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  1. Disregard. They have an option to 'keep'. Not very clear Google Chrome!
  2. Anyone having problems downloading the mp3? Chrome is blocking Bruce!
  3. Slightly odd choice, but in the teeming rain in Paris in 2013 he came out and played Who'll Stop the Rain. I was soaked to my inner pants and loved every minute.....
  4. Ah stop trawling Brian.......we all know it's a thing of beauty.
  5. First one for me is obvious but not obviously Bruce at the same time.........my first beer in Asbury Park on a dull grey Monday afternoon.
  6. Wow - there's a handle I haven't seen for some time! How are things Jim? Meath scored 19 points against you lads tonight and still lost! Great win for the minors earlier tho
  7. Yes remember that now. And play.com. Mid 2000s There was also a lad who I got blank cds from, really cheap compared to the shops. He had a cottage industry in them, great for the bootlegs.....how times have changed so quickly
  8. Remember the days of cdwow? Early disruptors, bought loads from them back in the day
  9. I'm off work on Friday, loads of holiday days left thanks to you-know-what. So, it'll be Bruce day. Vinyl is going to a mate who had a deal so might not get it on Friday, so ordered cd from Amazon to arrive on the day. Happened to change my iphone recently so have A+ free - downloaded app on firestick so good to go there. bring it on.
  10. We're in for a tsunami people, hold tight to your seats.
  11. I go back to my favourite line ever on GL. When Magic leaked two weeks before release there was a similar thread to this, and someone asked 'how are you having a discussion about the new album - it's not out yet!' To which some wag (who were you??) replied - 'We're livin in the Future, none of this has happened yet'
  12. He was interviewed remotely today by Ryan Tubridy. Set prep:
  13. Opposite of a regret. Never intended to go to Springsteen on Broadway but I did. Got a Brucie Bonus next morning to find Manhattan covered in snow - what a wonderful few days spent with my wife and son.
  14. I went back into SPL for the first time in years a few weeks ago. There are still some lost souls there.....very lost.
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