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  1. I have my doubts that he'll perform it live. It has so many words and seems to be quite straining for Bruce to get through, even on the album. But I'd love to hear it for sure.
  2. Still love the album. My only complaint is "Power of Prayer" because it has the same melody as "Last Man Standing"... and I much prefer the lyrics of the latter. I'm really puzzled if the two almost identical melodies was deliberate or if they really couldn't hear it.... Bruce should sue himself for plagiarism.
  3. I agree that, from an outside perspective, it seemed like an extremely weird and random thing to do. It may have made perfect sense for Bruce and his people, but I sure don't see it. Going through the trouble of traveling to Europe, organize a gig with Niedecken's band, performing "Hungry Heart" multiple times, then using only the vocal... a rather poor vocal at that... Maybe he was going through one of his depressions and wanted Jon Landau to book him a gig... any gig... and this was what they came up with. This is purely speculation on my part, but it's as good an explanation as any that I can think of. I remember when this gig happened, there were tons of rumors of this being only the beginning of a surprise club tour of European cities. I was almost panicking. No one knew where he would show up next. Of course, there was no next. I can't help thinking that this event was a sign of Bruce being rather lost in the years after the 92-93 tour and having absolutely no idea what to do. He'd seen his popularity plummet. Then he got an unexpected hit with "Streets of Philadelphia". He recorded a new relationship album that he or the record company obviously didn't believe in, because it was never released. He briefly reunited the ESB and, according to strong rumors at the time, considered a tour with them. He must also have been working on TGOTJ... several projects that pointed in completely different directions. Eventually, he chose going the solo acoustic way, which I think was probably the right thing to do.
  4. I have hung out with Beate on many occasions and been to several shows with her in Germany and Denmark, but I too have sort of lost contact with her. I know that her wonderful husband Burki (also in your picture, wearing a hat) passed away. I can only imagine how hard that must have been for her. I miss them both.
  5. I was just about to post that very thing! I absolutely love that transition.
  6. I see what you mean by him walking like an old man, but I'm pretty sure if that walking style was an accurate reflection of his current walking capabilities, he would not be standing up for 2½ hours performing his Broadway shows. One guess would be that he's just been sitting down on a chair for 30 minutes before going on stage. That's one thing I feel myself already, and I'm only 52. It takes a minute after you've been sitting down to get your legs and back completely functioning again, but after that minute, you're completely fine and can run and dance... if not like you were 25 then like you were 40. If you're a healthy 71-year-old, it may take two minutes, and you'll run and dance like you're 55, but that will still be enough to pull off a pretty hefty rock'n'roll show... I hope.
  7. We should at least be able to offer more resistance than Ukraine. I would say we have better odds than in 1992, so anything can happen, but England is the clear favorite, especially at Wembley.
  8. Oh right, we already kicked their ass.
  9. We'll kick your ass in the unlikely event you can get past Ukraine...
  10. Thank you. It's getting harder to stay pessimistic.
  11. I would very much like to hear your ideas, Andrew!
  12. Alright, the badges are temporarily gone again as the system rebuilds everybody's ranks. This may take a couple of days!
  13. That's exactly right, and I'm still trying to figure out how to do it. Not very reassuring, I suppose. But when I do, I will see if I can bring everybody to their rightful status.
  14. Yeah, this is definitely not my fault. I've been reduced to newbie too. I know as little about this as you all do, but I admit that I did the upgrade that it results from.
  15. Is it just me, or is something completely off with the harmonica solo in "My Beautiful Reward"? Otherwise, I've enjoyed listening to this show. Especially "Soul Driver"....
  16. Bruce, I've got your new album cover! I'll let you use it for free.
  17. I completely disagree with Erik Flanagan. "Soul Driver" found its ultimate arrangement in December 1992 with the guitar intro. I'm thrilled to get an official version of this, as all the bootlegs I have of this are rather inferior in quality.
  18. Thank you for your interest in this. I have heard from four of you and will get back to you. As for why they want to publish another book about Bruce's song, I guess as a publisher they have analyzed the market and concluded that they could make a profit, and that it would be a good fit in their series. Random fans walking into a bookstore would not find a single one of those books already published, because they are long out of print. But for a year or two, they would be finding this one, so that's the one they would buy. Heck, as a Bruce collector, I'd probably buy it myself.... and especially if one of you guys had written it.
  19. I received an inquiry through Greasy Lake from a publisher called Fonthill Media looking for someone who would be willing and able to write a book about Bruce in a series called "Song by Song". You can see other books in the series here: https://www.fonthill.media/collections/entertainment/song-by-song Since I don't feel up to the task, I offered to see if I could find someone else who might be interested? So if you think this could be something for you, let me know, and I will put you in touch with the publisher, so you can find out more. I can't answer any of your questions myself since this is about all I know.
  20. Thank you, all! I've had a great birthday. I was just thinking the other day how I could not for the life of me remember what happened last time I had a birthday. It was in the middle of lockdown, and I was probably just home by myself all day (Queen Peggy was in America at the time) with nothing happening. This year, things look a little brighter, so I hope in a year I will be able to remember at least a little bit of it. Or maybe my brain is just getting too old...
  21. Please refrain from name calling and other insults or the thread will be locked until heads have cooled down, thank you.
  22. I'm so very sorry to hear this news. Another legendary and extremely kind member whose screen name we will never see again on a new post. My sincere condolences to her friends and family.
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