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  1. Another thing you can rely on Sterling falling over in the penalty area
  2. phew just as one can rely on the sun rising in the east one can count on finding where foden will be during a game
  3. Alexa . ? How many man utd posters are logged onto this thread Alexa there are currently 7 Man U supporters posting on this thread
  4. Bobby firmino also injured... 7 changes only Alisson, robertson, Wijnaldum and Salah remain .... nit sure if Phillips and Williams is one of the 73 centre back partnerships used before
  5. Ah but daisey do you celebrate it when it is sep 23 in n j or when it is sep 23 in nz as those are two different days? Due to you being on upside down time
  6. Some odd refereeing today erik Pieters sticks his arm out wide and stops a Pepe shot but no penalty given then later a shot is cleared off his shoulder, ref gives penalty and red card but var corrects him and both retracted
  7. KAbak out injured The "Spinal Tap drummer" curse continues amongst centre halves
  8. i foresee a 0-0 draw with lots of penalty incidents and some sendings off...
  9. Co Ed dancers??? https://people.com/sports/washington-football-team-will-not-have-cheerleaders-next-season/
  10. 63rd different centre back pairing Fabinho and Kabak
  11. Both teams played as if they were lost in a fog
  12. Glow in the dark sharks attack nz https://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-56256808
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