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  1. As a kid I read Gibson's book From Ghetto to Glory. There was a chapter where he described some of the hitters of the day and his approach to each of them and I swear it seemed like every one of them began with "I don't have much trouble with [insert name - McCovey, Aaron, etc.]..." then he would talk about how he pitched them and what the danger areas to avoid were. I remember thinking "damn, this is one confident dude." And the more I learned about him I realized he had good reason.
  2. I was thinking of Seaver, Niekro, Gibson etc. sitting around saying "man I wish we had somebody to pitch to" and then saying "oh shit, not him."
  3. Patterson Hood, Mike Cooley, Muscle Shoals. But the point stands.
  4. She is sad to learn that The Onion is satire. https://politics.theonion.com/stray-doberman-accidentally-sworn-in-as-president-after-1846086877
  5. Boise and Utah State from MWC, @DarknessandHope sees SDSU on the outside looking in. And bbb would be liking seeing the Bonnies.
  6. Not a Tom fan but any chance to trash the Cowboys and I am in.
  7. Dook, UNC and Ky all not ranked. Last time that happened was December 1961.
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