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  1. Don't forget to remember me, Ant the love that used to be, I still remember you , I love you In my heart lies a memory. The Bee Gees
  2. Love will year us apart
  3. I'm sure there is a thread on this but I don't know how to find it and the film I need to alert you to is on UK film 4 tonight. It is Warm Bodies on at01.35 Tue morning. It is quite a good vampire film with a pretty good soundtrack. The Bruce song is about 30 mins in ,( I guess ). Catch it if you can.
  4. Not waving but drowning. Morrissey ( I think )
  5. Which side are you on ? Billy Bragg
  6. Always look on the bright side of life
  7. Thanks for the comments above. My op went well....fewer complications than last year or March. There is a high relapse rate so I dont was to get carried away. For now it has knocked about 80 bpm off my resting rate.. Anyway....I grow my hair back
  8. Pasta, please. Guinness or Murphy's ?
  9. Don't let the sun go down on me. elton john
  10. The Promised Land. The doctors are trying another stop and start with my heart on Saturday morning. Shaved my chest today ready for the electric shocks. Sparks fly on E Street.
  11. All over the world. The Pixies
  12. There's a new kid on the block. Just watched the new kid: Amanda Anisimova playing at Roland Garros in the quarter finals. She is 17 and from Freehold NJ. Very very impressive. Is Freehold a tennis town ?
  13. From here to eternity. The Only Ones
  14. Happiness is a warm gun
  15. Jesse James. Lots and lots of people. Let's go for Christy Moore
  16. Oops...yes, Wexford of course. There seems to be plenty to go at in the library.
  17. Heroes. Bowie. ( I avoided Wild Billy's Circus )
  18. I've recently moved on to Ruth Rendell. I've read about four now....enjoying them a lot. I got a bit tired with P D James....the few I read seemed a bit too convoluted and the detective, Dalgliesh, a bit too wooden. Galbraith, Rendell's copper , is more fun, his daughter , Sophie, is a hoot and his sidekicks quite good
  19. Which sport are we on here?