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  1. Apparently it’s worse than that @judygand @JudgeBrownhave arranged for several hours of the national dog show to fill the programming gap as it does on Thursday morning ...
  2. What will the tv channel fill 6 hours of programming with now..nbc correct?
  3. i assume it will be remote isnt new yawk city locked down?
  4. a fine footballer
  5. Charlie Brown thanksgiving is streaming for free these next 4 days after public backlash after evil Apple co put it behind a pay streaming wall...
  6. https://worldsoccertalk.com/premier-league-tv-schedule/
  7. The date should be the 25th... like the rest of Georgia I have trouble with counting @judyg. @JudgeBrown can you edit the title please..
  8. Another death maurice setters who played with nobby stiles and was assistant Ireland coach to jack charlton dies at 83. Was also best man at sir Bobby’s wedding https://www.theguardian.com/football/2020/nov/23/maurice-setters-dies-aged-83-manchester-united-republic-of-ireland
  9. They could still win a game before ga finishes counting though... something for them to aim for
  10. Daleks and captain jack... it is going to be a wonderful christmas https://ew.com/tv/doctor-who-holiday-special-teaser/
  11. Almost like the good old days 9 of the 10 games on tv this weekend the one that is only on streaming is of course Liverpool
  12. Some fans allowed back in from dec 2 depending on what tier the ground is in https://www.bbc.com/sport/55010011
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