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  1. Your goalkeeper had a nightmare, but really, Liverpool were well up for it and you lot looked just off.
  2. I'd agree with that. It was a big call, knowing how dangerous PSG could be if they got in behind but it was the right call.
  3. Dont fret - I thought you guys looked really good in this game. You were already 2-1 up when the red card came, and you controlled it easily from that point.
  4. I was there! That was an amazing day/night.
  5. well, that de-escalated quickly!
  6. I know we bicker on here about each others teams, but does anyone here think this is remotely a good idea?? I liked how Klopp and Milner were so forthcoming about their opposition to the idea. Let's hear more from the other clubs about what managers and players think - maybe I missed something (to be fair it all happens overnight for us here and my Twitter feed is somewhat clogged with the discussion so I might have missed Tuchel or Ole saying something?
  7. Sydney night 2 2017. It was outstanding.
  8. You guys should be fine. I really think you'll win it this year. Unless we can magically fill Anfield for the second leg against RM we are completely fooked! (oh, and heal VVD overnight too!)
  9. Is he really a Pep player? Would Pep change the system to accommodate him? I would have thought ManU would be a more logical home, or are they not cashed up enough anymore?
  10. Might just be your year in Europe. I'm sure Bayern might think otherwise but looking pretty flawless right now. Unlike us!
  11. You know Man U is doing very well this year, right? You probably should take enjoyment from your own team's results while you can - been a bit of a drought since Fergie left. Before you say it, not 30 years of drought but still a bit of a barren spell.
  12. Didn't deserve anything more out of today's game, to be fair. Turns out that not having your two best CBs available is a little more of an issue against Real Madrid than against Arsenal.
  13. Don't you mean the one where the goalkeeper grabbed Mane by the boot and he tried to stay on his feet but was denied a clear chance to take a shot and no penalty was given? And they wonder why players dive...
  14. But not exactly a surprise though, unfortunately. Joel is made of wet paper. And will no one spare a thought for the @nocontextjmatip twitter account. Difficult times.
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