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  1. Don’t forget there is a bonus 10 minute bonus documentary also that will not be shown in blighty, euro land or the upside down lands
  2. Lots of Xmas footie games moved to bizarretimes unlike last year where there were games on 11 of the 14 holiday days.. this year there are only games on 9 of the 14 days
  3. The cancellation was actually after they had drawn the ga lottery just before doors opened, and during the sound check...
  4. Yes I think he was the first but there have been many at chelsea and man city since the 25 man squad rule came in... in recent years I can recall jenkinson at arsenal, markovic at Liverpool and varela at Man U too... sure there were a lot more
  5. only 1 game on sunday again and Don's beloved Chelsea are overlooked yet again Saturday, October 19 Everton vs. West Ham, 7:30am, NBCSN, Spurs vs. Watford, 10am, NBCSN, Universo, Crystal Palace vs. Man City, 12:30pm, NBC, Sunday, October 20 Man United vs. Liverpool, 11:30am, NBCSN, Monday, October 21 Sheffield United vs. Arsenal, 3pm, NBCSN,
  6. Sanchez gets another two to three month holiday due to injury now 2 clubs will be paying him to do nothing as opposed to just the one last season. unless the terms of the loan stiff Man U to pay it all
  7. the others will be release on Eastern Stars, Northern Stars and Southern Stars the follow up albums....
  8. ah just wanted to make sure Bruce didnt bribe MIghty Dook university to get Jessica in.....
  9. I still have a cassette recording of the original shows off the radio
  10. Did this get mentioned before... anyway watching the long shot with Seth rogen and Charlize Theron and they exchange a few lines about BruCe and then I.m on fire plays for a minute or two i am sure Bd alerted us about this but I was totally surprised... couldn’t find the original thread