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  1. The intro music to "Sundown" is among the best of any Bruce song. I love it. I like the song itself a lot, too, but it doesn't quite live up to the intro music.
  2. I can't believe no one saw the hidden message: Bruce is re-recording "Thunder Road".
  3. Try this and find the browser you are using:
  4. Works fine for me. Must be a browser issue. Try deleting all cookies from Or I can change your name to E.
  5. I may do that eventually, but I'm still kind of assessing what's needed. I may turn the file size up again if it can be done without skyrocketing the cost of the Amazon S3. Anything's possible, but I don't like to delete stuff if I can avoid it. And there would be no way to tell which attachment appear in threads that are still active.
  6. The other day when the server was having problems, it was due to us running out of disk space. One of the things that really took up space was files uploaded through this message board. All files are now stored on an Amazon S3 cloud drive. I may turn up the file size again when I know for sure how much space we use, how much bandwidth we use, etc. That determines how much we need to pay for the Amazon cloud drive, if anything. And yes, I can only encourage you to use some other service if you want to store large images and then link to them. That would help keep GL at its current cost, which is high enough as it is.
  7. I can't really test this as I don't have an iPhone. Everything works fine on my Android. If the problem just started, it could be related to a minor upgrade I did a few days ago. In that case, a fix is bound to be released soon.
  8. The offical photo... I will forward it to those of you who participated along with the thank you email I received from my BBC contact.
  9. I'm aware of the problems. Things seems okay for now, but that may just be temporary. I know what the problem is and it will be fixed, but it could be a little while.
  10. What you don't have in good looks, you more than make up for in authenticity.
  11. That was the deal I made with BBC: only send authentic, good-looking Springsteen fans. I think I succeeded.
  12. You're welcome! I'm so glad to have been able to help make this happen.
  13. Yes, that is weird. Is it only Greasy Lake that you don't get sounds from? Do other websites work?
  14. Oh, I now got a message that Iain Stirling has been booked instead.
  15. Shocking news! I have been informed that Mel B., who was also among the guests, won't be on the show after all. Those of you who are going, let me know if this makes you change your mind. The cast of Blinded by the Light will still be there.
  16. Good news! Looks like I will be able to get everyone in who participated in the contest. So if you are still interested, please PM me your real name, because I will need that. For some reason, they won't accept your GL screen names. I also need confirmation that you are over 18 and any access requirements you msay have.
  17. Just received an auto-reply from my contact at BBC saying she'll be out of office until Thursday, so no news till then.
  18. Just an FYI to the rest of the people who threw their hat in the ring, I will try to see if I can get more of you in. No promises. I will let you know.
  19. And the winner is.... whispered secret formerly Ann Jones!!! Congratulations! I will contact you privately to work out the details.
  20. Thanks to those of you who entered the draw. I will draw a winner tonight.
  21. On August 1, BBC will film an episode of The One Show featuring the cast of the upcoming Blinded by the Light movie. It is my pleasure to offer free seats to one lucky Laker plus their family/friends to this event. Among those of you who are interested, we will draw one winner, who will represent our community. The recording takes place at New Broadcasting House in London W1A 1AA, Thursday, August 1, and you must arrive between 6 pm and 6:30 pm. The nice people at BBC tells me that you must expect to be seen on TV when the show airs. If you can agree to all of this, please send me a PM. You are of course also welcome to post here, but I would prefer if you also send me a PM. The deadline for participating in the draw is Sunday at midnight UK time. PS, Travel expenses to London and the location of the recording are on you, I'm afraid.
  22. Seeing Bruce for the first time in 1988 changed the course of my life. The experience was so overwhelming that I could hardly contain myself. I needed a way to somehow channel it out, to share it, to manifest it. For years I tried in different ways. I wrote a lot - not necessarily about Bruce, but still influenced by him - I reached out to other fans. But it wasn't until the internet was invented that I found the perfect way to get everything I had to say, all that emotion, out of my system. That's how Greasy Lake came to be, which was followed by years of meeting so many of you, including my wife, and seeing tons of shows and traveling the world, none of which would have happened if it wasn't for Bruce. But everybody's life is different. When I saw Bruce for the first time, I was a pretty empty bottle that needed filling with something. Bruce appeared at the right time in the right place. It could have been something else, I suppose. Maybe your life was already in a good place when you heard Bruce for the first time, and maybe it just became "great music" to you, nothing life-changing. And that's absolutely fine.
  23. Don't worry. We are the normal ones. It's the rest of the world that's bonkers.
  24. LoverInTheCold: Richfield Whistle!!!! Congratulations on a well-deserved win! Last year we had a version of one of Bruce's most famous songs take the prize (Dancing in the Dark), and this year the winning song hasn't even been released by Bruce. It goes to show that in this contest, it's all about the talent and the interpretation skills demonstrated by the contestants. And as usual there was no shortage of either. Richfield Whistle won by only 1 point to the two runner-ups: Empty Sky by Jerm23 and Open All Night by Okely Dokely. Altogether it was a close race with 8 songs ending up within 10 points of the winner. But let's not get too hung up on points. The contest element is just an excuse to put a spotlight on the musical talent that the Lake is so full of. So thank you to everybody who participated! It has been a real pleasure to listen to every single contribution. In fact, listening to all the songs inspired me to create some artwork for this year's contest album. I can't imagine where else I found the inspiration . For the winner @LoverInTheCold I have used the same design to create a unique t-shirt that will only be printed in one copy. Please send me your size and shipping details and it will be sent to you shortly. Finally, for those who care, here is the distribution of points: Richfield Whistle: 59 Empty Sky: 58 Open All Night: 58 Johnny Bye Bye: 53 Night Fire: 53 Soul Driver: 52 Fire: 50 Nothing Man: 50 Cover Me: 49 Kitty's Back: 47 Dancing in the Dark: 40 Once again, thank you to the participants, those of you who voted, and everybody who added their thoughts and comments. Download all the songs with embedded artwork and album tagging.