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  1. michael row the boat ashore
  2. i got three LPs yesterday; Wolf Alice, Working Mens Club and Virginia Wing. Played two...about to go and listen to WMC ( plus free live CD)
  3. I have previously posted here about the street I grew up in Old Trafford where Man City owned three adjacent terraced houses for players to help get around the wage cap ( financial fair play !) We moved on my fourth birthday ( 62) to Altrincham further out from Manchester centre. In the next road ( certainly by about 66) Max Mooney lived. He was Mike Summerbee's ( and George Best of course, but this is a City thread) business partner. If you knocked and asked nicely he would give you signed photos of the guys. I don't remember ever seeing George or Mike there...but as I say it
  4. peppermint tea, please Craig or Connery ? ( 007)
  5. you can look but you better not touch
  6. gone fishing bing Crosby ( probably)
  7. well...what a load of faint hearts you are. I'm in the camp that thinks the CL is a bit naff and would happily boo the anthem every time. The PL is the real test...and Pep keeps passing it.
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