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  1. New breeds of killer spiders found do not look at the pictures just before going to sleep
  2. jack grealish is an idiot ignores lockdown to go visit a friend AND gets in a car accident
  3. oh just wanted to add this joke that popped up on twitter >>> the furlough applies to all non-playing staff So that applies to Andy Carroll too??
  4. lovable old Mike Ashley continues to aim for Humanitarian of the year award by furloughing all non first team staff
  5. at the 7th and penultimate onsale so obviously not as lucky as some others
  6. AMIW

    Come on you Spurs!

    Toby donates tablets to people in need a little bit at the bottom about son and begwijn
  7. 2 years ago today I arrived in new yawk city having bypassed the evil verified fan stuff to secure a ticket for a show on the 30th seems so strange to see nyc on the tv now...
  8. Stevie, what is really annoying over here is there are all these great series that I either remember or my sister or nieces have told me about but they are spread about so many different streaming services. As well as amazon and Netflix you can find some on pbs , some on britbox and some on acorn tv... it’s just too many to cope with and too expensive to watch if I ever get to wfh I do plan on a free trial of britbox o r acorn to try a few out but it is probably a lost cause to try and watch them all
  9. damn i missed this .. was hoping Bruce would announce a special concert online only for people who are first responders and/or work in the healthcare sector i was preparing my sign for Acoustic Incident now i won't finish it
  10. AMIW

    Come on you Spurs!

    Evil Cheese visits old people near the Spurs training ground i wonder what happens he visits an Arsenal fan
  11. It is difficult to find non virus stories but in strange way it is comforting to know that the killer animals arestill out there in oz