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  1. Too bad, but I'm looking forward to reading your review. And if you feel like it, you can submit your song as a bonus track for the upcoming album. Of course, if it blows the winner away that might be a bit awkward.
  2. That's correct. As long as it's still Sunday where you are, you are on time. And also, it is a well-known trick in the world of diplomacy and negotiations... if you have a deadline and you can't meet it, but you still think you can get a result if you keep negotiating, then you stop the clocks. That's a hint to @the calvary. The thing is, I may not get the poll up and running for a few days after the deadline, so....
  3. Have your business manager call my business manager. I'm sure we can work something out. We'll double whatever offers you get from other boards.
  4. Thank you! It's very much appreciated, your donation and everybody else's!
  5. Only explanation I can think of is that your email provider is very sensitive about any changes in where emails come from. The email server that sends out GL notifications has changed its IP, and if your email server perceives that as a sign of something fishy going on, it might block these emails. Not a whole lot I can do about it, I'm afraid. You can try to contact your email provider or possibly wait until the problem fixes itself somehow.
  6. I'm getting my notifications just fine.
  7. After the first line, am I the only one who read that post to the tune of "Tougher Than the Rest"? It didn't quite work. Happy New Year, Daisey!
  8. @GreatDane and others who are having trouble meeting the origianal deadline, it is not too late! I've decided to extend the deadline by two weeks. The new deadline is Sunday January 14. Thank you to everyone who has submitted so far!
  9. Well, next time something like this happens, I will contact you immediately!
  10. Yay, we're back! I apologize for leaving you hanging for two days. This was caused by a problem with our host's new network configuration. They said they had updated our server, but left out a very important part: telling the world that the domain had changes IP's. Repeated inquiries to them about it were ignored, leaving me pretty desperate. I tried to mess with it myself several times, but contrary to popular belief I'm not an expert in server configuration. Anyway, I finally suceeded, and things are, I think, back to normal. Again, I'm truly sorry about this, but at least we are back in time to wish each other happy New Year. So HAPPY NEW YEAR! Hope it will be a great one for everybody and that we will see lots of Bruce excitement
  11. Actually, I just received an email about the network changes that took place this past weekend. Turns out I have to change some settings that may affect speed for certain browsers or browser configurations. I will make the change over the weekend, so hopefully things will improve by then.
  12. No problems here. Things are as fast as ever for me, so I'm not sure what to advice. Sometimes pages get stuck while loading, but when I hit refresh they load immediately.
  13. Sorry about the downtime today. It was actually a scheduled maintenance thing by our hosting company, but I had no idea it would take that long or I would have warned you in advance. Anyway, thank you so much for all the donations so far. It has been great to see the willingness to contribute even during slow times like these. I will leave this sticky up for a while longer, but rest assured that we are in no danger of shutting down anytime soon!
  14. The European address is listed on the donation page. Please read it carefully before possibly sending money by snail mail, thanks!
  15. Yes, you can donate at any time. If it doesn't go towards this bill, it will go towards the next. The donation page is always open. Thank you, everybody who donated so far! We are well on our way to our goal.
  16. Another year has almost passed, and unfortunately that means it's time to pay if we wanna play. A bill is due, and while we still have money left from our last fundraiser, we are about $600 short. On the bright side, that's less than most Broadway tickets, and if we pull together and everybody contributes a few Dollars or Euros, this should be a breeze. As usual, all donations, big or small, are much appreciated. Typical contributions would be between $10 and $50, but it is of course completely up to you how much you feel you can spare, if anything. So, without further ado, let's make it happen. All the info you need about how to pay can be found on our donation page. PS, A little reminder - and worth more than my words - about what this place is all about....
  17. Reading the book made me realize that there won't ever be a goodbye show or tour. Bruce needs to perform to stay sane. Literally. One can wonder why it doesn't get boring to do the exact same show every night, but I think just the fact that he's on a stage performing gives him inner peace. It doesn't matter if it's the same songs night after night. It's simply therapy to him, and we should probably be grateful for that. That doesn't mean I'll defend the ticket prices. I have no idea why they are that high.
  18. It can be seen here: ... For now at least.
  19. No, but a ticket to Springsteen on Broadway including airfare from Denmark might do the trick! For now, I can allow you to submit more than one song, but it will be the latest submission that counts in the contest. Maybe the extra songs can be used as bonus material on the upcoming album release!
  20. For those of you who are interested, I have now added a link to the songs of the two previous music contests under "The Lake Scrolls" at the top of the page. That means you can listen to all the entries. A few of the entries I didn't have the artist's name for anymore. If anyone knows who they are, please let me know.
  21. That's a very good question. It was a technical glitch that I hope has now been fixed.
  22. That's gotta be the best version of "Downbound Train" ever... and a few other versions of songs on this recording are way up there too. Truly a show for the ages. I've said it before and I'll say it again: I've never heard Bruce sing better than on the 1988 tour.
  23. Eileen, sorry, you are right. It was JohnF who won last time. Sorry about the mix up. I corrected my original post.