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  1. Oh, and some Belgian guy is there too. For those of you who don't know, Heather Nova is my second/additional wife. She's not aware of it, but that's a minor detail.
  2. This is very sad news. I can't pretend I was as big a fan as I probably should have been, but that live box set is one of the few things I own by him and it's awesome!
  3. You can either try to load the site in desktop mode, or you can change the theme to IPB Default. The theme changer is at the bottom of the page.
  4. Outstanding version. And it's even more meaningful after reading the book. I wouldn't mind if this was aired more frequently.
  5. Hey, you make us sound like some dying breed! To me the Joad tour just finished not too long ago! I saw seven shows on the tour and was very excited about all of them. I have not heard the Belfast recording yet, but I doubt it will change my opinion that to this date no recording has done that tour justice. Being there in those venues that, for the most part, were built for music (unlike stadiums and sports arenas) was a whole other experience than listening to a recording. The sound was so rich and full. Bruce's acoustic guitar sounded like a full orchestra during songs like "Darkness" and "Born in the USA". And the quiet moments were simply magical. It just took you to emotional places you had never been before at a Bruce show. You felt like you woke up from a dream afterwards. It just transcended time and space. Still, after the second leg to Europe in 1997, it felt like it was time for something different. No matter what he did in the Nineties, there was always that hope that he would reunite the E Street Band. It was constantly at the back of your mind... "Yeah, this is great, but... the E Street Band..."
  6. Yay, finally it worked for me. I didn't do anything different. I just tried again after a while.
  7. I did that now and still don't get an option to sign in through
  8. I went to and locked in just fine. It even knows my name. But I still can't get the registration page to work. I tried different browsers. Maybe bushy and AMIW are right.
  9. All I get is this and no way to sign in. Well, I'm not even sure I could go, anyway.
  10. I know how you all just love upgrades and changes so here's another one! This time it's only the message board that's affected, but apart from some cosmetic changes there are also a few new features, some of which I will implement over the coming hours and days. As usual with upgrades, there may be some kinks and bugs that need to be worked out before everything works smoothly. I already see a few that I need to work on. Feel free to report them here or in private messages to me. Oh, and I wonder if those of you with iPad troubles feel any changes for the better?
  11. There have been a few hiccups today as I implemented our new SSL certificate. I think everything has been fixed, but let me know if you experience any other abnormalities. Anyway, the SSL certificate makes all data you send and receive from GL encrypted, which makes the site more secure.
  12. You're all such troublemakers! I think the missing options is on purpose on little screens such as iPhones and iPads, and maybe the system thinks a Chromebook is a tablet or a phone, but why the difference between the default skin and the customized once, I simply don't know. It's not a conscious choice on my part.
  13. Although I didn't seem to have that problem myself, I found a setting that I think took care of the problem. Don't know why the setting was different for the customized skins. Probably Mikey messed it up.
  14. I have made some minor changes that may - but probably won't - affect the link clickability on some devices. Please try again if you've been having trouble.
  15. What functions are missing and what device are you using? Everything is there in both themes when I check on my pc.
  16. By God, you're right! I will get it fixed tomorrow.
  17. Thank you for this information! This does give me a clue. However, if I'm unable to figure it out, this is another solution for those of you who experience this problem: switch to IPS Default theme.
  18. Would you then try to go to desktop mode, change the theme to IPS Default, and then go back to tablet mode, or whatever it's called, and see if that has made a difference? Just trying to figure out if it's the new theme causing the problem.
  19. Would those of you who are having trouble with links try to go to the bottom of the page and see if you can change the theme. If you can do that, try to change it to IPS Default. Let me know how it goes.
  20. I'm not sure I understand. That function never went anywhere. If you click the white circle on the left hand side of a topic, it takes you to the first unread post. At least it does for me.