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  1. Scrappy win but we'll take that. Fabhino, you legend!
  2. It was a bit of both so I'll take your half an apology and offer a half apology of my own...
  3. I used to think your folksy shucks I can't spell schtick was harmless, even if a little embarrassing for some of the rest of us Kiwis. I am seriously not so sure now. Your willful misspelling of Jacinda's name, for example, isn't clever, no matter how many times you do it. But I've figured you out now - you're in mourning because Jami-Lee Ross & Advance NZ got exactly what their wackjob conspiracy theory policy platform deserved.
  4. ha ha yes please. She would be a whole lot better than the wannabe right wing nutjobs in power here. With a comment like that you must have REALLY enjoyed election night
  5. @Daisey Jeep I'm a Kiwi. I got Australian citizenship as well as NZ citizenship. If the criteria is NZers have to live here 5 years and then they can apply for Aussie citizenship, and the issue for a lot of the people seemingly under threat of deportation is that they have lived here most or all of their lives, why didn't they take out Australian citizenship at some point since 2001???? Oh, and go Jacinda!
  6. that is all true, and a disgrace, but other than NZ there arent many shining lights out there in the rest of the world.
  7. don't you mean While our beds are burning further on up the road?
  8. As a Kiwi living in Oz (citizenship in both countries now) I say to Bruce come on down. Sure there a dickhead politicians here but that will just give Bruce more to write about. Also as a Kiwi living here who took out Australian citizenship and didn't have to give up his Kiwi passport...seems like a pretty easy solution right there, Daisey! I love how NZ lets me vote in the NZ election even though I only visit these days. I often don't but I have this time.
  9. Red! I don't hang out here much anymore but great to see you're still fighting the good fight! As far as some of the comments in this thread taking offence at Bruce's comments...this place has changed, man, and not for the better. No wonder I don't hang out here much anymore.
  10. It'd be funnier if it was Alberto Moreno.
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