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  1. Geez, he's a miserable snidey little prick, Kane. Has he claimed any phantom goals lately? That was a nasty tackle on Robertson, apparently Kane said he got the ball...yeah right. As for the foul on Jota in the box that got waved away - what the hell was going on there? Clear cut penalty. Even Shearer called it on MOTD. I was pleased to see Klopp fire up about it. Will we get more games in the near future or will there be a pause now?
  2. and just a reminder that some of my fellow Kiwis are still waaaaaaaay too obsessed with the Royal Family.
  3. 44 deaths versus 2,072 in Aussie, 146,000 in the UK, or 813,000 in the US?! I know which leadership I'd prefer.
  4. I grew up in a National household in Tauranga. I even saw Rob Muldoon speak live locally once. Then I grew up, travelled the world and developed a social conscience. But I am just teasing you - NZ right and left political parties basically both just occupy a small section of "centre left" in world political terms. You don't get elected by leaving the middle ground in NZ. Back to the original premise - yes, selling off sports teams has been alien to NZ until recently. I'm really not happy with all the latest developments with the All Blacks, but I guess if they didn't do that ALL the best players would go offshore for the big $$$. It is what it is as a professional game. Mind you, I'm more concerned about us still having that useless twat Ian Foster as coach than anything else!
  5. Ignore Daisy, she's an ignorant National voter
  6. I know what you mean but that horse bolted a long time ago.
  7. No problem with this at all. Ooh a "rude gesture" - the shame! Next you'll say there might have been some "adult language". Pssst: I don't suggest you go to an English premier league game if your sensibilities are offended that easily
  8. and the French! Foster out NOW!
  9. Crisis? What crisis? Geez, even Ox is slowly rediscovering a little bit of form. I like watching our front three cut Arsenal apart - makes me feel like order has been restored to the universe. Arteta should have known better than to poke the bear.
  10. Ole's sacking is a sad day for the rest of the league. Obviously Watford didn't get the memo - they needed to win by 2, not 4.
  11. Only thing I don't agree with is you thinking City would have won. No guarantee of that with Liverpool sitting deeper with 10 men for 10-15 minutes, whatever it was. Mind you Klopp is so gung-ho he'd probably have brought on an extra striker and gone for it!
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