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  1. over you undertones my fave track by them
  2. i heard her call my name velvet underground
  3. i just started "The Vanishing Half" by Britt Bennett last night....seems a good un
  4. the sun aint gonna shine anymore Walker Bros ?
  5. the mess Wings great track
  6. aint no cure for love Leonard Cohen
  7. across the universe Bowie version
  8. i started listening to the " new" Van M release " new Record Project" today, Xmas present. I know it got some porr reviews but it seemed OK so far. Not heard his anti vaxx stuff ( I don't think...I wasn't giving it full attention)
  9. downtown train Tom Waits
  10. Great choice. I was majoring on Night Rally last week
  11. listened to the match whilst painting...sounded a corker !!
  12. The other CD I got for Xmas was " Saint in the City"..I already had a download but saw a copy of the CD in Cob Records Porthmadog in November. I love it to bits..one of my top choices. It was nice to get the CD cos it has a nice liner note ..lifted from Sounds magazine back in 74..but with the author not credited. Any one know who will have written it ? I wasn't a Sounds reader back then; NME and Melody Maker for me.
  13. I got the second Hammersmith Odeon CD for Xmas and played it yesterday...CD1 anyway. I had never heard Sha La La before !!
  14. I opened my Christmas presents yesterday. I got the Bruce at Hammersmith Odeon CD ( second concert). Can't believe how much I'm loving it !
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