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  1. On 7/24/2021 at 11:05 AM, Jimmy James said:

    Should have said they will always be the Indians to me! I just the Chiefs and Braves will be next.

    Yes, I knew that's what you meant.  Just giving you a poke. :D  My daughter, her spouse, and their friends who are Cleveland residents and season ticket holders are very happy with the change.  I'm sure there are lots of folks on both sides of the fence on this - and plenty of folks who wanted a name change who do not like the Guardians.  My daughter likes the Guardians because she used to walk across the Hope Memorial Bridge (where the Guardian sculptures stand) from her house to the ballpark.

    As a Chiefs fan since the AFL days, I would fully support a name change.

  2. 13 hours ago, Daisey Jeep said:

    Gary asked what i was laughing at

    So i told him

    He replied "You quote him like its the bible" 

    My wife asked me what I was laughing at.

    So I read to her from the article, "... or he and his fastidious management team routinely signed off on misprinted lyrics."  It took a while to compose myself before finishing the article.

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  3. 6 minutes ago, George2020 said:

    I have 25-30 Backstreets magazines that I'm getting rid of.  If you live in the States, and are the first one to post here, they are yours.  I'm not looking for anything in return just want to pass them along.


    I’d love to take them if of your hands. I’ll pm you with my address. Many thanks!

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  4. 43 minutes ago, Jimmy James said:

    Easy up there Roberto, the word "Code" to me sounds a bit official. As military or police conduct! 

    So I believe it's about corruption. You believe it's about a bad relationship. And Hero believe it's about nothing. 

    'S'all good, man.  I'm easy like Sunday morning. B)

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  5. 1 hour ago, Jimmy James said:

    A Code of Silence that don't dare speak! I always take this as Police corruption,  like a brotherhood. You see somethings wrong but you can't speak up. Thats why i thought he opened with this tune at the NYC shows. One of the few tunes you don't have to dissect to get to a meaning. So nothing! 

    You are reading things into the lyrics that aren't there!  Well done.  I knew you could do it! :)

    To me, Code of Silence reads as a song about a failing relationship.  The decision to open the Reunion MSG stand, in the context of the 41 Shots uproar, gives it additional meaning.

  6. 5 hours ago, BossfanNL said:

    Love this release. As with all '78 multi tracks this show is frequently on playlist for when I go to work/get home from work. The show is one big highlight with fantastic performances of, among others, 'For You', 'The Promised Land', 'Proving It All Night', 'Racing In The Street', 'Backstreets' and 'The Promise'. The only downside, personally, is that there is no 'Detroit Medley' and 'Kitty's Back'. It's audibly a small place where they are playing. Does anyone know what the attendance was for this show? 

    Don’t know what the attendance was, but the theater holds about 3,500. It’s the main auditorium on the Berkeley High School campus. Go Yellowjackets!

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  7. On 10/27/2020 at 2:42 PM, Jimmy James said:

    @clemente3000, I don't know you very well. But can I assume clemente is for Roberto? and the 3000 is for hits? So can I assume you are from Pittsburgh? 

    So happens Roberto is my second favorite non Cardinal behind Reggie Jackson.  

    Yes, my user name pays homage to The Great One.  He was simply my favorite baseball player from the time I started reading box scores in preschool.  I was 10 when he died.  My kids grew up learning about Clemente much like they grew up listening to Bruce - they were both just always there.  But no, I've never lived in Pittsburgh.  I actually lived in Kansas City from 1968 - 1974, so the first team I loved was the Royals (thus my interest in 1985 :P).  I also grew up a Chiefs fan and attended Super Bowl IV (where Carol Channing most definitely DID NOT perform at halftime, contrary to popular belief).

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  8. 12 hours ago, JimCT said:

    first of three weeks, on Thursdays

    Indigo Girls Kick Off Concert Series
    From a room in Atlanta, where they will be appropriately socially distanced, the folk-rock duo Indigo Girls will begin a weekly livestream concert and Q. and A. series on Thursday. The format is request-based, so have yours ready. They will also perform songs from their upcoming studio album “Look Long.” The series will run through at least May 21, and the May 14 concert will include an optional donation, with all proceeds going to charity.

    When: 7 p.m.

    Where: The Indigo Girls Facebook, Instagram and YouTube pages.

    Thanks for the heads up.  The Indigo Girls early music was an integral part of my late 20's, early 30's relationship and life angst - Nomads, Indians, and Saints being my favorite album of theirs.  In the mid 90's, when I got happier, I, for the most part, left their music behind except to share with my kids as they reached their teens.  In 2017, I revisited their music in depth when I had the opportunity to perform with them as part of an orchestra.  Tuning in now.



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