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  1. Racing in the street Right now there's a line in the song that pretty much sums up how I've been looking at my life the past two months and I'm not done dealing with a certain pain: "With the eyes of one who hates for just being born"
  2. I like this one, but he butcher his own song. Bruce OWN it. Bruce justhave all the emotion, anger, pain, hurt etc. stuffed into his version while Jimmy's own sound like a happy dance. Agreed! And that's exactly why I like bringing the original up on occasion. Because I assume that at least everybody who likes Bruce, knows his version, but the original is little known in its own and there's a reason for that. All the deceptively lightheartedness that's into Jimmy Cliff's own version, is stripped from Springsteen's cover. There's nothing light, easy or clean about Trapped the Springsteen way. Which is why I rate Springsteen's version as one, if not THE best cover, he's ever made. You can hear it as a song about a bad love-relationship. You can hear it with a "political" point against oppression of any sort. You can use it any way you want because it's so angry, bitter and relentless. But I believe that one can only truly appreciate what world of good Bruce has done to the song, if one knows the original.
  3. Thunder Road - because VH1 Classic have labelled the line "You ain't a beauty, but hey, you're alright" as one of the least romantic lyrics in history. But it still sits in one of the most beautiful songs ever!
  4. American Land. Reminds me of my first concert (better late than never) in Copenhagen oct. 2008. What a party!
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