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  1. Apparently the winner is an infrequent visitor to the site. Still no word from him.
  2. "Dancing in the Dark" by bhogg!!! (59 points) Runner up: "The River" by Pastor Jeff (56 points) 3rd place: "What Love Can Do" by ludomichel (54 points) Congratulations to all three of you, but of course especially to bhogg who proved that you don't need pounding drums and screaming guitars to deliver a strong cover of a Bruce song. Bhogg did have help from a friend for the harmonica part, so some of the credit should go to him. As the winner, bhogg will receive this unique t-shirt. Please contact me privately with your size and shipping info. As for everybody else, this was a very close race with nine of the 14 songs ending up within 5 points of each other. Here's the complete list (since no one volunteered to help count the votes, you will just have to trust that I did it correctly.) Dancing in the Dark by bhogg = 59 points The River by Pastor Jeff = 56 points What Love Can Do by ludomichel = 54 points State Trooper by Tom-Joad = 52 points Caddilac Ranch by Junglelander = 49 points Lucky Town by yvan= 47 points Night by wolfinthepines= 46 points Matamoros Banks by andre = 46 points Blood Brothers by climbing_jo = 45 points Meeting Across the River by phantomengineer = 45 points Down in the Hole by Demos = 45 points My City of Ruins by Jerm23 = 44 points Streets of Philadelphia by GreatDane = 44 points Johnny 99 by Terry = 33 points As it has been pointed out by some of you along the way, song contests and giving points to songs really doesn't make a lot of sense. So while we celebrate the winner, let's also remember that this was mostly just a way to show what amazing talent resides here at the Lake. I'm certain that I'm not the only one who was very impressed with all entries. There was not one song that felt like it didn't belong in the contest. On the contrary, some of you even rival Bruce's original versions in terms of creativity and delivery. I for one will definitely be listening to all of these songs in the future, and not just because it's a nice memory of a great event in Lake history, but because they are really enjoyable. So thank you to everybody who participated and everybody who voted. It's been great fun. Hope next time we do this, I can remove the "not quite" part of the contest title and actually make it an annual event.
  3. Sure we can do it every year, but it's not safe to rely on me to get it going. So give me a nudge in a year's time, just like yvan did for this year's contest, and I'll be happy to set it up again.
  4. Well, if you start a new thread, put it in an unattractive brown paper bag, and clearly mark it with a spoiler alert, it's fine with me.
  5. Before changing anything, maybe someone who is having the problem could do the following test when you can't access the site: Press the Windows Key (or the magnifying glass next to the Windows key Type in "cmd" without the apostrophes Type "ping" again without the apostrophes It now returns an IP address. Please let me know what it say :-)
  6. They are bullshitting you. It would not screw up anything. It's true that they can't change the settings for you, but telling you that changing the settings would affect other sites is just plain wrong. Anyway, here's another suggestion: For Windows 10 and 8 Press the Windows key. Type Notepad in the search field. In the search results, right-click Notepad and select Run as administrator. From Notepad, open the following file: c:\Windows\System32\Drivers\etc\hosts Make the necessary changes to the file (see screenshot below, simply add the highlighted line, leave everything else untouched) Click File > Save to save your changes. This solution wouldn't affect anything other than your access to Greasy Lake, but that might be a big problem if Greasy Lake changes its IP again somewhere down the line, so I would only recommend it as a last resort. Besides, I'm not 100% it would solve your problem. I'm still trying to determine what the problem is exactly. This is a way to either solve the problem or rule out my current theory.
  7. I considered quite a lot whether just to have 1-3 rather than 0-3, but if I'd done that, 1 would have just equaled 0, people would have given 1 point to songs they would have otherwise given 0 points, only if you give a song 1 point it might be a decisive point that means a song wins... which is not what those giving it 1 point would have wanted. This way you can express that you don't care for a song at all (0) and also that you may not care too much for a song, but you still want to reward the effort (1).
  8. So this is how we will do it: a Eurovision Song Contest style vote. This means you can assign points between 0-3 to all songs. After the voting ends sometime on January 28, all the points will be put together, and the song with the most points wins. If two or more songs receive the same number of points, there will be a new vote among those songs in question. Please note that if you want to be sure to have a say, submit your vote by Saturday January 27. At some point during Sunday January 28 - probably in the afternoon Denmark time - I will close the poll in order to give myself enough time to count the points. Since this might be a pretty big task with potential for errors, I would be very happy if others would volunteer to count the points, too, in order to verify the result. Please contact me by PM if you are interested. Listen to the songs. Happy voting! May the odds be ever in your favor, and let the best song win!
  9. That's extremely weird. I can't think of a logical explanation, but it would still be great if you managed to attempt the DNS solution. I hope it won't actually take you hours to do it.
  10. The time has come! Here are the 14 entries in the 3rd Not Quite Annual Greasy Lake Bruce Song Cover Contest. You can now listen to all the songs, and soon you will be able to vote for your favorites. Now, I'm not going to try to influence you, but I can say that we have a really strong field of candidates. All contributions are definitely worth your time. So, no matter who ends up taking the victory, I applaud all of you who submitted. Great job! Take a good listen or 10 to all the songs and choose your favorite. Voting will be begin this weekend and will end Sunday, January 28. "Blood Brothers" by climbing_jo "Cadillac Ranch" by Junglelander "Dancing in the Dark" by bhogg "Down in the Hole" by Demos "Johnny 99" by Terry "Lucky Town" by yvan "Matamoros Bank" by andre "Meeting Across the River" by phantomengineer "My City of Ruins" by Jerm23 "Night" by wolfinthepines "The River" by Pastor Jeff "State Trooper" by Tom-Joad "Streets of Philadelphia" by GreatDane "What Love Can Do" by ludomichel By the way, I ask that while voting is taking place, you refrain from discussing individual songs and artists. That way everybody can form their own unbiased opinion. PS, If anyone's contribution is missing, please contact me ASAP. It means I didn't receive it.
  11. I just posted a reply to berlintramp on another thread, but here's my first suggestion. On your computer try to switch to Google's public DNS. You can find a manual on how to do that here: Let me know if that makes any difference.
  12. I'm truly sorry you are having this issue. I will do what I can to help, but I'm almost certain the problem must be on your end or with your internet provider. Of course, that doesn't mean I won't help fix it. The first thing you should try is to change your DNS settings on your computer. I'd like you to change to Google's public DNS. You can find a manual for how to do that here:
  13. It's impossible for me to say what's wrong. I promise I didn't punish you. I can only recommend, if it happens again, that you try different browsers, different units (like a pc, tablet, smartphone, etc.) and different internet connections. For instance, maybe you can try to connect using mobile data, which is probably a completely different network than your home wifi. That way it can be established where exactly the problem is, and then maybe something can be done.
  14. Well, it's already been a few days, but yeah, it might take a couple more to get it all ready. Still, I agree with the calvary that it might not be fair to other contestants who submitted on time thinking they could have done a better job if they'd had a few more days.
  15. Too bad, but I'm looking forward to reading your review. And if you feel like it, you can submit your song as a bonus track for the upcoming album. Of course, if it blows the winner away that might be a bit awkward.
  16. That's correct. As long as it's still Sunday where you are, you are on time. And also, it is a well-known trick in the world of diplomacy and negotiations... if you have a deadline and you can't meet it, but you still think you can get a result if you keep negotiating, then you stop the clocks. That's a hint to @the calvary. The thing is, I may not get the poll up and running for a few days after the deadline, so....
  17. Have your business manager call my business manager. I'm sure we can work something out. We'll double whatever offers you get from other boards.
  18. Thank you! It's very much appreciated, your donation and everybody else's!
  19. Only explanation I can think of is that your email provider is very sensitive about any changes in where emails come from. The email server that sends out GL notifications has changed its IP, and if your email server perceives that as a sign of something fishy going on, it might block these emails. Not a whole lot I can do about it, I'm afraid. You can try to contact your email provider or possibly wait until the problem fixes itself somehow.
  20. I'm getting my notifications just fine.
  21. After the first line, am I the only one who read that post to the tune of "Tougher Than the Rest"? It didn't quite work. Happy New Year, Daisey!
  22. @GreatDane and others who are having trouble meeting the origianal deadline, it is not too late! I've decided to extend the deadline by two weeks. The new deadline is Sunday January 14. Thank you to everyone who has submitted so far!
  23. Well, next time something like this happens, I will contact you immediately!