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  1. Logged in to say just that Brendan. On first listen by a pool in my temporary Florida home
  2. I agree with your sentiment, except why did he sit and sit on this album?
  3. There Goes the Album........although I do hear Magic tones so all might not be lost
  4. To me it says no E Street tour. The rumour 'Roy, Nils, Max and maybe strings' sounds very possible to me.
  5. Amazing pictures. Was Springsteen Jnr there?
  6. High Hopes - Who has played a song from it in the past 12 months? Although some good songs in there it was a throw-away. Wrecking Blll - good album but not all original material. Really getting a bit anxious now about any new music.
  7. I got the full uncut version on dvd back in the day, out-takes included
  8. Me too Brendan - though someone will no doubt buy it for me for Christmas so problem solved. I told my family members NOT to pay £80 for the vinyl though!
  9. His old mate Antoine de Caunes. Hard to hear most due to translator but a couple of songs there too. New album is next priority