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  1. Thanks, did not see that... And the vid did not get too much love there... I think it‘s quite fun to watch. Feel free to delete my post as there‘s a link already in that other thread.
  2. Hope this is new for you, did not find any link to it on the forum. There‘s a short pic of Bruce in the video. #westernhero
  3. Hey there, keep your heads up. I am running a company and production is fading away. Staff asking how we will go on... no idea... In Austria, where I live, we have a good working social system to help workers and companies. No one is gonna starve or lose their flats or houses even if we stop working for ?2? months - at least I hope so. I was thinking about good Boss songs to keep faith. There are certainly a lot and many of them were already listed by you. I just want to say thank you all!!!! I am sending links of bruce songs to many of my troubled friends, they appreciate it too.