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  1. Holy crap… we need to organize a lake rescue bus to go and bust her out of hospital
  2. hmmh not really short of centre backs
  3. and Watford turn the lights out - an Arsenally tactic
  4. exciting loan army news go to love the comment Juan Castillo NED Defender Chelsea to Charlton Athletic Left-back says he has watched Charlton games on YouTube
  5. man city rumoured to be buying a striker https://www.theguardian.com/football/2022/jan/21/manchester-city-close-to-deal-for-river-plates-argentina-forward-julian-alvarez @Jimmy James reported to be in shock
  6. Mighty max also on the album and jimmy iovine involved too
  7. mahrez and benrahma headed home after Algeria crash out
  8. and Xhaka now available for a league game but oops now Partey has gone for an early shower
  9. arsenal manage to force 15 first team players off their couch to play Liverpool
  10. 2 short sub appearances for the robots in 7 years
  11. The beeb said he was excused due to attending a funeral
  12. Famous pug gets own book https://ew.com/books/noodle-and-the-no-bones-day-picture-book/ unbelievably not Ning
  13. before your time Jim... Let us not forget that it was Arsenal who poisioned Spurs in 2006 - 10players missing but game went ahead after Arsenal Supporting Chef was involved https://www.theguardian.com/football/2006/may/08/newsstory.sport2 Spurs miissed out on EUrope and millions of quid - their spot taken by Arsenal!
  14. just read the transcript of Arteta's press conference. he has no shame - he must have the same speech writer as Boris... claims he had 10 players out first team squad is 24 so if you subtract that its still 14 meaning they should have played (and that is not counting the 3 players they sent out on loan since the game.
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