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  1. All right, Greasy Lake by Night is back in a new version. It probably still needs some tweaking here and there. Let me know if you discover menus or other things with dark text on a dark background or other problems.

    A Greasy Lake by Day theme will follow ASAP. Until then, those of you who don't like the dark background can choose the IPS Default theme at the bottom of the forum.

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  2. 2 hours ago, burghfan said:

    If it was mentioned I missed it so I'll ask.  Once the daily error messages are no longer an issue will those of us that were on GL by Night automatically go back to it or do we need to select it again to have it?

    All I ask is that Mikey and JB not be involved in turning it back on.  I'd like it to work.

    Yes, it will become the default theme, and I expect it to happen over the weekend. 

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  3. Some of the almost invisible text labels have now been fixed, including the top bar with notifications, but you may not see it right away depending on what browser and gadget you are using.

    I should also mention that with this update, an actual app has been released. I need to set it up before it can be used, but I will get around to that before long and let you know.

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  4. 46 minutes ago, burghfan said:

    One thing that I see is that now when I hover my mouse over the Go to topic listing and Next unread topic links is that they disappear.  It is like that in Firefox and Edge.

    I'm guessing that this is the 1 thing that @CosmicKid let @CmonMrTrouble and @JudgeBrown be in charge of.



    Yes, I noticed that, too. I'll fix that soon and make sure Mikey and the Judge don't get near it.

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  5. 2 minutes ago, Born To Walk said:

    Any time now she'll be waking up to the apparent confirmation of a new album. You'd best add another 100,000 posts to her posting allowance for tomorrow as well! 

    You mean she will max out on her current 1,000,000 posts allowance AGAIN?

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  6. 56 minutes ago, bobfan1976 said:

    I stand corrected, although in my defence I haven’t listened to the 2014 recordings! A Seeger Sessions Band version then. Oh, and whoever covers Patti’s verse on When the Saints... really sings the hell out of it.

    It was Lisa Lowell replacing Patti for that song when Patti was absent. She did the same thing in Copenhagen and blew me away. Been a Lisa Lowell fan ever since.

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