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  1. robk1

    Former Fleetwood Mac Guitarist Passes

    Nice obit in the guardian about two days ago. I'm not smart enough to post a link
  2. robk1

    Songs that link

    So tempting to go with Bad moon arising But we had that very recently, so The whole of the moon
  3. robk1

    Name Game

    Kelsey Grammar
  4. robk1

    Songs that link

    Sisters of mercy Leonard Cohen
  5. robk1

    Name Game

    Mitzi Gaynor
  6. robk1

    Songs that link

    Little sister Ryan Coolers version for me
  7. robk1

    Songs A-Z

    Nowhere Man
  8. robk1

    Songs that link

    Hole Jesus and Mary Chain
  9. robk1

    Songs that link

    Thirty foot trailer ( Ewan McColl, but Christy Moore version is my fave )
  10. robk1

    Songs that link

    Wherever I lay my hat, that's my home
  11. robk1

    Whatcha reading?

    I got No find return of love by Barbara Pym. No Taylor's....what was the first name again ? Also got some Du Maurier short stories and Amy Sackville: Orkney
  12. robk1

    Songs that link

    Green green grass of home
  13. robk1

    Holy Shit!

    May 73, Hard rock Manchester. There were two gigs, not sure which night we went to ( but the ticket stub is upstairs ) Support was Brinsley Schwartz....Nick Lowe .
  14. robk1

    Holy Shit!

    Just once, with Wings, in 73 I guess
  15. robk1

    the person below me

    Yes... tomorrow afternoon at the garden TPBM has been to a school reunion