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  1. Only thing I don't agree with is you thinking City would have won. No guarantee of that with Liverpool sitting deeper with 10 men for 10-15 minutes, whatever it was. Mind you Klopp is so gung-ho he'd probably have brought on an extra striker and gone for it!
  2. To be fair, after that first half a draw seems like a fair result.
  3. Divock did ok too - nice assist. Love a European night at Anfield.
  4. That's great and all from Ronaldo, but it's a very odd signing by ManU I reckon. Ronaldo will score goals but you have to wheel him into position first these days, and if you play him, who misses out? Does Pogba have to play defensive midfield. That's certainly never gone wrong before. Mind you, its not as weird a signing as Pep wanting him for Man City, whose whole game is based on players working their arses off. Watching Ronaldo try to fit into that would have been very funny.
  5. There's no doubt Man City smash weaker teams. It's just at crunch time at Champions League level where Pep sometimes implodes through overthinking.
  6. They are better without the slack-jawed waste of space.
  7. Shaun

    Euro 2020

    And one incredibly dopey, slow moving one called Kane playing for ???
  8. Shaun

    Euro 2020

    Stolen from Twatter...never mind, a nice hug from Jurgen Klopp at pre-season training will cheer him up.
  9. Thanks goodness UEFA saved us from the Super League, eh? eh? Oh. For fecks sake.
  10. I like Chinatown a lot more than this. In fact, I like Chinatown better than anything on LTY.
  11. The song is available on Spotify. It is just a new version of Dustland Fairytale.
  12. Problem is, that's not the test he or the owners wants to pass most of all...
  13. You might have to speak up - all I hear are crickets...
  14. Now we are injuring them before they even sign a contract!
  15. Bad troll. Still, nice to see you being allowed to stab randomly at daddy's keyboard with your crayons again - took you awhile to get over your pre-match post before the Liverpool game
  16. Of course I want you to lose, but congratulations if you don't!
  17. Even though we are bitter rivals I endorse watching this doco. I'm also looking forward to the Sir Alex film. I like proper clubs with a real history. I could do with less cheap and nasty digs about Munich, Heysel, Hillsborough etc from either side, including on this site - they just reflect the moron side of the fanbase that all clubs seem to have, but other than that Man U are a proper club, congratulations on being 2nd this year and I hope you lose badly to us again next season.
  18. Pssst...I like that argument but don't look at the points difference for Liverpool between this season and last season... It's been a terrible season but lots of mitigating circumstances but over the last 9 games Liverpool are easily the best team in the league, so we are finishing fast. I heard that about 10 games ago Klopp basically told the players to stop sulking, stop feeling sorry for themselves and get out there and prove they were still worthy of the shirt.
  19. I heard that too. The club denied it but has not said any other reason, as far as I can tell.
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