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  1. AMIW

    EPL transfer window

    The greedy buggers are also trying to resign angelino who they had for a few years but never played him.... they have discovered he is a left back now
  2. AMIW

    EPL transfer window

    david ospina arsenal to Napoli 3.5m with petr cech retiring that leaves emiliano Martinez as a backup goalie
  3. Ride Me Down Easy was better in 78 1973 Waylon Jennings or Bobby Bare?
  4. France miss penalty - President macron orders retake and they score Vive La France!
  5. Full Orchestra Pony Boy would be AWESOME and also fits in with the western horsey theme
  6. pretty sure kidnapping a police dog gets you a spot in the Tower of London...
  7. the obvious solution is to make Mr J go and collect it as punishment for delaying its arrival.
  9. some more spankings Gold Cup Costa Rica 4 Nicaragua 0 Copa America Uruguay 4 Ecuador 0
  10. Beeb quiz - can you name all 15 of chelseas permanent managers before Sarri - premier league era I got 12
  11. did the Ad also run on the Rodeo channel, the Cowboy Channel, the Farming Channel???