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  1. Unfortunately you are not the only one with this problem. The only denominator is that everybody who has the problem is connected through AT&T. So whether or not they will admit it, the problem lies with them. There's nothing I can do, I'm afraid. A workaround could be to change the DNS settings of your connection so that it uses Google's public DNS. Here's a manual for how to do that on an iPhone: Google's public DNS is and
  2. I don't think you can find a memberlist per se, but you can go to Activity, then Search, and then Member Search to look up members.
  3. Since Bruce is so far off the radar these days, it's not even funny, we have to make our own fun. So, as hinted a few times in the last few weeks, here is my announcement of the: "4th Almost Annual Lakers Cover Bruce Song Contest" Woo hoooo!!!!! The "Lakers Cover Bruce Song Contest" is where you - the members of Greasy Lake - get to show your musical talent and record a cover version of a song written by Bruce Springsteen. It can be you alone, you with a band, you with your spouse and kids.... as long as one of you is a member of this community by the time you submit, you qualify. All entries must be submitted no later than May 24 (note new deadline) of this year and be sent to Please include the title of the song, your real name, and your Greasy Lake screen name in the message, as well as names of any additional musicians. When all songs have been submitted, I will post them for all of you to listen to. Please refrain from posting them yourself before the deadline as that may give you an unfair advantage (or the opposite). There has been some talk of how to vote and whether this should be done as a contest at all. I will try to come up with a fair voting system - you are all welcome to help with suggestions - but I do think the contest element is necessary in order to make it more interesting to both musicians and listeners. Let's just remember that it's all in good fun and that everybody who is brave enough to submit a song and expose themselves like this is a winner. The actual winner of the contest will receive a small prize that has yet to be determined. All I can say is, don't submit if you are hoping to win something magnificent. You won't . Like last time, it would be a good idea if you post on this thread that you intend to participate and what song you want to do. It's all non-binding, and there is no rule against two people submitting the same song, but it may help others decide what song they want to do. I will keep an updated list of pledged entries at the bottom of this post. So, tune up your instruments, warm up your voices, and get recording! Looking forward to hearing your work. For inspiration, listen to last year's winner: "Dancing in the Dark" by bhogg. ----------------------- Pledged submissions: Tom-Joad: Nothing Man (received) climbing_jo: Kitty's Back (received) yvan: Cover Me (received) Okely Dokely: Open All Night (received) transpirator: Fire (received) wolfinthepines: Night Fire or I'm on Fire (received) Junglelander: Johnny Bye Bye (received) Jerm23: Empty Sky (received) Daisey Jeep: State Trooper Phantomengineer: Dancing in the Dark (received) Demos: Soul Driver (received) LoverInTheCold: Richfield Whistle (received)
  4. Glad to hear that it works again.
  5. I guess ATT doesn't like Bruce. I hope some of you will contact them about it.
  6. As AMIW says, it sounds like a DNS problem. Some ISP's for some reason don't resolve the domain correctly... or at all. I don't have an explanation for that, or a solution. There have been no changes in our DNS settings in months, so why some DNS's suddenly decide doesn't exist, I just don't know. You need to contact your ISP about it, I'm afraid. You can also try to change your browser settings so that it will use Google's public DNS instead of your default ISP's DNS. Read about it here. I will keep looking into it, but right now, there's nothing else I can do.
  7. I can set it up, but it won't be until next weekend since I'm sick as a dog now and don't have the energy.
  8. Oh, I was going to blame Mikey. Anyway, I fixed it.
  9. There was no collusion. It's a witch hunt! Seriously, I don't quite remember how we did the vote, but I don't think it was possible to vote twice.
  10. If there is enough interest, we can certainly do this again.
  11. I think "Big Man" in this case refers to Bruce.
  12. It's time to wrap this fundraiser up! Thanks to you we are secure for another year. So thank you to all of you who donated, big or small. Without you, this place would cease to exist. So, we can all relax for a little while and enjoy whatever Bruce has in store for us in the coming year. Bring it on!
  13. If you have downloaded the GL volumes, please be aware that there were a few songs missing from vol. 1, disc 1+2 and vol. 3, disc 2+4. That has now been corrected, but you may want to re-download.
  14. All four Live at Greasy Lake volumes - a total of 16 cd's - are now available for download as flac files here: Artwork can be found here: I hope it works. Shout out to @Balloon Man who did most of the work with these back in the days. Unfortunately, he doesn't come around here anymore, I think.
  15. I'll try to get it done over the weekend.
  16. Wow... I remember those! I don't think they are available for download anymore, but I own them all on cd and can rip them and upload them to somewhere if there is interest in it.
  17. That's a great idea, but it doesn't seem to be possible with the current version of the software. Maybe it will be added later.
  18. @newcastle roy, this place would not be the same without you. I've always loved your unwavering support for Bruce. You often express what I feel when it comes to Bruce. I just tend to be more diplomatic :). If I cared about English football, I'm sure I'd be on your side on that too! I'm glad the Lake has been a good force in your life, and I hope it will continue to be. Anyway, thank you for all the donations so far. We are almost where we want to be in regards to the bill that's due next week, but I will leave the post pinned for a while longer, so that maybe I don't have to bother you again for another full year.
  19. With every wish there comes a curse, and our curse is that this place is not free. In order to be able to provide a reliable, fast, and stable playground for our Bruce frolicking, we need to pay the bill to The Man. The Man in this case is our hosting company, who, unfortunately doesn't agree that Greasy Lake is so important that they ought to provide a server for free. So once again I'm afraid I need to ask for your help. If I could pay for it all myself, I would, but I can't. So if you care about this place and want to continue to be able to come here and cultivate your Bruce weakness/obsession/interest with like-minded people, I'm afraid there is no way around chipping in. Most of you probably know the drill. We accept Paypal donations and cash. You can find all the details and links you need on our donation page. Thank you so much for considering this. I know December is probably not the best time to ask for money, but I hope you can spare a little bit so that we can still be here and share the exciting things 2019 has in store for us, even if it isn't an E Street Band tour.
  20. I agree with that. People who are interviewed are often allowed to approve their quotes, but I don't think any journalist would let their subjects overall approve or disapprove an article. On the other hand, without quotes to support it, it's pretty bad journalistic work to write that Bruce will soon tour with the E Street Band in the UK.
  21. Bruce wrote "Racing in the Street" at 21??? I don't believe that for a second.
  22. I enlarged the picture using neural network artificial intelligence. I cut out the part of the picture in question and uploaded it to Google's image search. Here's the result.
  23. You don't go to "edit profile", but to "account settings"... Yeah, I don't know what the difference is.
  24. I haven't done a thing recently. Must be some kind of magic.
  25. I saw eight shows on that tour and remember it as a very exciting time. Mostly because it was my first time following a tour like that and seeing multiple shows and traveling from city to city and meeting other fans. I kept an open mind about Bruce playing with another band and enjoyed the shows while they were happening. It's mostly in retrospect - and after seeing many ESB shows later on - that I realized something was indeed not quite right about the other band tour. Like others have mentioned, Bruce using the same arrangements for most songs, and even giving Crystal a saxophone to play during "Born to Run", just seemed wrong. And his attempt at creating the same kind of camaraderie as with the ESB members, only these people didn't have the personalities and history with Bruce to pull it off. They just seemed awkward and starstruck. Part of it was Bruce's fault as I think he had some very specific ideas about what he wanted to happen and directed the band down to every little detail... Which maybe he had to because they were starting from scratch. Whatever the case, that kind of micro-management may work if you're Britney Spears, but it doesn't make for a great Springsteen show. Also, I disagree with J that they played flawlessly. Zach in particular made plenty of mistakes, often due to the fact that his eyes were not glued to Bruce at all times. He always seemed to be looking down to his side and didn't follow Bruce's cues. This resulted in the biggest blunder I've ever seen at a Bruce show when, at the last 1993 European show in Oslo, he didn't notice that Bruce had kicked back into "Twist and Shout" and just continued the last note. It was a train wreck of a climax and may have been the moment I seriously started to miss the ESB.