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  1. james mccarthy from palace to celtic for free need to check if palace have enough players to field a bench
  2. TGLITW to try and end the practice of players buying a penalty after 125 penalties awarded last season https://www.theguardian.com/football/2021/aug/02/var-set-to-end-premier-league-players-buying-a-penalty-next-season Bruno Fernández reported to be distraught at this news
  3. Joe harts career continues to spiral downwards from man city to burnley to spurs to Celtic…
  4. Dean Henderson out with prolonged covid… Phil Jones seen practicing in goal
  5. the exit door at chelsea is busy that is over 30 departures but they have not offloaded any of the big earners in the loan army 25 sold, 8 on loan 20 still sitting around doingnothing
  6. Big crowds expected as spurs clash with the giants of europe Tottenham have been drawn against Northern Irish team Larne or Portuguese side Pacos de Ferreira in the inaugural Europa Conference League play-offs.
  7. Gary Cahill leaves crystal palace as one of the 20 players out of contract https://www.bbc.com/sport/football/58047350
  8. Where are the mods ? Should be cracking down on this
  9. The league cup seems to start even earlier than normal as bournemouth won 5 0 yesterday
  10. Spurs await the draw for the less than glamorous it’s not even the Europa league draw onmonday, alongside teams from Greenland, San Marino , the faroeislands etc https://www.bbc.com/sport/football/57956458
  11. Rumors that man city have discovered they still have a striker on their books and therefore will punish Liam delap by sending hom to spend cold rainy nights in stoke
  12. https://www.bbc.com/sport/olympics/58039393 georgian athletes gosightseeing in Tokyo apparently from the other Georgia
  13. Does anyway know if the covid extra subs rule is in effect still? Or are we back to the 2019 rule
  14. Cool people were invited to a listening party in the city where it was recorded…
  15. Ping @JudgeBrown Someone already campaigning to be the next dr who
  16. Mentioned this one yesterday… you must have me on ignore again
  17. no it says it is the TGLITW away kit
  18. rashford out for 3 months https://www.bbc.com/sport/football/58025216 phil jones to play at forward? are martial and greenwood still injured?
  19. indeed will have to watch those games with sunglasses on
  20. Spurs send a parrot to Milton Keynes on loan
  21. State trooper would be on the set list since the state police patrol that road
  22. https://ew.com/music/bruce-springsteen-declines-to-have-new-jersey-rest-stop-named-after-him/
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