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  1. It's great. Still love Belgian waffles and hate Brussels Sprouts. Move along.
  2. Who is chopping onions because I am tearing up here? This is beautiful. Those pictures of those residents are so sweet.
  3. Their collapse has been astonishing.
  4. And the Giants walk off with a sacrifice fly from Gausman because of course they did.
  5. Truth be told at the beginning of the year I would not have thought he was far off.
  6. Don't get hot tonight please and thank you.
  7. Ning and I were occupied stressing the Giants' attempt (successful!) to sweep the Cubs. Magic number to clinch a playoff spot is 1.
  8. 11. Bumgarner. Regardless of what MLB says.
  9. Im looking for a woman with low self esteem
  10. Today helped also. Thanks Cardinals. Now go Padres.
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