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  1. and here is something I did not know David Tennant is married to Georgia Moffat (who played his daughter in a Dr Who Episode ) and she is the daughter in real life of Peter Davison who of course was also Dr Who!!!!!!! yikes.
  2. Chelski v Arsenal live at 4:40am for those of you living in the desert!! will anyone be watching
  3. man city complete their purge of all last seasons 4 fullbacks by letting Kolarov leave Houston and go and sign for Roma JJ - since you have no left backs may I interest in one Alberto Moreno
  4. Toon sign a former Liverpool (and Sunderland) full back - unfortunately it isn't alberto Moreno
  5. a bit of a thrown together 11 for man city - weakened by the presence of 5 English qualified players in the team which is 4 more than they normally play with Man City XI: Ederson, Adarabioyo, Kompany, Fernandinho, Toure, Walker, Foden, De Bruyne, Sterling, Aguero, Roberts Jesus on bench to save Man City later??? Man City's team sheet handed to the press contains SIX players not even in the USA is Pep planning n teleporting them in???? also names Ederson as a defender and Adarabiyo in goal so classic mind games that the evil one would be proud of
  6. busstop will be happy rashford and lukaku start together in Houston though that back four looks a little shaky
  7. Broadchurch is just showing on BBC YankeeLand and a scene has just come on which both David Tennant and Jodie Whitaker appear I guess at the time they didn't know they were both Dr Who....
  8. sunbathing on the beach in Cyprus in the next round
  9. Don Any idea who Chelski's longest serving player have a couple of guesses before reading this article…-a-goalkeeper-who-has-never-played-for-them/ar-AAov55m
  10. I cannot believe that Mr Busstop does not have a meme related to the news that man City fans have been told to watch tonights game in Houston on MUTV
  11. intriguing 4 man city players are training with Girona despite no announcement that abu dhabi has bought the club douglas luiz (just signed by man city) marcus Moreno (signed last year but never seen in Manchester) pable maffeo and aleix garcia
  12. Scotland women's team as bad as the men's team
  13. Liverpool to sign a Left back (it has to be a fake news headline surely?)
  14. danny is in asia but is unlikely to get a game as they are only playing two games and mignolet gets one and karius the other. he didn't play in either friendly in blgihty either think
  15. the guardian must have censored it I am sure the news is elsewhere too