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  1. Ah it is licensed to hbo not showtime knew it was one of those pay channels you can buy it as long as att gets the money but only rent on the att owned hbo or directtv? att which now owns turner, warner, hbo, directtv and others is evil they even cancelled showing footie
  2. I think I the US the film is currently exclusively licensed to Showtime so not available for rent on any of the amazon, google, Apple etc streams
  3. AMIW

    Come on you Spurs!

    Arsenal open up a 4 point gap above spurs , and at the moment would take the last euro spot irrespective of who wins the fa cup
  4. 2 down, 2 to go david luiz up next in the mainfeature ... arsenal pick 5 defenders and have 5 more on the bench Ozil picks up another 350,000 and doesn’t have to get out of bed
  5. Baily thinks it is a basketball game
  6. Busstop will be happy pubs reopen AND manu spanking Bournemouth
  7. Football is back... 10 hours of footballl today,
  8. U s l to return with actual fans in stadiums (50% capacity) teams in St. Louis, Las Vegas, Florida, Leesburg for our posters here if you want to watch live footie
  9. If we can survive a no footie Friday this is what is next
  10. Oh dear the gap is down to only TWENTY points , need a pick me up from my therapist
  11. Three was not a lucky number for Chelsea on Wednesday night. The Blues wore their new-look 2020-21 season strip for their game against West Ham at London Stadium. If you're wondering why they've gone early - it's a contract thing - their sponsorship deal with Yokohama Tyres expired at the end of June. As we keep being told - these are unprecedented times. Their new sponsor is Three, and the telecommunications company also went early on Wednesday, tweeting: "We hear that 'Three' is a magic number." What happened next? Chelsea conceded THREE goals, dropped THREE points and missed the chance to move into position THREE in the Premier League... obvs.
  12. relegation playoffs Werder Bremen v Heidenheim leg 1 today at 230 eastern leg 2 monday at 230 eastern
  13. Fc Dallas quartined after 6 positive tests