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  1. Nevada beat unlf***ingv in both regular games, so my year is complete. The San Diego state game in Reno however, could be interesting.
  2. What are everyone's thoughts on the proposed new playoff structure? I think it is one of the most absurd things I have ever heard, and probably just an attempt to distract from the sign stealing story.
  3. I had not heard about this. Good move for both leagues.
  4. For 35 or so minutes it wasn't but after that it must have been like watching a train wreck in slow motion.
  5. Making the postseason fail more delicious.
  6. I really do not see them losing a game before the NCAA tournament, but in a way it might be better if they did, to take some of that pressure off.
  7. Thank you, I now feel a little better about the result of the game
  8. The dog content earns a lifetime pin
  9. Some political posts have been hidden and the original reference I made to the issue that may have triggered the discussion has been deleted. Let's try to keep the focus on something non-political that we can all discuss civilly like that the Cowboys suck and the Patriots cheat.
  10. Well Jimmy did use the word "throat". Your source has some cutting edge knowledge on that topic.
  11. Surprised that I really liked it. Liked the pugs better though.