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  1. Don't eat the yellow snow. F Zappa
  2. Snowdrops....just coming out here. Revolver or Ruberr Soul ?
  3. We saw Whyte Horses at the RNCMin Manchester last night....first time we have seen live . They were fabulous.... best gig for about 4 years for me.
  4. " Skedaddle, kid "he barked " or you might just.......
  5. a country mile. When did you last drink a cocktail?
  6. Sounds like the plot of Driller Killer ! I don't nasties
  7. But when she opened her mouth......not a sound was heard. " Oh shit " she realised" someone has put a spell on me !"
  8. " That's just the kind of gal I am " she mused " no one tells me which way to go ". In the distance she could hear the mopeds and smell the familiar scent of cheap petrol. " I must be getting closer " she thought. " Halt, who goes there?" said a stern voice....
  9. That's me.Whyte Horses on Saturday. TPBM can play the tuba.