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  1. when i moved out of my parents house i apparently put all my old springsteen shirts that didn't really fit in a bag to throw out. my mom fished em out and made a similar thing for me. i'll post a pic asap.
  2. the irony, of course, is that the next verse describes the wall crowd pretty much perfectly.
  3. i don't feel at home in this world anymore was fun at times and interesting and surprising without being twisty. a little quirky without being cloyingly millenial (i think). if you enjoy such classic bobcat goldthwait films as god bless america, you'll love this flick.
  4. yeah i feel like i need to watch bad blood. i love a lot of the actors on it.
  5. i'ma watch this asap. @MagicRatAFC have you watched the film 'harlan county, usa'?
  6. i haven't watched this because, to the best of my understanding (it's all some of my friends will talk about lately), it's about him and his victims and their families, and not about the system that enabled, and supported, child rape. essentially, i don't like stories about this or that rapist priest and his particular proclivities. the story is the institution - the church, or in this case, hollywood - which has both a culture of pederasty and sexual violence, and a culture of silence. this film seems too voyeuristic, and not genuinely critical. on that subject, you should really watch a film called 'an open secret' about hollywood, by amy berg who also made 'deliver us from evil' about the church. for some reason, the one about hollywood was not distributed (her church film was nominated for an oscar, so it's not like she's a bad film maker) and is a little harder to find, but it's google-able.
  7. it's a very iannucci movie, in that it feels somewhat improvised and small, somehow, but it's surprisingly effective. laughs were few and far between though. hard to laugh with beria (but not impossible).
  8. just finished watching this one. not one of iannucci's funniest films, but it is fantastic, and something about its being a comedy makes it more chilling, not less. it also seems pretty accurate, or as accurate as can be. @Tom-Joad @redwire @Patched Tube
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