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  1. I think you should be excited.
  2. @VABOSSFAN UNC doesn't miss the tournament after all!
  3. The only thing that can stop the Scotsman from another GL Pool win is a pandemic.
  4. Or with my alternative Theory, maybe the Beatles were not that good
  5. Honestly I am not really sure. There were a lot of rumors about a bunch of infighting on the team, some over who was the lead dog, and some having to do with an issue involving girlfriends or something. And then there is a part of me that thinks maybe they just were not that good and the sweet 16 run the year before was a bit of a fluke.
  6. It is kind of reminding me how Nevada looked as the season came to an end last year. And that certainly didn't end well. Hoping the Aztecs have a better fate.
  7. Looks like the Mountain West is a 2 bid conference and I am not sure San Diego will complain too loudly about being a second seed but not being sent to the east
  8. Really good game but the Aztecs were just too much at the end. Congratulations Darkness. On to the tournament.
  9. Well 'round here baby, I learned you get what you can get...
  10. In Nevada you can bet on anything. And I would say take the over.
  11. The game in Reno will be interesting, Nevada is playing pretty well. And I will be in San Diego for the week of the conference tournament meanwhile, nationally, I have no idea what is going to happen, there are clearly no elites. Only thing I do know is that our friend from Scotland will win the pool again.
  12. Damn. Basketball is strange, Nevada beats those turds from the south heavily in Vegas, then this happens and in San Diego.