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  1. which has been rerecorded twice as a protest song by the Specials in Blighty during the Margaret Thatcher years and by Rage Against the Machine (incl Tom Morello) and there is a version by the Blues Band too (which included several members of Manfred Mann) so a Bruce connection there too
  2. and a special performance of Restless Nights for Steve's birthday - the only ever performance
  3. this show will be on the eve of the anniversary of the ONLY ever performance of the Greetings album and a rare double bill of Santa music
  4. even though we know he lives in Connecticut apparently Santa's Polar Express (and Bruce buddy Tom Hanks) goes through Kingston
  5. the second most famous person from Kingston is Peter Bogdanovich wjo in 1985 produced a picture called Mask which supposed to feature a Springsteen soundtrack but due to legal issues (probably Landaus fault) he had to used Bob Seger instead 20 years later the DvD actually featured the Bruce songs that were swapped out of the theatrical release
  6. Madame Maries's other home is in Kingston NY which I bet you didn't know was the first capital of new York causing the English to arrive and burn it in 1777
  7. meanwhile in New Jersey in one of his final acts as Governor (thank god) Chris Christie has banned the transport of Turkeys across state lines especially over Bridges and Tunnels and they definitely cant be landed via state beaches
  8. I bet you didn't know Bruce has written a song about Thanksgiving turkey
  9. on the way home after the show Bruce and Patti have to pick up dinner for Thursday
  10. her psychic powers predict the setlist will be Setlist: Growin' Up (guitar) My Hometown (piano) My Father's House (guitar) The Wish (piano) Thunder Road (guitar) The Promised Land (guitar) Born in the U.S.A. (guitar) Tenth Avenue Freeze-out (piano) Tougher Than the Rest (piano) - with Patti Scialfa Springsteen Brilliant Disguise (guitar) - with Patti Scialfa Springsteen Long Walk Home (guitar) The Rising (guitar) Dancing in the Dark/Land of Hope and Dreams (guitar) Born to Run (guitar)
  11. meanwhile in the swamps of jersey BD is once again in despair
  12. she also greeted the future Mrs Paul Mcartney to Yankeeland recently but sadly Rachel's phone does not allow pictures of people to exist! so this is what it looked like
  13. She is able to predict when Hot Laker Chickies are visiting the colony from the mother country and meet up with them - such as the legendary Ann Jones