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  1. keep it under your hat from Calamity Jane...my fave musical
  2. smoke gets in my eyes B Ferry version
  3. but... We have spent the last six months learning Welsh and my Spanish will have suffered a lot. I think it will be hard to keep up the Welsh lessons whilst i am in Spain !
  4. Famous Blue Raincoat L Cohen ( "its four in the morning" is the first line )
  5. The City fans reaction to the CL is one of the many many things I love about City ( and about being a City fan)
  6. nice I guess I don't have any portraits on my walls...I think the people are watching me !
  7. that I am going back to Spain next week for the first time in a year and a half.
  8. This old house Shaking Stevns
  9. turn around Nanci griffiths Lovely song
  10. tonight I fancy myself Beautiful South
  11. dont leave me this way communards...probably a cover version
  12. White line fever Motorhead
  13. Last night i finished Here We Are by Graham Swift...rather underwhelmed by it, but nice and short. Anyone read others by him ? I know a couple have been made into films
  14. why do i always have to explain ? Van M
  15. I wonder when he will get arrested ?
  16. its alright ma im only dying bob dylan
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