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  1. Busstop bursts into tears again… hope auntie didn’t put too much money on a newcastle win
  2. Ronald o scores at stretford end grown men in crowd weep uncontrollably
  3. Man city only name 19 players.. why couldn’t they put a youngster on the bench, no Fernandinho oh foden is back in his usual spot of course update the bbc left him off but Fernandinho is sitting next to Phil
  4. The spurs we all know and love are back
  5. Dressed in suit and tie… when was the last time that happened
  6. Dier off with an injury, ta Ganga sent off it is all going spursy
  7. Ronald o gets off team bus,,, grown men watching break into tears
  8. 3 players in Croatia plus 3 injured a very strange looking spurs team today
  9. What.. you have travelled to Manchester to see busstop??
  10. Scott Carson in tears as Brazilians allow Ederson to play after all
  11. The Brazil players are free to play… rumours that boris threatened a state visit to Brazil and that forced them to back down
  12. man city's reserve keeper is called Slicker - at first i thought it said Slacker
  13. suitcases containing unmarked bills exchanged and somehow Almiron (newcastle) and Jimenez(wolves) are cleared to play but not the others
  14. That is great news should be a blast for both of you
  15. @doesthisbusstop prepares to welcome Ronald O back to Old Trafford
  16. As well as the Brazilians Juergen says that minamino and Milner are out and keita is doubtful sir Kenny dalglish and Ian rush will have to sit on the bench and not up in the directors box then…
  17. Japan decides it doesn’t want to host chelsea in the club World Cup thing at christmas https://www.bbc.com/sport/football/58505463
  18. Warren played Atlanta a lot had some connection with the rugby team… I think the last time after the show in buckhead he left the theatre with some people from the rugby team over to their club bar.. after a few minutes a singalong ensued including a full bar version of werewolves of london… this was in the days before cellphones and full streaming video but hell even in my own aged memory it still sounds great
  19. And to think Rachel was like minus 20 years old the last time they released an album is keith in your dance pod? I would pay several dollars to see that on a live stream
  20. No because it is framed on her office wall in Sweden
  21. I think I found a forum that doesn’t have a happy birthday daisey thread… not going to tell y,all which one though…
  22. which of the hotels at Heathrow will Stevie be quarenteening at for 10 days???
  23. i like how the FA said that the TGLITW presented a united front obvoulsy didnt notice Aston Villa giving into the brazilian demands did they
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