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  1. robk1

    U2 Dublin sites

    Back from Dublin. I did take them to a U2 rehersal studio and a U2 room in the Little Dublin Museum. Also seen more U2 videos than i would wish to.
  2. robk1

    The Man City Thread: The Pep Years

    Well, we took our Spanish friends yesterday....and it was my girlfriends first football match. I think she now has the wrong impression about how much fun it can be.....if your side wins
  3. robk1

    Songs that link

    Psycho I only know Ekvus Costello singing it....but notbhis song
  4. robk1

    Songs A-Z

    Well, we waited a long time for some one to skip, skipping z... All of the day and all of the night
  5. robk1

    Songs that link

    Love me tender
  6. robk1

    Songs that link

    Bend me shake me
  7. robk1

    Whatcha reading?

    I'm reading, and will finish this afternoon, To rise again at a decent hour by Joshua Ferris. I picked up at the library last week....never heard of it but am loving it Laugh out loud funny with an intriguing plot. About a dentist in NYC....but much more besides.
  8. robk1

    the question conversation

    Camouflage !? No, probably black Have you got siblings ?
  9. robk1

    One Or The Other

    Without, thank you League or union ( rugby )
  10. robk1

    Songs that link

    Two blind mice
  11. robk1

    Songs that link

    Fools rush in
  12. robk1

    Songs that link

    Red red wine
  13. robk1

    Songs that link

    All over the world Pixies
  14. robk1

    U2 Dublin sites

    I tried, I really tried, but when I got to the site I just couldn't do it. Sorry, but thanks for your kind help. It is appreciated.
  15. robk1

    Songs that link

    Eight days a week