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  1. Yes, my user name pays homage to The Great One. He was simply my favorite baseball player from the time I started reading box scores in preschool. I was 10 when he died. My kids grew up learning about Clemente much like they grew up listening to Bruce - they were both just always there. But no, I've never lived in Pittsburgh. I actually lived in Kansas City from 1968 - 1974, so the first team I loved was the Royals (thus my interest in 1985 ). I also grew up a Chiefs fan and attended Super Bowl IV (where Carol Channing most definitely DID NOT perform at halftime, contrary to popular belief).
  2. That painting hangs in a friend's house who is a longtime Cardinals fan. For some reason, he wants to be reminded of it every day!
  3. Thanks for the heads up. The Indigo Girls early music was an integral part of my late 20's, early 30's relationship and life angst - Nomads, Indians, and Saints being my favorite album of theirs. In the mid 90's, when I got happier, I, for the most part, left their music behind except to share with my kids as they reached their teens. In 2017, I revisited their music in depth when I had the opportunity to perform with them as part of an orchestra. Tuning in now.
  4. I think this is correct. Check out this short video.
  5. I looked it up and Joe Montana came to the Chiefs the season after Okoye’s last season. Unfortunately, Okoye’s career was cut short by injuries. Loved watching that dude run.
  6. A fella named Joe. Was that when Christian Okoye was with the Chiefs?
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