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  1. Well it could be the reason but they had an extra days rest compared to Liverpool who had to play a day earlier and travel away compared to chelsea
  2. Put that on the chelsea thread... the missing ref was the var ref who disallowed the man city goal... did Abu Dhabi do it.
  3. NBC reporting Chelsea ref is stuck in traffic... linesmen are there though... the missing ref was the var ref who disallowed the man city goal...
  4. Wake up @Patched Tube Sheffield utd on the telly
  5. Man city drop points pep says Agüero can go to Ross county on loan jj and busstop both she’d manly tears
  6. Joy amongst cuddly toys as Bobby scores a difficult chance minutes after missing a sitter
  7. Second half much better... this is of course the 4th game for liverpool whereas most teams are only on their second
  8. Film even showing in Iceland, Greenland and nz ... definitely should be in all euroland countries
  9. So liverpool have 4 keepers injured... who is next.... are they all spinal tap drummers
  10. 24 players sold, 20 in the loan army Apparently there are still 6 players not able to play for any chelsea team jamal blackman the legendary baba rahman danilo pantic msrio van ginkel michael hector remember him. At Aberdeen once Been on loan for several years lucas piazon at chelsea 7 years 1 appearance #free the chelsea six
  11. Ken omerou sold to legenas for 4.5m
  12. Thought it said coming to the loo