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  1. Wales draw Denmark in the Euros and Karsten sabotages my profile - hmmh....
  2. i dont want to be in the same group as Keith
  3. to be a collaborator i need 10 posts... i think i have that over the last 20 years
  4. everyone just changed RANK i am now a Rookie? really?? can we change it back
  5. AMIW

    Euro 2020

    havent we been saying this since the thread was started?
  6. AMIW

    Euro 2020

    all the traditional big 8 sides through, along with sweden, ukraine, denmark and WALES two of which will be eliminated in next round as they play each othere
  7. AMIW

    Euro 2020

    so Germany v England well its not as if there is any history between those !
  8. AMIW

    Euro 2020

    Well of course as they all know it’s coming home
  9. AMIW

    Euro 2020

    Achtung, germany equalize against Hungary who go straight down the other end and score again
  10. AMIW

    Euro 2020

    Penalty spot getting a real work out today… 3 pens it is like watching Man U play
  11. AMIW

    Euro 2020

    Ronald o not looking too happy as they go from 1 up to 2 1 down
  12. noone wants to clean up the mess left by the Evil Cheese
  13. AMIW

    Euro 2020

    The route to the final
  14. AMIW

    Euro 2020

    meanwhile you know what is Coming Home
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