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  1. "Tom Cruise is a weirdo...and he took Nicole's kids away from her...and also her Catholic faith" A big Yes to the weirdo bit...a meh, none of our business to the kids bit...and a whooping great Who Gives a Crap to the faith bit. I'll go see Top Gun Maverick - looks spectacular.
  2. bad but so many games coming up that workload needs to be managed anyway...
  3. Shaun

    Come on you Spurs!

    well, that sucks. Not a Spurs fan but that just seems wrong. Mind you, I just heard that in last 24 premier league games Spurs have 25 points, which is almost relegation form.
  4. True, but not so much for carrying his grudge into the English camp like that.
  5. Thanks - yes, they're far away from us. We were blanketed by smoke yesterday but the southerly cool change seems to have blown most of that away today.
  6. Well, I did live in London for a decade...
  7. Given I'm a Kiwi that is probably correct and exactly what I meant.
  8. Great win to the Boks. Thoroughly deserved it. And even scored a couple of tries! Why do teams that beat us in World Cups almost always fall off a cliff in their next game?!
  9. Well said. The Scottish Rugby Union certainly covered itself in glory there.
  10. Go the Springboks??? Like fook! That semifinal last night was just awful. Two teams too scared to play footie. There were more kicks than minutes in that game. That England performance against NZ was very impressive. I cannot remember ever watching the All Blacks lose and there being no point in the game, not one, where I thought the comeback was on. Usually even when we lose we fire a lot of shots but England just shut us down. They even had two disallowed tries - the first one, fair enough, but the supposed knock on in the maul - what a joke. If it happened to us I'd be very pissed off. Now England have to go on and win it - for the good of rugby don't let those boring bash merchants from South Africa win. NZ v Wales was my dream final (I like the Welsh, it's not praise for the style of play they have at the moment) - now it's the 3rd place playoff! Hopefully the team can see off the retiring plays and Steve Hansen with a win.
  11. and of course, Marvin's lullaby: Now the world has gone to bed, Darkness won't engulf my head, I can see by infra-red, How I hate the night, Now I lay me down to sleep, Try to count electric sheep, Sweet dream wishes you can keep, How I hate the night.