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  1. Let’s see Jon moss find something wrong with this one... Bastid took his time with it
  2. Fook van dijk tries to score for watford
  3. Indeed second time this season no one with eyes can give these
  4. Short of defenders young neco Williams makes the bench..... Milner in at left back with Robertson only on bench hopefully players aren’t distracted by their flight to the desert tomorrow
  5. Article on seat of dreams
  6. Long article about old trafford hey busstop ever been upgraded to the seat of dreams sofa.? Don’t recall seeing that on tv broadcasts
  7. in dear old blighty Bruce has played exhibition centres, decrepit running tracks, converted churches, holes in the ground (milton keynes), cricket pitches and several other bizarre locations....
  8. dodgy dejan out this week and probably for the trip to beach so that now makes 4 defenders injured i think
  9. at first glance i thought that was BusStop on the end of the couch drinking wine with Ole and Fergie
  10. For those of you who remember who was mayor of London at the time and switched the power off
  11. tweets from Gladstone the cat at the treasury
  12. tweets from Larry the cat as the news that things look bad for kitties such as Larry and Palmerston in blighty tonight Larry the Cat (@Number10cat) For those of you saddened by the exit poll please consider that 5 years is my remaining life expectancy and I have to live with him
  13. guidedogsatpollingstations is now trending on the twit thing ELmQFI7XsAAUh6o.jfif if you follow the link you will also see cats and horses at polling stations (but sorry daisey no alligators)