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  1. Wales on line has a superb video clip of Owen Farrell taking a quick penalty whilst the opposition are obeying the refs instructions to be talked to about their discipline. He kicks over to a player who catches it and scores a sneaky try ! I'm not smart enough to do a link, but do check it out.
  2. all around the world Pixies
  3. Love goes to building on fire. Talking Heads
  4. Yo Soy Un Hombre..Jose Marti Link is in the lyric..of course..." soy capitan "
  5. From here to eternity Only Ones
  6. Keys to your heart. 101ers. Joe Strummers pre Clash band
  7. Isolation.. Joy Division. Nearly as good as the Lennon song....but that is saying something
  8. Stranded in the Jungle...New York Dolls
  9. How are you lot feeling ahead of Sunday's match ??
  10. wild in the country Bow Wow Wow
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