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  1. 10 little Indians. John Hiatt
  2. ... neanderthal man. You'rea neanderthal girl, Let's make neanderthal love, In this neanderthal world. Hotlegs . ( Anyone remember that one ,)
  3. Me and my shadow. The Only Ones
  4. to love. But my baby just loves to daƱce. ( Best song at the disco at a party we were at last week.... flamenco theme fancy dress !)
  5. I only know this by Gram Parsons. What is the Otis version like ? Just because of you boy Just because of you. Dusty Springfield ( not sure who wrote it )
  6. Holy, holy...Bowie. Nearly went for Joleen
  7. One of our friends/ aquantancies is called Peter Sutcliffe....I always do a double take whenever I see the guy's name written down or mentioned.
  8. 68 guns. The Alarm ( Was on the radio this morning )
  9. Had a proper martini..... James Bond style
  10. My word, here are some of knowledgeable people around here Hats off to you .
  11. ....feel sorry, about what you've done. Don't you worry, about the way it's gone. Just remember,when you were small. How people, used to seem so tall. John Lennon: remember
  12. London Bridge is Falling Down
  13. We are seeing Juan Martin, a flamenco artist, tonight. Seen him and his troupe before, but not for a few years.
  14. Sleep late my lady friend. Harry Nilsson
  15. Planet of sound. The Pixies
  16. The sandman. Nilsson ( in version I have )
  17. Small change. Tom Waits
  18. Saver. Martin McGuiness or Gerry Adams ?