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  1. Let's not get caught up in British this and Irish that; there are other places for that crap. There might be a tour coming and I'll be there whether it's here, or there. I work for a Spanish company and the region is called UK&I. FWIW
  2. I know the journalist, he's very reliable. I pm'd him and he told me 'wouldn't be reporting it if it wasn't true'. But maybe someone else in VM got the scoop and he's just relying on their info. It does seem odd.
  3. I was a little shocked as to how he looked, but a perfect delivery of a perfect song for the day that's in it. Can this man do an 18 month E Street Band tour?
  4. Nothing happens when I click download all. I think I had this issue before but I can't remember how I resolved it. Nugs downloader is a disaster, only allows one song at a time (despite what it says). Help?
  5. Holy Jebus! How did I not know about this version? Thanks to Estreet Shuffle's Kingdom of Days
  6. International Parkinson's day 11th April. Didn't realise he's a Bruce fan
  7. The magazines were great, when they were printed. I only have a few and I actually can't remember if I'm owed the next one or not at this stage!
  8. I just saw this. I can't believe it, although I never met her she seemed SUCH a nice person. We shared some PMs over the years. Condolences to all.
  9. I know we all hate them, being caught behind them. But here's my favourite, from Kilkenny 2013. Apologies if it causes offence....but it did work.
  10. I click download and nothing happens? Anyone else got an issue?
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