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  1. robk1

    Songs that link

    Back home in Derry
  2. robk1

    The Man City Thread: The Pep Years

    Didn't see it, but the newspaper report I read siad it was a clear penalty
  3. robk1

    Gigs 2019

    Just booked for Steve Harley...18 th Feb Juan Martin...18 th March Both in Newcastle under Lyme
  4. robk1

    Songs that link

    Intergalactic laxative
  5. robk1

    Songs that link

    I've come for my award Beautiful South
  6. robk1

    Songs that link

    Do the ostrich Lou Reed
  7. robk1

    Songs that link

    Cold turkey
  8. We went to see Stan and Ollie this afternoon. Highly recommended. Not sure how much you would like it if you've never seen the real thing.....but there can't be many in that boat. My mum and dad saw them on the tour
  9. robk1

    Songs that link

    Broad majestic shannon
  10. robk1

    Songs that link

    I can see clearly now
  11. robk1

    Songs A-Z

    Tears of a clown
  12. robk1

    Songs that link

    Whole of the moon
  13. robk1

    Songs that link

    Boys don't cry
  14. Ha Saw Colette last Saturday. I've never read anything by Colette, so perhaps enjoyed it more. Usually my girlfriend doesn't like Keira K, but even she thought Keira was good in this Stan and Ollie on Saturday
  15. robk1

    Songs that link

    No Xmas for John Quays The Fall