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  1. It was probably still stored in your local browser cache. Anyway, you are the first to have your avatar back. I just uploaded it from my backup.
  2. As you may have noticed, we were offline again, but this time it was on purpose so the Invision support people could apply a permanent fix to the problems we have been having lately. I do believe they succeeded, but some profile pictures are missing. I can probably solve that within a few days, but you are also welcome to upload a new one to make my job easier ... Or the same one again if you'd like.
  3. Sorry about another interruption. Again, it took me a while to find out that something was wrong as I have been busy with other things. This was the second time within a few weeks that this particular problem occurred, and I believe both times it followed a minor upgrade. I don't know if it's connected to the more major issue we had in the last week, but I will look into it. But like most other people in the Western world, this is not a good time, so I apologize in advance for delays in solving things.
  4. All contributions are fine! Don't worry. And we did meet the target, but more donations are welcome. The more money we can collect now, the less we need to collect in a year.
  5. I forgot to say - but you may already have noticed - that I needed to use a backup from December 6, so we lost a couple of days' worth of posts and personal messages. Sorry about that.
  6. Looks like we are back. Sorry for the interruption. First thing I should say is that I'm not sure if we are on safe ground yet. The underlying problems that caused all of this may not have been solved yet, so be prepared that things could turn bad again. I don't have time to explain in more detail at the moment what's going on, but I will when I'm sure this has all been solved.
  7. Hello all! Another year is coming to an end. That means we have a bill to pay. Nothing in this world is free, and I'm afraid the hodgepodge of fun, knowledge, friendship, kindness, understanding, escapism, community, dog pictures, and warm fuzzy fan feeling we get here is no exception. >>> Skip my speech and go straight to donation page <<< Unlike any other social media you frequent, no one here is trying to sell you anything, or make money on the data you generate. Greasy Lake is a leftover from when the internet was only about connecting with the world, sharing
  8. It means love. Love is always appropriate! She never leaves the house without it. You can always write to greasylake@greasylake.org. Sorry again for all the distress. But I personally had a great time at the movies with my Bruce buddies. I'm sure that's a great comfort to you!
  9. Queen Peggy was only there in spirit as she is currently showing our presence in the North American section of our kingdom.
  10. Sorry about that. Not sure what happened. I just know that I didn't find out anything was wrong until this afternoon after work, because - believe it or not - no one contacted me about it for about eight hours, and I was personally busy at work and didn't check in. So, please, please, don't hold back if you want to report that something is not working. Use GL's main contact form or go through our Facebook page (which is where someone finally posted something). Anyway, it just so happened that this was the evening that I was going to see the Western Stars movie in Copenhagen, so there was
  11. One of the great mysteries of the world. I think even Bruce wonders. At least, on the Devils & Dust tour, on the few occasions that he pulled out the original slow version of "Real World", he muttered something about how it got away from him on the Human Touch album.
  12. The intro music to "Sundown" is among the best of any Bruce song. I love it. I like the song itself a lot, too, but it doesn't quite live up to the intro music.
  13. Welcome to Pages! Pages extends your site with custom content management designed especially for communities. Create brand new sections of your community using features like blocks, databases and articles, pulling in data from other areas of your community. Create custom pages in your community using our drag'n'drop, WYSIWYG editor. Build blocks that pull in all kinds of data from throughout your community to create dynamic pages, or use one of the ready-made widgets we include with the IPS Community Suite. View our Pages documentation
  14. Oh yeah, darling, bring on the night....

  15. Wow, I really have to work on my reputation around here.

  16. Look, I changed my avatar! I only had the old one for 12 years or so.

  17. Who are you again? Seriously, very nice post, and happy anniversary as one of the "initiated". I believe that no matter how many shows you go to or bootlegs you own, the biggest fan is the one who attend his or her first show and see the power and the magic for the first time. There will still be amazing shows and moments, but you will never feel quite like you did at your first show. I have to say I'm thankful you went to that show, because otherwise, how would I ever have gotten to know you and your wife and gone to the top of PIkes Peak? Strange how the world works. Now, get your butt over
  18. CosmicKid

    Roskilde Festival, 2012

    Took a few pictures from the Roskilde Festival show with my cell phone that turned out pretty well.
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