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  1. Won't You Come With Me?

    American bacon is wimpy compared to REAL bacon or even when compared to Canadian Bacon
  2. Official 2017 NFL Thread

    patriots cheating again $5 for a cup of water - who do they think they are Bruce Springsteen?
  3. Another Equifax Hack

    ceo 'retires' to avoid testifying to congress .... heads off out of Alpharetta in a van with lots of unmarked bills no doubt.
  4. The Man City Thread: The Pep Years

    JJ - Mendy has done his knee in - could be watching from the comfy seats for a while
  5. Won't You Come With Me?

    the casino looks in bad shape but then it looked in bad shape 10 years ago .. how much of it is left standing ?
  6. Won't You Come With Me?

    that is cool - which building is that on? the paramount?
  7. Won't You Come With Me?

    maybe it is one of those Incline Railways???
  8. Won't You Come With Me?

    scanning Newark airport webcams for crazy person from blighty
  9. The OFFICIAL 2017-18 NCAA YANKEEBALL Thread

    tarp eels in ATLANTA this week for their next defeat
  10. Won't You Come With Me?

    is anyone running flighttracker on her flight?
  11. attn. peeps on the west island (aka Oz) apparently ABC TV (the aussie one not the yankee one) will be broadcasting from Toronto. (don't know if north and south islanders (aka NZ) can access this) Wondering how you can tune into Invictus Games Toronto 2017? Switch on ABC TV and gather your family, friends and work colleagues and experience the courage and determination of the Invictus Games. Supporters can follow the action thanks to ABC TV, the official broadcast partner of Invictus Games Sydney 2018. For the duration of the Games, ABC will broadcast a daily highlights show, beginning on Sunday 24 September at 3:45pm. Please check your local guides for details. On Monday 25 September at 9:35pm you can watch Unconquered: The Invictus Games, a documentary showcasing the inspiring stories of the men and women who will represent Australia in Canada. Unconquered: The Invictus Games introduces us to the competitors as they gear up to the event, revealing what motivates them and highlighting how their determination has helped them triumph over the physical and emotional challenges they’ve faced. Don’t miss a moment of the action, catch all the shows on ABC IView. Invictus Games Toronto 2017 begins 23 September and concludes on 30 September
  12. apparently it was basically the same setlist for the chosen ones for the second show v the first show with Long Walk Home being the only change in place of the RIsing
  13. The Manchester United thread

    Evil One sent off for entering the field of play during the game! even when shown video of himself on the field he claims the camera angle is wrong
  14. The OFFICIAL 2017-18 NCAA YANKEEBALL Thread

    Glorious victory for the Mighty Dook today
  15. The Liverpool FC Thread

    so getting ready to make my half time cup of tea i'm thinking how will Liverpool screw things up this time and sure enough they do