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  1. all going to NYC for BearCon (like Comic-con but with Bears)
  2. followed closely by the number one bear in OZ - Humphrey B Bear on Bear Force One
  3. first up is our Dublin based but secretly Australian Bear Fozzie
  4. the hot laker Euro Chickies have returned to EuroLand to replaced by THE BEARS ON BROADWAY
  5. The Manchester United thread

    Evil One has lost the base of the League Cup - probably had it melted down! and sold it
  6. well Rachel would be Saffie and Jmw would be Bubbles - the legendary Ann Jones as Gran?
  7. Since there is no Chelski thread

    boo hiss - chelski without six available players do wonders for their goal difference
  8. one wonders if you ever START work with all the jetsetting you do?
  9. Meet Bruce contest

    meanwhile in Cuba crowds turned out to hear a 12 hour speech - entitled Longer than a Bruce Show and why the Infidel Landau wont let us be verified fans (I wrote some of the speech)
  10. now who do you think Paul McGuinness got that idea from?
  11. Meet Bruce contest

    the north Koreans even organized an anti-Landau march in protest - I support them the banner reads down with yankee infidel Landau!