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  1. The guy in the tiger suit in the guardian is probably you
  2. Newcastle only 38 points short of safety
  3. a guardian photo article some great black and white photos see if you can spot @Born To Walk https://www.theguardian.com/football/2021/sep/16/goodbye-bootham-crescent-the-end-of-an-era-for-york-city
  4. These are wise words… it is of course the best stadium in the known universe
  5. In the european competition without a name or any prestige spurs lose moura and bergwijn to in jury nit sure if the Croatian beach dwellers lo celso and Romero will forego their tans to return for this weekends league game
  6. https://www.bbc.com/news/entertainment-arts-58582258 second or third postponement I think farewll tour now will go into its 5th calendar year it started sep 8 2018
  7. Books ship from Nashville, Tennessee, so the further you are from Nashville, the longer the possible transit time. i can drive to Nashville in 4 hours but they quote 3 to 4 weeks for delivery who are they using for delivery?
  8. Unless the book is made of gold Or contains a cd of electric Nebraska it is too expensive
  9. Surely the most interesting one was TGLITWs ref Anthony Taylor sending off a player after only 1 yellow card in the Kiev game How is he going to live that one down?
  10. i see they named two goalies on the bench so they could have brought those on and had 3 goalies across the line to stop the winning goal
  11. man utd playing with young boys in Wankdorf tonight now wouldnt that be a misleading headline
  12. Aguero hasn’t recovered from injury, fati hasn’t played this season now braithwaite does his knee too… barcelona suffering a Liverpool like curse
  13. Well arsenal, Norwich and a couple of others will basically be free by mid March as they will have given up all hope by then
  14. Turned down an offer of a ticket to see the Falcons… colleague texted me during the 3rd quarter so say that the stadium was 80% empty by then… going to be another long season I guess
  15. Won all those grannies oh dear @balboa08has been stricken with @Daisey Jeepdisease
  16. Shades of the assault by Pickford on van Dijk last season strijk of Leeds assaults young Harvey Elliott will he even play again this season.. a 3 game ban is not sufficient for this, shocking play
  17. I don’t remember for sure that night whether I saw him before I do remember there was a memorable Denver show on the rising tour when he had just visited the national fallen firefighter memorial and he sent me to get beer with the instructions “and none of that warm English crap” I of course brought him back a Bass Ale
  18. One can never have enough rich nappi threads, still remember the last thing he said to me after the WiESS show ”well that didn’t suck”
  19. Since he is on cnn a good reason to bring this thread back
  20. I was just about to post the same thing.. great to see his ugly mug miss you firerich…
  21. Glad you and he had a good time Neil, … Now of course you have to break the news to him that every game isn’t like that and there are the late own goal defeats on a cold and rainy night in burnley when Ronald o gets sent off to look forward to but until then as warren zevon said enjoy every sandwich
  22. They were away at palace today … the vegan rabbit food is next weekend
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