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  1. Apologies quite right no one ever knows what is going on in some one else's head. Blimey I often don't know what's happening in my own head. I do know we both love Bruce and Southside . :-) At least I think I know that. ... just thought I would dip my toes in the lake for a few mins. Glad to 'see' some originals still swimming X
  2. Never one to agree with Eileen's politics I do agree with these comments. Worrying times ahead. May is not someone who will willingly walk. I think tho what's done is done. Damage limitation is needed. In 2 years we will see the mess that is left in Europe. but in the mean time we need to support an open debate arena where hopefully the Tories will break a habit of a lifetime and listen to all the people and make good compromises.
  3. No luck for me either. Frustrating to say the least.
  4. All I can say is . I would.
  5. Thats great so wish he was a Bruce fan tho.
  6. Oh My. I love this. I have never ever liked this song because to me it was when Bruce became a pop star. But I love this version.... wonder if Bruce could get away with singing it like this.
  7. Patti was in tears. She said something like wow the crowd is awesome . The crowd was awesome. The pit was as lively at the end as I have ever seen it. The vibe was great and I felt for peeps not in the pit. You know I loved this show. Yes not technically great not the best sound. Lots of little errors and near misses which Bruce was miffed at but.. Still the best live gig I have been to all year.
  8. He was looking at me
  9. Fingers crossed roll call going well I am 1189. Yay. My fav number.
  10. Awesome show Also stuck in traffic not moving who cares well happy
  11. Love this. Awesome Prince but bloody awesome Bruce. Roll on Manchester.
  12. no luck for me yet. Are all pit gone?