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  1. Tramp the dirt down. Elvis Costello. I would really really like to.
  2. Only Gary ain't up to it ! What's the best In Lennon song.
  3. I forgot all about it.,..was it any good.? Who is your favourite drummer ?
  4. When I'm cleaning windows
  5. I do not know anyone who trusts what the Government says. Do you deadhead the daffodils ?
  6. From under the covers. Beautiful South
  7. 21 t-shirts ( counted them today !)
  8. Surprisingly not.....I haven't increased my read rate yet...or TV watching. I buy books when I travel and usually have about a dozen ready to read. may start to run out if the shops and lib stay shut. I recently started reading reading ( and getting rid of ) some of my older stuff....been doing Kundera . Have you discovered anything new about your neighbors ?
  9. Waltzing is for dreamers. Richard Thompson. I think it is his birthday today