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  1. I saw eight shows on that tour and remember it as a very exciting time. Mostly because it was my first time following a tour like that and seeing multiple shows and traveling from city to city and meeting other fans. I kept an open mind about Bruce playing with another band and enjoyed the shows while they were happening. It's mostly in retrospect - and after seeing many ESB shows later on - that I realized something was indeed not quite right about the other band tour. Like others have mentioned, Bruce using the same arrangements for most songs, and even giving Crystal a saxophone to play during "Born to Run", just seemed wrong. And his attempt at creating the same kind of camaraderie as with the ESB members, only these people didn't have the personalities and history with Bruce to pull it off. They just seemed awkward and starstruck. Part of it was Bruce's fault as I think he had some very specific ideas about what he wanted to happen and directed the band down to every little detail... Which maybe he had to because they were starting from scratch. Whatever the case, that kind of micro-management may work if you're Britney Spears, but it doesn't make for a great Springsteen show. Also, I disagree with J that they played flawlessly. Zach in particular made plenty of mistakes, often due to the fact that his eyes were not glued to Bruce at all times. He always seemed to be looking down to his side and didn't follow Bruce's cues. This resulted in the biggest blunder I've ever seen at a Bruce show when, at the last 1993 European show in Oslo, he didn't notice that Bruce had kicked back into "Twist and Shout" and just continued the last note. It was a train wreck of a climax and may have been the moment I seriously started to miss the ESB.
  2. Wow, those versions of "Johnny Bye Bye" and "Follow That Dream" in perfect quality... Can't wait to hear them...
  3. That doesn't sound like my kind of place. I'm a cat person.
  4. Whoops... I have to check that site out someday.
  5. I agree completely. Several songs on those albums could have been well on their way to classic status by now if he hadn't abandoned them after one tour.
  6. Well, see, I met her during the day, so there..
  7. No, I wasn't there for the street performance. Actually, I didn't hear about it until I was sitting at the stadium waiting for the show to begin and read someone else's newspaper over their shoulder.
  8. Possibly the best night of my life and without which this site may not have existed.
  9. You can read Greasy Lake's (my ) top book picks here:
  10. We have no idea if there will actually be a release. If Bruce sees it and says, "nah, doesn't feel right", then we'll never hear about it again. I would say it's a 50/50 chance.
  11. If you click your name up in the top-right corner, you should get a drop-down menu that includes "Account settings". That's where you change your e-mail.
  12. Very sorry to hear this. I hope she will find a way through technology to still be able to participate one way or another. Give her my best wishes.
  13. I think - but I'm not sure - it was done in order to make side 1 and 2 as close to each other length-wise as possible. That way there would be the least possible empty tape, which was both good from a listener standpoint as you wouldn't have to fast forward so much after the music was over, and from an economical standpoint as they would use less tape material.
  14. Born in the USA on cassette was the first Bruce item I owned, and it was played to death on my little red cassette player with built-in speaker. Later followed The River on cassette and several of the other albums, including Live 75-85. It was how I got into the man! Still have them somewhere in a drawer.
  15. I'm not aware of a way for regular users to hide threads that they don't want to look at, but I may be wrong. I see everything as an admin and can hide stuff for everyone, but that doesn't really compare to what you are looking for. You can choose to hide posts from certain users. That's all I know.
  16. Sorry about your trouble. When you say "aviators" do you mean avatars? And when you say they are not where they should be, are they missing completely or just in the wrong place? The quote thing works fine for me in Chrome. What browser are you using?
  17. Don't worry. I recently started to grow one year younger with every birthday.
  18. Thank you, all! And, you're welcome! Always my pleasure to serve you all. I've had a great day, by the way.
  19. That still works for me. When I highlight something, a little green box opens that says "Quote selection". I used it for the above quote. Maybe it's a browser issue. I use Chrome.