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  1. Untrue Andrew, but why can't you rent it??
  2. Bargain on Rakuten @ €8.99/£7.99. Not available in the US as far as I can see
  3. From BBC website - ‘previously unbroadcast highlights’ of Bruce Springsteen from 2009...... probably one song. Something to look forward to in any case!
  4. So proud Bruce played his first mega gig in Europe in my home county of Meath....NOT Dublin
  6. It was the norm at the time. Previous year there were riots in the village the night before Dylan gig
  8. Ha ha. Must be an Irish saying so. I bought the tour brochure at the merch stand - big decision between that and the tee.
  9. from BTX - Again, the fans from Noi & Springsteen & did a wonderful job and uploaded the 4th episode as a mp4 video - one (and probably a lot of mums, too) can listen to it in simply clicking on the link or you can convert the mp4 video into a mp3 file
  10. great days......super weekend. Belfast was so hot Brendan - jebus
  11. some of the best days of my life. 14 years ago.......oh dear