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  1. At my office there is music piped in to the restrooms. One morning just as I walked in I heard a loud "Helllooooooo baabby!" It was a bit disturbing.
  2. I misheard several of those lines as well. "Here and with the women just around midnight" and "Drums beating cold, English blood runs hot" (I "heard" the comma in a different spot) and "I bet your Mama was a Cheshire queen" being 3.
  3. Seriously sure. I am still in baseball depression mode so I am open to anything. Well almost. I would not support the Cowboys. Go Colts.
  4. Is Johnny Unitas playing? If so sure.
  5. I mean Flores was 0 for whatever lifetime against Max so odds weren't good but don't end a deciding game like that.
  6. Ironically the Giants benefited from a questionable non-call on a check swing in the regular season against the very team they played last night.
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