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  1. strange one Dean Smith wins Manager of the Month for December - all their games in January have been postponed due to COVID outbreak
  2. "sing all the verses" from 12 years ago
  3. will Bruce actually be in Washington or will this be from the farm?
  4. With a football game on every day of the week haven’t watched a lot of anything recently but did over Christmas/new year in the rare few hours when there was put footie watch this Finnish series really liked it
  5. farewell lucas piazon - chelseas longest serving loan army player https://weaintgotnohistory.sbnation.com/2021/1/14/22230610/official-sc-braga-sign-lucas-piazon-from-chelsea
  6. more loans jack clarke spurs to stoke lucas piazon who has been on chelseas books for NINE years to braga charlie brown (no not the snoopy one) from chelsea to mk dons
  7. And the game is off villa now have 4 games in hand
  8. Leicester offload a few islam slimani to Lyon for less than a bag of crisps Filip benkovic on loan to oh levan
  9. Fixture backlog grows as southampton v Leeds is postponed so Southampton can play shrewsbury in the fa cup instead https://www.bbc.com/sport/football/55654506
  10. @JimCTshould have invited marine to play them instead of fulham?
  11. raheem sterling auditions for penalty taker in englands penalty shootout defeat at euro 2020/1/2
  12. the long forgotten fosu-mensah finally leaved man utd https://www.bbc.com/sport/football/55652484 clears room in teh 25 man squad for the triumphant retrun of Phil Jones???
  13. Villas next game in doubt and they already have 3 games in hand https://www.bbc.com/sport/football/55644144
  14. Marcus sorts out PM Rashford holds 'good conversation' with PM about food parcels Footballer and campaigner Marcus Rashford says he has had a "good conversation" with Prime Minister Boris Johnson about food parcels for children in England. He tweeted: "Just had a good conversation with the Prime Minister. "He has assured me that he is committed to correcting the issue with the food hampers and that a full review of the supply chain is taking place. He agrees that images of hampers being shared on Twitter are unacceptable." Food parcels have been sent to pupils in Eng
  15. Unidentifiable man spotted at downing stet with a banner that reads Stop Football Now,,, award title to Man Utd
  16. fulham not happy to be playing spurs tomorrow https://www.bbc.com/sport/football/55634082
  17. Man city get involved in Bolivia as their world domination strategy continues https://www.bbc.com/sport/football/55630438
  18. AMIW

    FA Cup 2020-2021

    And man city’s path to final continues to be easy in the 5th rd FA Cup fifth-round draw Fulham/Burnley v Bournemouth/Crawley Town Manchester United/Liverpool v West Ham or Doncaster Sheffield United/Plymouth v Millwall/Bristol City Chorley/Wolves v Southampton/Shrewsbury or Arsenal Barnsley/Norwich v Chelsea/Luton Town Everton/Sheffield Wednesday v Wycombe/Tottenham Swansea City/Nottingham Forest v Cheltenham Town/Manchester City Brentford/Leicester v Brighton/Blackpool
  19. Phil Neville to join golden balls team Miami vice https://www.bbc.com/sport/football/55624019
  20. AMIW

    FA Cup 2020-2021

    meanwhile anothe r tough draw for Man City and of course for Tottenham... FA Cup fourth-round draw Cheltenham Town v Manchester City Bournemouth v Crawley Town Swansea City v Nottingham Forest Manchester United v Liverpool Southampton/Shrewsbury v Arsenal Barnsley v Norwich Chorley v Wolves Millwall v Bristol City Brighton v Blackpool Wycombe v Tottenham Fulham v Burnley Sheffield United v Plymouth Chelsea v Luton Stockport/West Ham v Doncaster Brentford v Leicester Everton v Sheffield Wednesday
  21. its official spurs v fulham on wednesday
  22. With Aston villa in quarantine spurs might instead play fulham on wednesday strange times
  23. I imagine @burghfan has thrown many objects at the tv by now
  24. Some famous locals watched the game
  25. Reguilon on too, dint know if the snack bar pitch side is open but maybe he could stop by for a proper bacon sandwich
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