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  1. I need to say this here and now: Song for Orphans was often played on my youtube account within the last 10 years approx. The OLD style version. 70ies stuff. Really enjoyed that one and had some hope to get an official recording with TRACKS 2. Now what happened? Boss doing it great new style on Letter to you (better: „me“). This song alone would make the album good. But now we are blessed with those great other old and new songs. Ghosts. I can hardly image how exceptional this song will work live in stadium. SAN SIRO we come, 4 times like promised on the ducementary. Yes pleaaaaase, go to hell
  2. Toller Artikel! Danke für den Hinweis hier im Forum, das wäre mir sonst entgangen. Servus aus der Steiermark.
  3. Thanks, did not see that... And the vid did not get too much love there... I think it‘s quite fun to watch. Feel free to delete my post as there‘s a link already in that other thread.
  4. Hope this is new for you, did not find any link to it on the forum. There‘s a short pic of Bruce in the video. #westernhero
  5. Hey there, keep your heads up. I am running a company and production is fading away. Staff asking how we will go on... no idea... In Austria, where I live, we have a good working social system to help workers and companies. No one is gonna starve or lose their flats or houses even if we stop working for ?2? months - at least I hope so. I was thinking about good Boss songs to keep faith. There are certainly a lot and many of them were already listed by you. I just want to say thank you all!!!! I am sending links of bruce songs to many of my troubled friends, they appreciate it too.
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