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  1. I don't know if this will have worked! Should be Garbageman from the film The Matador
  2. Cautious lip. Blondie
  3. Don't give me no lip. The Sex Pistols
  4. Ive got four favourites, but am very poor at posting the links. If any of you like these , and fancy posting them, please do. 1). Whole wide world ( Wreckless Eric ) in Stranger than Fiction. 2). Garbageman ( the Cramps ) in Matador 3). Everyway that you want me ( Spiritualised) in Me, Myself I 4). Don't forget me ( Macy Gray ) in Confessions of a Shopaholic. All this is before you get me started on Lost In Translation
  5. Psycho killer. Talking Heads
  6. Many rivers to cross. Jimmy Cliff
  7. Still crazy after all these years
  8. Whips and Furs. The Vibrators.
  9. That I have been going out with my girlfriend for41 years tomorrow. Mind you, I said the same thing a year ago at 40 years
  10. Bad boys get spanked. The Pretenders
  11. Evil woman. Black Sabbath
  12. We have watched two more Scottish programmes this week. I guess both have been on Scottish TV beforehand. One was about Pipers in WW1, one about the Iolaire ship that sank in sight of Stornaway harbour on 31/12/1918 with horrendous loss of life. Both highly recommended and should be available on catch up.
  13. Bone machine. The Pixies