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  1. I support his choice. They are adopting 2 baby girls who are 8 week preemies. No brainer in my book especially since I assume he can afford it. Besides, Giants could play 1, 20, 40, 162 or 10K games this "season" and they will still suck.
  2. Do you mean firing for reasons of disability, religion and national origin would be OK with you? If so, fortunately Federal Law would not agree.
  3. No I have not. As you may recall from other discussions over the years I am not a fan of L.A. Have been to the Greek in Berkeley many times though.
  4. Just realized to my shock that I have spent my whole life on the United States West Coast and I have only seen one show at the Hollywood Bowl. Monty Python.
  5. Likewise. I had no idea who they were and their set was of course short, but I went out and bought the first album the next day.
  6. Interesting thing about that show was that the opening act was a completely unknown band touring behind their first album. Cheap Trick.
  7. True fact. The memory is not what it used to be. Plus as a Bruce fan I automatically default to 1978 for everything. It was indeed 77.
  8. For sure. I first saw them in 78 on the day Elvis died.
  9. I remember the eardrum. I can't remember the artist.
  10. Indeed. And yes he wanted to go see KISS until that life changing moment, I think he even said he wore his KISS Army shirt to the MP show. He passed away the same day Bruce played the Super Bowl. Last text I ever got from him was him reminding me he nailed the setlist prediction. RIP Noble.