle of the first show. I remember very little of the
  14. I personally think it's all Mikey's fault, but JudgeBrown is worth keeping an eye on too.
  15. The permanent fix wasn't all that permanent, I'm afraid. But now they have applied a permanent permanent fix, so cross your fingers and keep posting.
  16. More problems today. Sorry about that. But the issue should now be permanently resolved, according to our host. Hope they are right.
  17. Sorry about the trouble. Hope it's working better now.
  18. That's not entirely true. It was also played in Horsens, Denmark, in 2016. Those 2016 shows were all officially released. But the 2012 version was much better.
  19. Thank you, all, for your birthday wishes! I have spent the day at home social distancing, as recommended by the powers that be, but I haven't felt lonely at all thanks to all the birthday greetings I have received here, on Facebook, on the phone, and even from my cat Tux who left a big fat mouse for me on the carpet this morning.
  20. I consider this show the best that I have ever seen. I can't wait to listen to it, and at the same time I'm afraid of listening to it for fear that it isn't what I remember. Anyway, if anyone is interested, I wrote this review a few days after the show when my feet had yet to touch the ground after what I'd experienced.
  21. Could the second guy from the right be Curt Ramm?